Saturday, July 21, 2007

Does Orji Uzor work for the CIA?

Does Orji Uzor work for the CIA?

However, I have more than enough reason to suspect or accuse Orji Kalu of being an agent of American secret service, the C.I.A. While I present my evidence before you, I want to appeal to you to assess my facts based on their merits, with an open mind and without any prejudice. For the sake of complete objectivity, while doing the analysis of the facts, let us try to forget at the moment our ethnic groups. Let us also seperate the man from his ethnic group and just analyse the raw evidence you are about to be acquainted with.

If I ever had some doubts in the past as regards to whether Kalu divulged classified information about Nigeria to the C.I.A. at some time or the other in my analysis, they were completely put to rest after reading about the U.S. - to be precise , the White House demand for the immediate and unconditional release of Kalu by the EFCC. As we are all aware, Kalu was arrested by the EFCC on July 15, 2007 at Abuja airport on his return from one of his usual itinerary trips and was charged with embezzlement and abuse of power. Undoubtedly, as required in a democratic society that operates an independent and transparent judiciary system, the onus is on Kalu to debunk or disproove the fraud allegations levied against him by the EFCC. Despite the high level of corruption in Nigeria, nevertheless, we all know that the judiciary compared to the other arms of government is more or less independent and capable of conducting a fair trial. According to the law, an accused is considered innocent until the court passes a guilty verdict. I, and I believe millions of Nigerians too were completely shocked that instead of exercising some patience and give the court a free-hand to carry out its responsibilities, the U.S. government chose to jump the gun and started demanding for the immediate and unconditional release of Orji Kalu! What baffles me in this case is the fact thatamong the 4 former governors arrested by the EFCC, Kalu was singled out by the U.S. for release. What do you make of that fellow Nigerians? Are we to understand that Kalu is dearer to the White House than the other former governors arrested along with Kalu for the same offence? If yes, then why? Moreover, I want to bring it to your attention that the call for immediate and unconditional release of Kalu was made simultaneously by the U.S. congress, State department and the White House.!


Ekwe G said...

Uzor is a dancer. Some may recollect his Maiduguri donations with cartons full of cut paper, when money was money. The young boy always wanted to be rich and fools like Maduekwe and Ogbolafor not to mention Wabara and co stood aside for him to capture Abia govt house, shame on them.

All i know is that Uzor can sell his mother for money so anything is possible with him.

E Okpara said...

Orji does not have the understanding or capacity to be a functional CIA agent. He is an intellectual midget that lied his way into our government house. It is his megaphone 'The Sun' that wants us to believe otherwise but some of us know him and his mother as very wayward characters. If he has anything to do with the US it is to 419 them and nothing else.

Uwa said...

Story, but he had the understanding and capacity to be a functional governor of Abia state?

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of money. They want to use them. He has something that they want. Sadly, too many Nigerian governors wills sell their people to fill their pockets with dollars.

Anonymous said...

Uwa u talk truth.