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Democracy, Power and Terror

PRESCRIPT: We found the contents of this article, which had its edited version published in a prominent Nigerian newspaper, uncannily similar to the American situation. It's reproduction was irresistible. The writer's concerns bear a graphic resemblance to the American dilemma. I never thought i would see the day a so-called third world predicament would be comparable to that of the greatest nation on earth. It was for us, a terrible commentary on America's state of affairs.

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The Editor
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Friday, 7 April 2006

Democracy, Power and Terror.

Democracy is the air that I breathe and God with the golden opportunities of a free world are my best reasons for living. The freedoms of Democracy are its pulse and the individual's right of way in life, deduct from them and the scale of power tilts away from the people. Its joy are the rule of law, civil liberties, equal opportunities and freedoms that let people be the best they can be, in its celebration of life. Sadly, all over the world today, laws are getting increasingly discriminatory and offensive as people are fitted into tagged boxes; religion, nationality, sex, colour, wealth and even by cash carried, weight and preferences. Unusual laws are in place, which appear to severely impair free speech, freedom of worship, association, movement and assembly, property and privacy laws, the freedoms of Democracy. Domestic policies place ordinary citizens and visitors under the microscope, innovative electronic surveillance, enriched data pools, exceptionable laws and every conceivable prying device are being infused to bolster an already intense security watch and invade privacies. People are petrified and driven into a chronic sense of insecurity that allow governments and their representatives to pass convenient laws that wash away freedoms and liberties, our right to ask hard questions and are difficult to reverse. There is no locomotion for the common man.

The McCain-Feingold Act which is made in America , to deal with politically incorrect speech, is a solid sucker punch that knocks out their first amendment and a bad example of how to gag citizens that may have inspired tyrannical leadership around the globe. America must understand that to many people she is the very definition of democracy and to quite a decent few, God's own country. What does politically incorrect speech mean in the full glare of any citizen's democratically guaranteed and constitutionally protected rights of comment, dissent and legal concern? The Patriot Act, Homeland Security laws, Domestic Surveillance program, proposed new American immigration laws, French labor laws and others being put in place around the world, to my mind, permit employers, aloof government officials and spooky security agents, in the first instance, to seize property, shut down businesses, dismiss people from places of employment without due notice and compensation, deport immigrants without proper consideration and forcibly take people into custody. And in less endowed societies, remove incumbents, governments and duly constituted authority. Meanness, ulterior motive, bruised ego, the look on a face, boredom, impulse or just brazen covetousness is all it takes, most times, to inflict these abuses. Arbitrary powers of arrest and seizure, coupled to the denial of immediate access to legal recourse, say we are guilty until proved innocent beyond all doubt. This is characteristic of a police state and not democracy. People pay for system-failures of governments with the erosion of their natural rights and freedoms when it is bully policies sped by government ego that promote most conflicts around the world. Terrorism and the decadence of societies tattoo inconsequential leaderships.

It is impossible not to feel endangered when people are terrorized but the feeling is mutual where counter-terrorism and anti-corruption measures deny others the joy of democracy. It is not personal inconveniences, time wasted, opportunities and income lost that are the issues here but the severe corrosion caused to democracy by the arbitrariness generated by these pursuits and the numbing run of body bags brought about by their resistance and enforcement.

In Nigeria , all our sorrows flow from a seriously flawed constitution and undemocratic system that has made our anguish continual and excruciating, showcasing total corruption and treachery, committed by ill-bred leaders and facilitated by ill-conceived laws. The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines constitution as the system of basic laws and principles that a democratic country is governed by, which cannot be easily changed by the political party in power. This is to say, the nature of such laws define a democratic country and not the bent of any political party in power. Any proposed amendment or change, therefore, to the 1999 constitution that is unpopular and unconstitutional can only be an imposition, by the party in power. Such impositions must set aside the constitution and impose change and leadership, which by another name would be called a coup. The implication would be clear, Alamieyeseigha, the King can do no wrong! I do not like the feel of things and it is starting to look like some crazy rehearsal at playing Caesar that is so lost in the 21st century.

I do not see constitutional democracy in the natural state of our constitution, what I see is a vexatious bundle of imperial laws brought to pretentious reality by our joyous abandon and democratic anxiety. It is a constitution fitted by and for people in power and government. From revenue to accountability, it is rigged for their evasive action and lordship. I see an assemblage of contradictions woven into erratic laws and thrown into space to manage vacuum, military subterfuge installed by a decadent esprit de corps. Reviewing such a constitution would be an exercise in futility because you cannot build on what does not exist. It was conceived by anti-democratic forces for their protection and comfort while out of power. So, the question must remain, why recondition a useless vehicle from the military when you can build a brand new one at the same cost? I believe the 1999 constitution wallows in national disgust and that its natural demise will be the event to cut us loose from an odious past and a dreadful military hangover, induced by barracks terror and mentality.

The expectation is that laws will change in response to popular demand and criminal genius but with exemplary respect for democratic values and the dignity of man. Discriminatory laws that impose leadership and deny citizens constitutional rights lend an immoral hand that gives criminal advantage to politicians. Such laws are intolerable and do not define democracy. People do not give up their rights to free speech, oxygen and suffrage or that to exercise choice and seek legal redress. It is outrageous to say any democratic nation does, or more to the point, silly to imply a people-installed constitution demands it. This is ludicrous as it excavates the basis for justice, equity and fair hearing which are true benchmarks for the rule of law. Freezing out the soul of a constitution and the inviolate-given that all men are equal before God and the law, with exceptionable and discriminatory laws, that provide constitutional cover for politicians to perpetually hang on to power, commit atrocities and spread terror at the expense of our well-being, freedoms, liberties and dignity is anti-people, provocative and oppressive. It is exactly like when an alarm goes off.

