Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jane and Omar Bin Laden

Meet Jane and Omar Bin Laden

"She had met his fourth son, Omar, on a riding holiday in Egypt and fallen madly in love. The fact that his father (Osama Bin Laden) was the most notorious terrorist the world has ever known was never something that was going to stand in Jane's way."

I found this write-up, in the Daily Mail U.K, and its accompanying comments most childish and petty. My conclusion was that its publication must have been for want of something better to do with the alloted space. Wholesomely, it is in itself distasteful, abusive and offensive and I still do not see how what the lady in question does with her life, or the choices therein, is anybody's business. And for fifty-one, even Elizabeth Taylor would be green with envy!

The tale told by an idiot... signifying nothing


Shane said...

What the matter people, leave her alone!

lolita said...

I quite agree, it's her business and people should mind theirs.

good-for-heavens said...

They're one hell of a good lookin couple. Those busy bodies are dan jealous

clara xxxx said...

Wow... people!