Thursday, January 15, 2015

Who's that man???... Uh oh! But.. but, I told him he was not invited!!! Can't believe he gatecrashed my party!

"Where are you going Boubacar? Oh no you don't... ah ah... stand right here, I need your buffer... just keep him away from me... HELLLLLLP!!!"~~Hollander to Boubacar Mali

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s behavior in the French capital is raising a lot of Jewish eyebrows. After being told by the French President that he was NOT invited to the Paris event, Netanyahu went anyway, pushed a female French cabinet minister out of the way in order to get on the VIP bus to the rally, and then elbowed his way to the front line in order to be prominent in any picture of the event.

The Jewish Daily Forward reports: Perhaps the funniest part is when the Malian leader leaps away from Bibi’s touch as though the latter had a communicable disease. It wouldn’t do, presumably, for the violent Islamists in Mali to see images of the country’s president walking arm-in-arm with the prime minister of the “Zionist entity.”

But boy! It was a long wait for that bus out in the freezing cold as the video above shows (LoL).

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