It is uniquely immoral when a people's desire for change and laws said to be derived from them, under God and country, for our salvation and remedy, become instruments that deprive us of the most important thing that we cherish as a people; the right to pick and choose our leaders. By this, such laws stop being for the common good and become impositions or evil tools that lead to abuse and depravity. In Nigeria , these symptoms appear vivid as the fizz looks to have left the champagne. There are serious issues pertaining to Elections 2007, constitutional democracy, galloping arbitrariness, waning judicial clout, executive interference (some would say executive recklessness and lawlessness) and democratic longevity. My grief is not only over the arbitrariness generated by these situations but their tactical applications to political 'wars', in ways that pervert the rule of law and the celebration of democracy.

Bad laws come into effect when clear constitutional provisions for their enactments are not followed. The 1999 constitution clearly provides in Section 9, steps that must be followed before its contents can be amended or changed. The very first constitutional step is that the intention to so do (a Bill) must be presented to the National Assembly, detailing all such proposed amendments or alterations. The next step after this compliance deals with the actual passing of such a Bill or the observance of legislative protocol by the National Assembly. This observance, the resolution of two-thirds of the Houses of Assembly of our thirty-six states and the President's assent pronounce consent (an Act) for the alteration or amendment of such a constitution. We all know, for a fact, that such a Bill was never gazetted by government or the National Assembly or read before the Senate or House of Representatives in compliance with legislative protocol and as demanded by our constitution. It should be said also, that the setting up of any committee in respect of such an amendment must come after the Senate or House consents to such a Bill. Let me be the first to admit that the Mantu committee is for the review of the constitution and not for its amendment, but this fact notwithstanding, Nigerians still need to know how its findings can be said to represent the views of Nigerians, by any stretch of the wildest imagination. And considering this, how the National Assembly can co-opt its findings as the desire of Nigerians in all good conscience. What we witnessed was the flash of a two-day public hearing for well over a hundred million Nigerians induced by some joint committee of the National Assembly that appears to have no constitutional connectivity with us. Apparently lacking in thorough and widespread consultations, the Joint Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution must pretend to powers it does not have if it must claim to be speaking for Nigerians.

In this light, there can be no excuse for a third term or tenure extension outside the provisions of our present constitution. Any purported constitutional amendment that enthrones such a desire for any incumbent must surely violate the terms, expectations and spirit of constitutional democracy. There is no doubt in my mind that President Obasanjo is a really good man, who has done remarkably well with the interest of our nation at heart. But we must look beyond the good leader and carefully weigh the consequences of such impositions against the danger it may portend for our nation, presently and in the future. The price could be calamitous to this nation and to Obasanjo's enviable track record.

Bad laws give up-thrust to disruptive tendencies that guarantee democracy's demise. They are the rhythm between the bandit and his horse and it is the illusion of invincibility which they create in the minds of leaders that disable the rule of law and accountability in government. Besides, even where a good leader may derive some usefulness from them there are no guarantees to what use the next man on the saddle will put them. This fear motivates a reluctance to leave office when the bell tolls and is a most persuasive factor in the sit-tight mentality that afflicts most African leaders.

The exigencies of government, politics and 'war' cannot be allowed to amend or install laws that chew up our self-worth and democracy's essence. Impositions accommodated by jubilant expectations, nervous submission or fear, only point to a frightful turn of events. It is my fervent prayer for these 'wars' not to flow into violent conflicts sequenced to domestic turbulence. The real terror is for democracy to go off on a tangent and decay into warlord nodes and primitive atrocities, especially, in stressed out nations such as ours. The only way to celebrate democracy and find the secured and fulfilled life is to uplift the dignity of man and add value to it; this is the real duty leaders owe to God and country. Where they fail, things will continue to look like Iraq , Afghanistan or, as it now seems, Nigeria 's Niger Delta. We must not kid ourselves; these are the patterns of hell.

The following attachments were copied to Egoigwe on Friday, 7a.m. 10.27.2006

"With respect to any product, foodstuff, material, real property, or right declared by him essentially for the national security and defense in the prosecution of war, to fix and establish just and reasonable maximum, minimum, or absolute prices or rates or rentals at which such product, foodstuff, material, commodity, real property, or right may be bought, sold, rented, or otherwise contracted for, whether such transaction be with the Government or between persons of the civilian population or between any other parties whatsoever . . .

"(i) To regulate, limit, or prohibit the purchase, sale, use, IMPORT, EXPORT, * * * transportation, manufacture, or distribution of any product, foodstuff, material, commodity, real estate, or right;

"(j) From time to time, whenever he shall find it essential to license the production, manufacture, sale, USE, IMPORT, EXPORT, storage, distribution, or transportation of any product, foodstuff, material, commodity, real property, or right . . .

"(l) To requisition and take possession of any product, foodstuff, materials, commodity, real property, or right, and on such terms as he may deem advisable to sell or otherwise dispose of such product, foodstuff, material, commodity, real property, or right . . .

"The power and authority conferred by this title upon the President may be exercised in whole or in part under his direction and during his pleasures by such agencies or offices of the United States as he may designate, and he shall have power to appoint an administrator or administrators to exercise such designated powers. Such administrator or administrators shall receive salary or salaries of $10,000 per annum. The President is authorized to create or provide for such additional agencies of the Government as he may deem necessary to execute the functions authorized under this title, and to appoint and dismiss at pleasure such officers and employees and to fix their salaries and compensation."

"It is," said Congressman Shafer of Michigan, "the most astounding document ever published in a democracy."

The above quote may be said to be true of the Executive Orders associated with FEMA that would suspend the Constitution and
the Bill of Rights.


