Monday, July 30, 2007

Randy Fanny Kayode; the awesome thief

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Randy Fanny Kayode; the awesome thief

The hand of the freedom clock is ticking for one time Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode over allegations of how he diverted into private account about N11 Billion Intervention Funds meant to salvage the troubled Nigerian Aviation industry.

There is also another nagging albatross of N19 Billion Tourism and Culture Ministry money that Fani-Kayode is now been accused of having squandered.

Fani-Kayode was appointed to run the Aviation Ministry following successive air mishaps within the Nigerian air space during the tenure of his predecessor, Professor Abraham Babalola Borishade. To make his job easy as back-up mechanism for expected reforms that would safeguard the sector, the Obasanjo’s administration was said to have appropriated and released a total sum of N11 Billion to his once trusted and fanatical political god-son.

Barely two months after handing over as the political head of the ministry, many people are now wondering whether the former minister could be described as a “patriot or a saboteur” concerning how he handled and hurriedly dispensed the said money.

Sources told that the ex-minister acted contrary to “informed advice” said to have been generously made available to him by core stake holders within the Nigerian Aviation industry.

He was said to have convened the meeting of his inner caucus whom he directed to made lodgment of the huge amount of money into specific account numbers which he provided. A number of the bureaucrats and account personnel in the ministry was said to have raised reasonable objection which Fani-Kayode abrasively brushed aside.

It was alleged that he decided to be selective in implementing and funding recommended reforms in the ministry. He adopted “footsy attitude” not because there was no money to implement the reforms but “because there was hidden agenda to fool around with tax payers money.” learnt that the ex-minister may have been speculating and expecting interest on the various lodgments while slowing down the various programs of the ministry. He was said to have run into serious opposition with the technocrats who always criticized his unorthodox approach and day-to-day strategy and tactics. Overtime he was said to have moved back some of the money into the official account of the ministry. When eventually he decide to return the rest of the money, serious short falls became obvious.

Although an outline of all the crimes allegedly committed by Fani-Kayode while in the Aviation Ministry has now been penned and put on the table for EFCC in Abuja, the ex-minister is said to be saying it loud that he ran an impressive tenure while in the ministry.

Fani-Kayode is said to be a man now in the cold. Ex-president Obasanjo is said to have parted ways with him over his failure to award Aviation contracts to Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello (senator and first daughter of ex-president Obasanjo). It was said that the ex-minister could not provide very sound justification for denying Iyabo the said contract which in turn was said to have made Obasanjo to see him as a “spiteful character.” findings showed that Fani Kayode might have had a “personal interest” in the said contentious contract.

Obasanjo also said to have received very disturbing intelligence reports on the escapades of Fani-Kayode while he served as both Tourism and Aviation Minister. He was alleged to have stolen quite some substantial amount of money in both ministries. Obasanjo was said to have simply become disenchanted with his stylish and systematic way of “stealing from the public treasury.”

Fani- Kayode recently in a bid to be renamed as minister in the new Umaru Yar’Adua’s Government failed for two reasons. It was said that Yar’Adua was determined not to have somebody that would simply be an image liability on his administration going by the exclusive reports run by on the money laundering activities perpetuated by Fani-Kayode in association with one of his lovers who also doubled as a Special Assistant, one Chioma Anasoh, and Folake St. Mathew Daniel.

Secondly, Yar’ Adua was said to have been disturbed that Fani-Kayode could shepherd two human money couriers into an international flight without going through proper security clearance.

The ex-minister was also contending with an immoral issue: That of having an affair with the house maid of Mr. Akin Osuntokun, former Special Adviser on Communication, whom he was alleged to have impregnated and sponsored for an abortion. The poor house maid was later fired from her job.

We lost a whole generation of kids coming home for Christmas from school, we lost our most Reverred Sultan of Sokoto of blessed memory (peace be upon him), several government officials, business magnates including but not limited to the late John "Bolingo" Igwe and countless others, all due to faulty aircrafts and delapidated airports while some idiot was busy humping his soul away and getting domestic helps pregnant. Robbing us blind and adding to the worsening state of our insecurity and air safety. Woe betide you, Fani Kayode!


Toots said...

Shocks! What's going on Nigeria? Someone gimme a bloody mary!

Bolaji said...

Ole! You no see him mouth, elenu elede! Chop and quench-ode!

Bolanle De mourner said...

Ole buruku! Eni tope boy yi! Kole dafu yin laiye yi! Laiye,laiye! Ti eno mabaje. Akpayon buruku.

Anonymous said...

Plz hw true are all dis,see stories were are de facts?lyk if u pple were in. Dat position u won't do worst,abeggie no1 is a saint,its high time d media stop adding their own 2 d real stories..plz nexxxxt?live femi fani kayode alone..hissssss