Friday, July 27, 2007

Men can have kids, get pregnant

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Men can have kids, get pregnant

Renowned obstetrician and pioneer of in vitro fertilisation unit at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Prof. Osato Giwa-Osagie, has said men should start preparing themselves to have babies just like women in future.

He said this was possible with advances in the science of Assisted Reproductive Technologies world-wide.

Giwa-Osagie said this on Thursday while delivering a keynote address on the Pioneering work of ART in the West African sub-region at the National Hospital, Abuja.

He said the art of producing children through the fertilisation of eggs by sperm in a laboratory, known as IVF, holds the key to solving most of the age-long problems associated with infertility.

Giwa-Osagie, while giving a historical perspective of how the IVF started in Nigeria 30 years ago, said with ART it was possible for men to have babies like women.

He also stated that with the technology, women above 60 years of age could still have children while procreation without sex was very possible.

Speaking exclusively with our correspondent, Giwa-Osagie said, ”Men could have pregnancy just like women.

He said, ”A man could be put on large doses of oestrogens. A donated egg can be fertilised with sperm and the embryo can now be injected into the man‘s abdomen to achieve abdominal pregnancy.

”Abdominal pregnancy occurs in women and also outside of a womb. So, theoretically, it can also occur in men.”

He advised government to fund medical and other scientific research since the advance societies were far leaving Nigeria behind.

He said if investments were made in these areas, it would be possible to have sex selection in Nigeria, fertility in HIV positive patients, procreation without sex, stem cell research and cloning.

He urged non-governmental organisations, and the Federal Government to invest heavily in the field of IVF so that poor Nigerians who want to have babies of their own can afford the cost.

Wouldn't you know it... that this was where we were headed?!


Bev said...

Jesuuuuuuuuuusss!!! Is this for real?! We ladies are sure going out of fashion. Hell!

Red flag said...

Redundant is a more befitting word! Definitely, the Homos have the last laugh!