These Executive Orders have been on record for nearly 30
years and could be enacted by the stroke of a Presidential pen:...
EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of
transportation and control of highways and seaports.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the
communication media.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical
power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 allows the government to seize all means of
transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total
control over all highways, seaports, and waterways.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 10999 allows the government to take over all food
resources and farms.
2 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM
EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work
brigades under government supervision.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 allows the government to take over all health,
education and welfare functions.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a
national registration of all persons.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and
aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate
communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be
abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland
waterways and public storage facilities.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of
Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into
effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to
enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to
establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and
correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal
departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued
over a fifteen year period.
EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness
Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production
and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money
in U.S. financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also provides
that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress
cannot review the action for six months. The Federal Emergency Management
Agency has broad powers in every aspect of the nation. General Frank Salzedo,
chief of FEMA's Civil Security Division stated in a 1983 conference that he saw
FEMA's role as a "new frontier in the protection of individual and governmental
leaders from assassination, and of civil and military installations from sabotage
and/or attack, as well as prevention of dissident groups from gaining access to
U.S. opinion, or a global audience in times of crisis." FEMA's powers were
consolidated by President Carter to incorporate the...
National Security Act of 1947 allows for the strategic relocation of industries,
services, government and other essential economic activities, and to rationalize
the requirements for manpower, resources and production facilities.

3 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM

There over 800 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready
to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards,
but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal
Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in
the United States and all it would take is a presidential signature on a
proclamation and the attorney general's signature on a warrant to which a list of
names is attached.

