Monday, July 23, 2007

Money laundering: US set to blacklist Nigeria

All thanks due to these con-men extraordinaire!

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Money laundering: US set to blacklist Nigeria

America has further blacklisted Nigeria following recent avalanche of money laundering activities and illegal drug trafficking by governors, top government functionaries and influential private citizens. Nigerian Banks are also accused of active connivance.

Only recently, UBA, a Nigerian bank was fined $5.3 Million for alleged illegal activities bothering on money laundering by the U.S treasury department.

A U.S State Department memo obtained exclusively by alleged that “Individuals and criminal organizations have taken advantage of the country’s location, weak laws, systemic corruption, lack of enforcement, and poor economic conditions to strengthen their ability to perpetrate all manner of financial crimes at home and abroad.”

... and behold, more enemies of the Nigerian State

In the last few months elected officials and political appointees like Deprieye Alamieyesiegha, Femi Fani-Kayode, Tony Anenih, Cairo Ojougboh, Peter Odili, James Ibori, Saminu Turaki, Lucky Igbinedion, Orji Uzor Kalu, Victor Attah among others have all been alleged to have illegally ferried huge amount of money running into Billions of Dollars to various countries.

A notable prince of one of the most powerful Monarchical stools was busted with hard drugs. A leading actress was also caught with drugs on her way to England. While the drug couriers were tried and jailed, many of Nigeria’s political office holders are presently facing one charge or the other in respect of money laundering.

The memo noted that “Nigerian criminal organizations have proven adept at devising new ways of subverting international and domestic law enforcement efforts and evading detection.”

Know thy enemies, Nigeria!

The memo which has since been forwarded to President George Bush which in turn would made available to the Congress noted that “Their success in avoiding detection and prosecution has led to an increase in many types of financial crimes, including bank fraud, real estate fraud, identity theft, and advance fee fraud. Despite years of government effort to counter rampant crime and corruption, Nigerians continue to be plagued by crime.”

... and alas! Here's one for the road to prison!


Snow-white said...

We know this man Terry very well in London. He is not a business man and has no business face in London to explain the livelihood of king that exhibits all over town. We know him as a pimp to governors who arranges married women to be ferried in from Nigeria for these useless men where they are freely passed around at parties for sharing. He also arranges sweet sixteen carribeans and Jamaican girls for their entertainment pleasure. In return he is rewarded with money laundering jobs from which he reaps beautiful commissions. That is his life style and now the devil he serves has finally caught up with him. It is great news indeed and good riddance to very bad rubbish.

Fynecountry J said...

From Chagoury and Chagoury to Abuja and then London. He was Gilbert Chagoury's odd job man and then London's Pimp-in-Chief, cruising around town in Rolls Royce Corniche and Porsche cars with his fat-for-nothing bufoon son that he spoils stupid. He drove his wife out of their matrimonial home because she complained about his life style, now look at him-"had i known" has come for him at last. Where are all his big-for-nothing crooked friends today? I hope they all learn a very hard lesson about life; no condition is permanent!

Charity said...

Odili, Nnamani and Anenih really disappionted me.

Pastroni said...

When it comes to being blacklisted for these kinds of activities, the country that should head every list is the United States of America and this is a given and verifiable fact.