Saturday, July 21, 2007

Obasanjo: from $100+ to $8 billion in 8 years!

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Obasanjo: from $100+ to $8 billion in 8 years!


National Auditor of the Peoples Democratic Party (North

Central) Dr. Godwin Daboh Adzuana has criticized the

emergence of former President Olusegun Obasanjo as Chairman

Board of Trustees of the PDP


"For example, my own intelligence sources have told me that

Obasanjo is worth over N180 billion assets, in shares and

other things. How much did he have when he was going to stand

election? When Babangida went to meet him then, he said he

had N20,000 (a little more than $100) in his account in 1998. Today (being nine years later and after eight of it as Nigeria's President) Obasanjo is worth

more than N180 billion in terms of assets, fixed and immovable

assets, almost N200 billion (about $2 billion)."... Dr. Godwin Daboh Adzuana

All the beef in the burger here


Anonymous said...

Can you just imagine and EFCC is there talking nonsense about this man. Nigeria is really in deep trouble, it is all one big mess and for now there is no one with a big enough broom to clean it up but the time will surely come.

asko said...

Why is the man not in the guinness book of record?

Abayomi said...

Unbelievable. This is corruption walking tall abeg!