1950 Defense Production Act gives the President sweeping powers over all
aspects of the economy.
Act of August 29, 1916 authorizes the Secretary of the Army, in time of war, to
take possession of any transportation system for transporting troops, material, or
any other purpose related to the emergency.
International Emergency Economic Powers Act enables the President to seize
the property of a foreign country or national. These powers were transferred to
FEMA in a sweeping consolidation in 1979.
Where are these camps?
Opelika - Military compound either in or very near town.
Aliceville - WWII German POW camp - capacity 15,000
Ft. McClellan (Anniston) - Opposite side of town from Army Depot;
Maxwell AFB (Montgomery) - Civilian prison camp established under Operation
Garden Plot, currently operating with support staff and small inmate population.
Talladega - Federal prison "satellite" camp.
Wilderness - East of Anchorage. No roads, Air & Railroad access only. Estimated
capacity of 500,000 Elmendorf AFB - Northeast area of Anchorage - far end of
base. Garden Plot facility.
Eielson AFB - Southeast of Fairbanks. Operation Garden Plot facility.
Ft. Wainwright - East of Fairbanks
Ft. Huachuca - 20 miles from Mexican border, 30 miles from Nogales Rex '84
Pinal County - on the Gila River - WWII Japanese detention camp. May be
Yuma County - Colorado River - Site of former Japanese detention camp (near
proving grounds). This site was completely removed in 1990 according to some
Phoenix - Federal Prison Satellite Camp. Main federal facility expanded.
Florence - WWII prison camp NOW RENOVATED, OPERATIONAL with staff &
400 prisoners, operational capacity of 3,500.
Wickenburg - Airport is ready for conversion; total capacity unknown.
Davis-Monthan AFB (Tucson) - Fully staffed and presently holding prisoners!!
Sedona - site of possible UN base.
Ft. Chaffee (near Fort Smith, Arkansas) - Has new runway for aircraft, new camp
facility with cap of 40,000 prisoners Pine Bluff Arsenal - This location also is the
repository for B-Z nerve agent, which causes sleepiness, dizziness, stupor;
admitted use is for civilian control. Jerome - Chicot/Drew Counties - site of WWII
Japanese camps Rohwer - Descha County - site of WWII Japanese camps
Blythville AFB - Closed airbase now being used as camp. New wooden barracks
4 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM
have been constructed at this location. Classic decorations - guard towers,
barbed wire, high fences. Berryville - FEMA facility located east of Eureka Springs
off Hwy. 62. Omaha - Northeast of Berryville near Missouri state line, on Hwy 65
south of old wood processing plant. Possible crematory facility.
Vandenburg AFB - Rex 84 facility, located near Lompoc & Santa Maria.
Internment facility is located near the oceanside, close to Space Launch Complex
#6, also called "Slick Six". The launch site has had "a flawless failure record" and
is rarely used. Norton AFB - (closed base) now staffed with UN according to some
sources. Tule Lake - area of "wildlife refuge", accessible by unpaved road, just
inside Modoc County. Fort Ord - Closed in 1994, this facility is now an urban
warfare training center for US and foreign troops, and may have some "P.O.W. -
C.I." enclosures. Twenty-nine Palms Marine Base - Birthplace of the infamous
"Would you shoot American citizens?" Quiz. New camps being built on "back 40".
Oakdale - Rex 84 camp capable of holding at least 20,000 people. 90 mi. East of
San Francisco. Terminal Island - (Long Beach) located next to naval shipyards
operated by ChiCom shipping interests. Federal prison facility located here.
Possible deportation point. Ft. Irwin - FEMA facility near Barstow. Base is
designated inactive but has staffed camp. McClellan AFB - facility capable for
30,000 - 35,000 Sacramento - Army Depot - No specific information at this time.
Mather AFB - Road to facility is blocked off by cement barriers and a stop sign.
Sign states area is restricted; as of 1997 there were barbed wire fences pointing
inward, a row of stadium lights pointed toward an empty field, etc. Black boxes on
poles may have been cameras.
Trinidad - WWII German/Italian camp being renovated. Granada - Prowers
County - WWII Japanese internment camp Ft. Carson - Along route 115 near
Canon City
No data available.
Avon Park - Air Force gunnery range, Avon Park has an on-base "correctional
facility" which was a former WWII detention camp. Camp Krome - DoJ
detention/interrogation center, Rex 84 facility Eglin AFB - This base is over 30
miles long, from Pensacola to Hwy 331 in De Funiak Springs. High capacity
facility, presently manned and populated with some prisoners. Pensacola -
Federal Prison Camp Everglades - It is believed that a facility may be carved out
of the wilds here.
Ft. Benning - Located east of Columbus near Alabama state line. Rex 84 site -
Prisoners brought in via Lawson Army airfield. Ft. Mc Pherson - US Force
Command - Multiple reports that this will be the national headquarters and
coordinating center for foreign/UN troop movement and detainee collection. Ft.
Gordon - West of Augusta - No information at this time. Unadilla - Dooly County -
Manned, staffed FEMA prison on route 230, no prisoners. Oglethorpe - Macon
County; facility is located five miles from Montezuma, three miles from
5 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM
Oglethorpe. This FEMA prison has no staff and no prisoners. Morgan - Calhoun
County, FEMA facility is fully manned & staffed - no prisoners. Camilla - Mitchell
County, south of Albany. This FEMA facility is located on Mt. Zion Rd
approximately 5.7 miles south of Camilla. Unmanned - no prisoners, no staff.
Hawkinsville - Wilcox County; Five miles east of town, fully manned and staffed
but no prisoners. Located on fire road 100/Upper River Road Abbeville - South of
Hawkinsville on US route 129; south of town off route 280 near Ocmulgee River.
FEMA facility is staffed but without prisoners. McRae - Telfair County - 1.5 miles
west of McRae on Hwy 134 (8th St). Facility is on Irwinton Avenue off 8th St.,
manned & staffed - no prisoners. Fort Gillem - South side of Atlanta - FEMA
designated detention facility. Fort Stewart - Savannah area - FEMA designated
detention facility
Halawa Heights area - Crematory facility located in hills above city. Area is
marked as a state department of health laboratory. Barbers Point NAS - There
are several military areas that could be equipped for detention / deportation.
Honolulu - Detention transfer facility at the Honolulu airport similar in construction
to the one in.Oklahoma (pentagon-shaped building where airplanes can taxi up
Minidoka/Jerome Counties - WWII Japanese-American internment facility possibly
under renovation. Clearwater National Forest - Near Lolo Pass - Just miles from
the Montana state line near Moose Creek, this unmanned facility is reported to
have a nearby airfield. Wilderness areas - Possible location. No data.
Marseilles - Located on the Illinois River off Interstate 80 on Hwy 6. It is a
relatively small facility with a cap of 1400 prisoners. Though it is small it is
designed like prison facilities with barred windows, but the real smoking gun is the
presence of military vehicles. Being located on the Illinois River it is possible that
prisoners will be brought in by water as well as by road and air. This facility is
approximately 75 miles west of Chicago. National Guard training area nearby.
Scott AFB - Barbed wire prisoner enclosure reported to exist just off-base. More
info needed, as another facility on-base is believed to exist. Pekin - This Federal
satellite prison camp is also on the Illinois River, just south of Peoria. It
supplements the federal penitentiary in Marion, which is equipped to handle
additional population outside on the grounds. Chanute AFB - Rantoul, near
Champaign/Urbana - This closed base had WWII - era barracks that were
condemned and torn down, but the medical facility was upgraded and additional
fencing put up in the area. More info needed. Marion - Federal Penitentiary and
satellite prison camp inside Crab Orchard Nat'l Wildlife Refuge. Manned, staffed,
populated fully. Greenfield - Two federal correctional "satellite prison camps"
serving Marion - populated as above. Shawnee National Forest - Pope County -
This area has seen heavy traffic of foreign military equipment and troops via
Illinois Central Railroad, which runs through the area. Suspected location is
unknown, but may be close to Vienna and Shawnee correctional centers, located
6 mi. west of Dixon Springs. Savanna Army Depot - NW area of state on
Mississippi River. Lincoln, Sheridan, Menard, Pontiac, Galesburg - State prison
6 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM
facilities equipped for major expansion and close or adjacent to highways &
railroad tracks. Kankakee - Abandoned industrial area on west side of town (Rt.17
& Main) designated as FEMA detention site. Equipped with water tower,
incinerator, a small train yard behind it and the rear of the facility is surrounded by
barbed wire facing inwards.
Indianapolis / Marion County - Amtrak railcar repair facility (closed); controversial
site of a major alleged detention / processing center. Although some sources
state that this site is a "red herring", photographic and video evidence suggests
otherwise. This large facility contains large 3-4 inch gas mains to large furnaces
(crematoria??), helicopter landing pads, railheads for prisoners, Red/Blue/Green
zones for classifying/processing incoming personnel, one-way turnstiles,
barracks, towers, high fences with razor wire, etc. Personnel with government
clearance who are friendly to the patriot movement took a guided tour of the
facility to confirm this site. This site is located next to a closed refrigeration plant
facility. Ft. Benjamin Harrison - Located in the northeast part of Indianapolis, this
base has been decommissioned from "active" use but portions are still ideally
converted to hold detainees. Helicopter landing areas still exist for prisoners to be
brought in by air, land & rail. Crown Point - Across street from county jail, former
hospital. One wing presently being used for county work-release program, 80% of
facility still unused. Possible FEMA detention center or holding facility. Camp
Atterbury - Facility is converted to hold prisoners and boasts two active
compounds presently configured for minimum security detainees. Located just
west of Interstate 65 near Edinburgh, south of Indianapolis. Terre Haute - Federal
Correctional Institution, Satellite prison camp and death facility. Equipped with
crematoria reported to have a capacity of 3,000 people a day. FEMA designated
facility located here. Fort Wayne - This city located in Northeast Indiana has a
FEMA designated detention facility, accessible by air, road and nearby rail.
Kingsbury - This "closed" military base is adjacent to a state fish & wildlife
preserve. Part of the base is converted to an industrial park, but the southern
portion of this property is still used. It is bordered on the south by railroad, and is
staffed with some foreign-speaking UN troops. A local police officer who was
hunting and camping close to the base in the game preserve was accosted,
roughed up, and warned by the English-speaking unit commander to stay away
from the area. It was suggested to the officer that the welfare of his family would
depend on his "silence". Located just southeast of LaPorte. Jasper-Pulaski
Wildlife Area - Youth Corrections farm located here. Facility is "closed", but is still
staffed and being "renovated". Total capacity unknown. Grissom AFB - This
closed airbase still handles a lot of traffic, and has a "state-owned" prison
compound on the southern part of the facility.
. Jefferson Proving Grounds - Southern Indiana - This facility was an active base
with test firing occurring daily. Portions of the base have been opened to create
an industrial park, but other areas are still highly restricted. A camp is believed to
be located "downrange". Facility is equipped with an airfield and has a nearby rail
line. Newport - Army Depot - VX nerve gas storage facility. Secret meetings were
held here in 1998 regarding the addition of the Kankakee River watershed to the
Heritage Rivers Initiative. Hammond - large enclosure identified in
7 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM
FEMA-designated city.
No data available.
Leavenworth - US Marshal's Fed Holding Facility, US Penitentiary, Federal Prison
Camp, McConnell Air Force Base. Federal death penalty facility. Concordia -
WWII German POW camp used to exist at this location but there is no facility
there at this time. Ft. Riley - Just north of Interstate 70, airport, near city of
Manhattan. El Dorado - Federal prison converted into forced-labor camp,
UNICOR industries. Topeka - 80 acres has been converted into a temporary
holding camp.
