Wednesday, July 11, 2007

World's Richest Black Person

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World's Richest Black Person

I wouldn’t call myself the richest man in Africa. I would allow Forbes magazine to say so... I have seen them saying Oprah Winfrey is the richest black person in the world, and she is worth $1.5billion. I think by the grace of God I am much, much, richer than her. But the other one about Africa, I would wait for Forbes magazine to come out with their rating. I think the picture would become clearer towards the end of the year. And they would publish by February. So we keep our fingers crossed.-- Alhaji Aliko Dangote on his wealth.

When we realized that, we did not bother how much the refineries were valued at. We said, let’s go overboard. And we started with Port Harcourt where we agreed to put an enterprise value of $1.1billion. How much did the government spend in 1989 to build these refineries?--Dangote on the sale of the Port Harcourt refinery.

Yes, I believe in this country. I believe there is always going to be Nigeria. My faith and belief in this country is unshakeable. We have to live together in peace and not in pieces. Why are we important in the world today? It is because of our population. Population and our oil. It is not because the world loves the name Nigeria. No. When was the last time you heard about Kuwait or Brunei? The importance of Nigeria
is the market. The population is there. The money is there.--Dangote on love of country.

I like what
some Indian companies are doing. Companies like Reliance Group and the Tatas.
I think we have something in common with the Reliance Group. They think big and
they do big things. For example, they decided to go into supermarkets and they
are sinking $5billion into supermarkets. They have built a refinery of 660,000
barrels a day. It is a single refinery but the biggest in the world. And they
are doubling the refinery. These are the kind of things that we are talking about.
Ten years ago, they were not really that big. And in the ’70s, the person
who really started the business, their father, Ambani, was a petrol attendant.
He was filling people with petrol in their cars when they visited the station.
He used to live inside a small apartment with his family. And he dreamt of building
a refinery. He died three years ago, but he fulfilled his dream. My dream should
be translated faster than his own.--Dangote on business role models

Ha! I'm dying to see the look on Deinde Fernandez's face!Or did I hear someone say and Obasanjo's too...

See what I mean? The man would probably consider the quoted sum an insult, I mean, knowing him why settle for billions when one could still count in trillions? Now that's an example of how to 'dey kampe'!

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Anonymous said...

obj is the most corrupt president that ever ruled Nigeria, worst than babangida and abacha combined.The EFCC should investigate and prosecute him, but without ribadu charing the investigation. We know he (ribadu) is serving his master and cannot bring him to justice. Evil old man, Nigerians trusted you; you betrayed them. obj should be in jail with the rest of the ex-governors.