Ashland - Federal prison camp in Eastern Kentucky near the Ohio River.
Louisville - FEMA detention facility, located near restricted area US naval
ordnance plant. Military airfield located at facility, which is on south side of city.
Lexington - FEMA detention facility, National Guard base with adjacent airport
facility. Manchester - Federal prison camp located inside Dan Boone National
Forest. Ft. Knox - Detention center, possibly located near Salt River, in restricted
area of base. Local patriots advise that black Special Forces & UN gray
helicopters are occasionally seen in area. Land Between the Lakes - This area
was declared a UN biosphere and is an ideal geographic location for detention
facilities. Area is an isthmus extending out from Tennessee, between Lake
Barkley on the east and Kentucky Lake on the west. Just scant miles from Fort
Campbell in Tennessee.
Ft. Polk - This is a main base for UN troops & personnel, and a training center for
the disarmament of America. Livingston - WWII German/Italian internment camp
being renovated?; halfway between Baton Rouge and Hammond, several miles
north of Interstate 12. Oakdale - Located on US route 165 about 50 miles south of
Alexandria; two federal detention centers just southeast of Fort Polk.
Houlton - WWII German internment camp in Northern Maine, off US Route 1.
Ft. Meade - Halfway between the District of Criminals and Baltimore. Data
needed. Ft. Detrick - Biological warfare center for the NWO, located in Frederick.
Camp Edwards / Otis AFB - Cape Cod - This "inactive" base is being converted to
hold many New Englander patriots. Capacity unknown. Ft. Devens - Active
detention facility. More data needed.
Camp Grayling - Michigan Nat'l Guard base has several confirmed detention
camps, classic setup with high fences, razor wire, etc. Guard towers are very
well-built, sturdy. Multiple compounds within larger enclosures. Facility deep
8 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM
within forest area. Sawyer AFB - Upper Peninsula - south of Marquette - No data
available. Bay City - Classic enclosure with guard towers, high fence, and close to
shipping port on Saginaw Bay, which connects to Lake Huron. Could be a
deportation point to overseas via St. Lawrence Seaway. Southwest - possibly
Berrien County - FEMA detention center. Lansing - FEMA detention facility.
Duluth - Federal prison camp facility. Camp Ripley - new prison facility.
These sites are confirmed hoaxes. Hancock County - NASA test site De Soto
National Forest. "These two supposed camps in Mississippi do not exist.
Members of the Mississippi Militia have checked these out on more than one
occasion beginning back when they first appeared on the Internet and throughout
the Patriot Movement." - Commander D. Rayner, Mississippi Militia
Richards-Gebaur AFB - located in Grandview, near K.C.MO. A very large
internment facility has been built on this base, and all base personnel are
restricted from coming near it. Ft. Leonard Wood - Situated in the middle of Mark
Twain National Forest in Pulaski County. This site has been known for some UN
training, also home to the US Army Urban Warfare Training school "Stem Village".
Warsaw - Unconfirmed report of a large concentration camp facility.
Malmstrom AFB - UN aircraft groups stationed here, and possibly a detention
Scottsbluff - WWII German POW camp (renovated?). Northwest, Northeast
corners of state - FEMA detention facilities - more data needed. South Central
part of state - Many old WWII sites - some may be renovated.
Elko - Ten miles south of town. Wells - Camp is located in the O'Niel basin area,
40 miles north of Wells, past Thousand Springs, west off Hwy 93 for 25 miles.
Pershing County - Camp is located at I-80 mile marker 112, south side of the
highway, about a mile back on the county road and then just off the road about
3/4mi. Winnemucca - Battle Mountain area - at the base of the mountains. Nellis
Air Force Range - Northwest from Las Vegas on Route 95. Nellis AFB is just north
of Las Vegas on Hwy 604. Stillwater Naval Air Station - east of Reno . No
additional data.
Northern New Hampshire - near Lake Francis. No additional data.
Ft. Dix / McGuire AFB - Possible deportation point for detainees. Lots of pictures
taken of detention compounds and posted on Internet, this camp is well-known.
Facility is now complete and ready for occupancy.
9 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM
Ft. Bliss - This base actually straddles Texas state line. Just south of Alomogordo,
Ft. Bliss has thousands of acres for people who refuse to go with the "New
Order". Holloman AFB (Alomogordo)- Home of the German Luftwaffe in Amerika;
major UN base. New facility being built on this base, according to recent visitors.
Many former USAF buildings have been torn down by the busy and rapidly
growing German military force located here. Fort Stanton - currently being used
as a youth detention facility approximately 35 miles north of Ruidoso, New
Mexico. Not a great deal of information concerning the Lordsburg location. White
Sands Missile Range - Currently being used as a storage facility for United
Nations vehicles and equipment. Observers have seen this material brought in on
the Whitesands rail spur in Oro Grande New Mexico about thirty miles from the
Texas, New Mexico Border.
Ft. Drum - two compounds: Rex 84 detention camp and FEMA detention facility.
Albany - FEMA detention facility. Otisville - Federal correctional facility, near
Middletown. Buffalo - FEMA detention facility.
Camp Lejeune / New River Marine Airfield - facility has renovated, occupied WWII
detention compounds and "mock city" that closely resembles Anytown, USA. Fort
Bragg - Special Warfare Training Center. Renovated WWII detention facility.
Andrews - Federal experiment in putting a small town under siege. Began with the
search/ hunt for survivalist Eric Rudolph. No persons were allowed in or out of
town without federal permission and travel through town was highly restricted.
Most residents compelled to stay in their homes. Unregistered Baptist pastor from
Indiana visiting Andrews affirmed these facts.
Minot AFB - Home of UN air group. More data needed on facility.
Camp Perry - Site renovated; once used as a POW camp to house German and
Italian prisoners of WWII. Some tar paper covered huts built for housing these
prisoners are still standing. Recently, the construction of multiple 200-man
barracks have replaced most of the huts. Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus -
FEMA detention facilities. Data needed. Lima - FEMA detention facility. Another
facility located in/near old stone quarry near Interstate 75. Railroad access to
property, fences etc.
Tinker AFB (OKC) - All base personnel are prohibited from going near civilian
detention area, which is under constant guard. Will Rogers World Airport -
FEMA's main processing center for west of the Mississippi. All personnel are kept
out of the security zone. Federal prisoner transfer center located here (A
pentagon-shaped building where airplanes can taxi up to). Photos have been
taken and this site will try to post soon! El Reno - Renovated federal internment
facility with CURRENT population of 12,000 on Route 66. McAlester - near Army
10 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM
Munitions Plant property - former WWII German / Italian POW camp designated
for future use. Ft. Sill (Lawton) - Former WWII detention camps. More data still
Sheridan - Federal prison satellite camp northwest of Salem. Josephine County -
WWII Japanese internment camp ready for renovation. Sheridan - FEMA
detention center. Umatilla - New prison spotted.
Allenwood - Federal prison camp located south of Williamsport on the
Susquehanna River. It has a current inmate population of 300, and is identified by
William Pabst as having a capacity in excess of 15,000 on 400 acres.
Indiantown Gap Military Reservation - located north of Harrisburg. Used for WWII
POW camp and renovated by Jimmy Carter. Was used to hold Cubans during
Mariel boat lift.
Camp Hill - State prison close to Army depot. Lots of room, located in Camp Hill,
Pa. New Cumberland Army Depot - on the Susquehanna River, located off
Interstate 83 and Interstate 76.
Schuylkill Haven - Federal prison camp, north of Reading.
Greenville - Unoccupied youth prison camp; total capacity unknown.
Charleston - Naval Reserve & Air Force base, restricted area on naval base.
Yankton - Federal prison camp
Black Hills Nat'l Forest - north of Edgemont, southwest part of state. WWII
internment camp being renovated.
Ft. Campbell - Next to Land Between the Lakes; adjacent to airfield and US Alt.
Millington - Federal prison camp next door to Memphis Naval Air Station.
Crossville - Site of WWII German / Italian prison camp is renovated; completed
barracks and behind the camp in the woods is a training facility with high tight
ropes and a rappelling deck.
Nashville - There are two buildings built on State property that are definitely built
to hold prisoners. They are identical buildings - side by side on Old Briley
Parkway. High barbed wire fence that curves inward.
Austin - Robert Mueller Municipal airport has detention areas inside hangars.
Bastrop - Prison and military vehicle motor pool.
Eden - 1500 bed privately run federal center. Currently holds illegal aliens.
Ft. Hood (Killeen) - Newly built concentration camp, with towers, barbed wire etc.,
just like the one featured in the movie Amerika. Mock city for NWO shock- force
training. Some footage of this area was used in "Waco: A New Revelation" Reese
AFB (Lubbock) - FEMA designated detention facility. Sheppard AFB - in Wichita Falls just south of Ft. Sill, OK. FEMA designated
detention facility.
North Dallas - near Carrolton - water treatment plant, close to interstate and
Mexia - East of Waco 33mi.; WWII German facility may be renovated.
Amarillo - FEMA designated detention facility
Ft. Bliss (El Paso) - Extensive renovation of buildings and from what patriots have
been able to see, many of these buildings that are being renovated are being
surrounded by razor wire.
Beaumont / Port Arthur area - hundreds of acres of federal camps already built on
large-scale detention camp design, complete with the double rows of chain link
fencing with razor type concertina wire on top of each row. Some (but not all) of
these facilities are currently being used for low-risk state prisoners who require a
minimum of supervision.
Ft. Worth - Federal prison under construction on the site of Carswell AFB.
Millard County - Central Utah - WWII Japanese camp. (Renovated?)
Ft. Douglas - This "inactive" military reservation has a renovated WWII
concentration camp.
Migratory Bird Refuge - West of Brigham City - contains a WWII internment camp
that was built before the game preserve was established.
Cedar City - east of city - no data available. Wendover - WWII internment camp
may be renovated.
Skull Valley - southwestern Camp William property - east of the old bombing
range. Camp was accidentally discovered by a man and his son who were rabbit
hunting; they were discovered and apprehended. SW of Tooele.
Ft. A.P. Hill (Fredericksburg) - Rex 84 / FEMA facility. Estimated capacity 45,000.
Petersburg - Federal satellite prison camp, south of Richmond.
Beckley - Alderson - Lewisburg - Former WWII detention camps that are now
converted into active federal prison complexes capable of holding several times
their current populations. Alderson is presently a women's federal reformatory.
Morgantown - Federal prison camp located in northern WV; just north of
Mill Creek - FEMA detention facility.
Kingwood - Newly built detention camp at Camp Dawson Army Reservation. More
data needed on Camp Dawson.
Seattle/Tacoma - SeaTac Airport: fully operational federal transfer center
Okanogan County - Borders Canada and is a site for a massive concentration
12 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM
camp capable of holding hundreds of thousands of people for slave labor. This is
probably one of the locations that will be used to hold hard core patriots who will
be held captive for the rest of their lives.
Sand Point Naval Station - Seattle - FEMA detention center used actively during
the 1999 WTO protests to classify prisoners.
Ft. Lewis / McChord AFB - near Tacoma - This is one of several sites that may be
used to ship prisoners overseas for slave labor.
Ft. McCoy - Rex 84 facility with several complete interment compounds.
Oxford - Central part of state - Federal prison & satellite camp and FEMA
detention facility.
Heart Mountain - Park County N. of Cody - WWII Japanese interment camp ready
for renovation.
Laramie - FEMA detention facility
Southwest - near Lyman - FEMA detention facility
East Yellowstone - Manned internment facility - Investigating patriots were
apprehended by European soldiers speaking in an unknown language. Federal
government assumed custody of the persons and arranged their release.


There are many other locations not listed above that are worthy of consideration
as a possible detention camp site, but due to space limitations and the time
needed to verify, could not be included here. Virtually all military reservations,
posts, bases, stations, & depots can be considered highly suspect (because it is
"federal" land). Also fitting this category are "Regional Airports" and
"International Airports" which also fall under federal jurisdiction and have
limited-access areas. Mental hospitals, closed hospitals & nursing homes, closed
military bases, wildlife refuges, state prisons, toxic waste dumps, hotels and other
areas all have varying degrees of potential for being a detention camp area. The
likelihood of a site being suspect increases with transportation access to the site,
including airports/airstrips, railheads, navigable waterways & ports, interstate and
US highways. Some facilities are "disguised" as industrial or commercial
properties, camouflaged or even wholly contained inside large buildings
(Indianapolis) or factories. Many inner-city buildings left vacant during the
de-industrialization of America have been quietly acquired and held, sometimes
retrofitted for their new uses.


Our Canadian friends tell us that virtually all Canadian military bases, especially
those north of the 50th Parallel, are all set up with concentration camps. Not even
half of these can be listed, but here are a few sites with the massive land space to
handle any population:
Suffield CFB - just north of Medicine Hat, less than 60 miles from the USA.
Primrose Lake Air Range - 70 miles northeast of Edmonton.
Wainwright CFB - halfway between Medicine Hat and Primrose Lake.
Ft. Nelson - Northernmost point on the BC Railway line.
Ft. McPherson - Very cold territory ~ NW Territories. Ft. Providence - Located on
13 of 15 7/13/2006 4:34 AM
Great Slave Lake. Halifax - Nova Scotia. Dept. of National Defense reserve....
And others.


Guayanabo, Puerto Rico - Federal prison camp facility. Capacity unknown.
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - US Marine Corps Base - Presently home to 30,000
Mariel Cubans and 40,000 Albanians. Total capacity unknown.

FEMA has developed 300 sophisticated mobile units that are capable of sustaining
themselves for a month. The vehicles are located in five areas of the United States. They
have tremendous communication systems and each contains a generator that would provide
power to 120 homes each, but have never been used for disaster relief.

FEMA’s enormous powers can be triggered easily. In any form of domestic or foreign
problem, perceived and not always actual, emergency powers can be enacted. The President
of the United States now has broader powers to declare Martial Law, which activates FEMA’s
extraordinary powers.

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Re: FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders (Score: 1)
by Canadian_Lady (123abc) on Saturday, October 23 @ 17:55:47 MDT


Secret Surveillance Continues to Increase: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Report reveals that the government made 2,072 secret surveillance requests in 2005, a record high and 18 percent more than 2004. None of the requests were denied by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the secretive body that issues the warrants. In contrast, the Department of Justice reports (pdf) that law enforcement agencies across the country were authorized to conduct 1,773 wiretaps, which are issued under a more stringent standard. The report on secret wiretap warrants also indicated that the government issued 9,254 National Security Letters during 2005. These letters can be used to obtain information about individuals without the government applying for a court-reviewed warrant. (May 2, 2006)

Memo Reveals FBI Wiretap Violations:

A recently disclosed FBI memo reveals that agents illegally videotaped suspects, intercepted e-mails without court permission, recorded the wrong phone conversations, and allowed electronic surveillance operations to run beyond their legal deadline, during sensitive terrorism investigations. The mistakes referenced in the internal memo are different than those delineated and criticized in May by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The existence of the memo was first revealed in documents EPIC obtained in a FOIA lawsuit. (Oct. 10, 2002)

Lower Surveillance Standard: As originally passed, any FISA investigation must have had the collection of Foreign Intelligence Information as its sole or "primary purpose." The USA-PATRIOT Act expanded the application of FISA to those situations where foreign intelligence gathering is merely "a significant" purpose of the investigation. "Significant" is not defined, which vagueness will lead to inconsistent determinations and potential overuse of the FISA standards. The more lenient standards that the government must meet under FISA (as opposed to the stringent requirements of Title III) are justified by the fact that FISA's provisions facilitate the collection of foreign intelligence information, not criminal evidence. This traditional justification is eliminated where the lax FISA provisions are applicable to the interception of information relating to a domestic criminal investigation. The change is a serious alteration to the delicate constitutional balance reflected in the prior legal regime governing electronic surveillance.

Multi-Point ("Roving Wiretap") Authority

The USA-PATRIOT Act further expanded FISA to permit "roving wiretap" authority, which allows the interception of any communications made to or by an intelligence target without specifying the particular telephone line, computer or other facility to be monitored. Prior law required third parties (such as common carriers and others) "specified in court-ordered surveillance" to provide assistance necessary to accomplish the surveillance--under the new law, that obligation has been extended to unnamed and unspecified third parties.

Such "generic" orders could have a significant impact on the privacy rights of large numbers of innocent users, particularly those who access the Internet through public facilities such as libraries, university computer labs and cybercafes. Upon the suspicion that an intelligence target might use such a facility, the FBI can now monitor all communications transmitted at the facility. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the recipient of the assistance order (for instance, a library) would be prohibited from disclosing the fact that monitoring is occurring.

The "generic" roving wiretap orders raise significant constitutional issues, as they do not comport with the Fourth Amendment's requirement that any search warrant "particularly describe the place to be searched." That deficiency becomes even more significant when where the private communications of law-abiding American citizens might be intercepted incidentally.

Liberalized Use of Pen Register/Trap and Trace Devices

Finally, the USA-PATRIOT Act removed the pre-existing statutory requirement that the government prove the surveillance target is "an agent of a foreign power" before obtaining a pen register/trap and trace order under the FISA. (A pen register collects the outgoing phone numbers placed from a specific telephone line, a trap and trace device captures the incoming numbers placed to a specific phone line. For example, a caller-id box is a trap and trace device.) The government can now obtain a pen register/trap and trace device "for any investigation to gather foreign intelligence information," without a showing that the device has, is or will be used by a foreign agent or by an individual engaged in international terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities. This amendment significantly eviscerates the constitutional rationale for the relatively lax requirements that apply to foreign intelligence surveillance. That laxity is premised on the assumption that Congress and the courts should not unduly restrain the Executive Branch, in pursuit of its national security responsibilities to monitor the activities of foreign powers and their agents. The removal of the "foreign power" predicate for pen register/trap and trace surveillance upsets that delicate balance.

American Bar Association Urges FISA Oversight: The American Bar Association has adopted a resolution calling on Congress to conduct oversight of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to ensure that government investigations do not violate Constitutional protections. The ABA also urged Congress to require annual reports for FISA investigations, comparable to those required by the federal wiretap act. The ABA action follows a controversial decision by the Foreign Intelligence Court of Review. (Feb. 11, 2003)

American Bar Association Says Unlawful Surveillance Should Stop: A new report (pdf) from the American Bar Association calls on the President to abide by constitutional checks and balances, and to end electronic surveillance inside the United States that does not comply with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The Association overwhelmingly supported the report, which also urged the Congress to undertake comprehensive investigations. (Feb. 15, 2006.)


America is an occupied country by Howard Zinn

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The U.S. Election Vote Counting Program

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Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program
Tuesday, 8 July 2003, 6:20 pm
Article: Bev Harris
Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program

By Bev Harris*
* Bev Harris is the Author of the soon to be published book " Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering In The 21st Century "

Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines
The Truth About the Rob-Georgia File

IMPORTANT NOTE: Publication of this story marks a watershed in American political history. It is offered freely for publication in full or part on any and all internet forums, blogs and noticeboards. All other media are also encouraged to utilise material. Readers are encouraged to forward this to friends and acquaintances in the United States and elsewhere.

Part 1 - Can the votes be changed?
Part 2 - Can the password be bypassed?
Part 3 – Can the audit log be altered?


According to election industry officials, electronic voting systems are absolutely secure, because they are protected by passwords and tamperproof audit logs. But the passwords can easily be bypassed, and in fact the audit logs can be altered. Worse, the votes can be changed without anyone knowing, even the County Election Supervisor who runs the election system.

The computer programs that tell electronic voting machines how to record and tally votes are allowed to be held as "trade secrets." Can citizen's groups examine them? No. The companies that make these machines insist that their mechanisms are a proprietary secret. Can citizen's groups, or even election officials, audit their accuracy? Not at all, with touch screens, and rarely, with optical scans, because most state laws mandate that optical scan paper ballots be run through the machine and then sealed into a box, never to be counted unless there is a court order. Even in recounts, the ballots are just run through the machine again. Nowadays, all we look at is the machine tally.

Therefore, when I found that Diebold Election Systems had been storing 40,000 of its files on an open web site, an obscure site, never revealed to public interest groups, but generally known among election industry insiders, and available to any hacker with a laptop, I looked at the files. Having a so-called security-conscious voting machine manufacturer store sensitive files on an unprotected public web site, allowing anonymous access, was bad enough, but when I saw what was in the files my hair turned gray. Really. It did.

The contents of these files amounted to a virtual handbook for vote-tampering: They contained diagrams of remote communications setups, passwords, encryption keys, source code, user manuals, testing protocols, and simulators, as well as files loaded with votes and voting machine software.

Diebold Elections Systems AccuVote systems use software called "GEMS," and this system is used in 37 states. The voting system works like this:

Voters vote at the precinct, running their ballot through an optical scan, or entering their vote on a touch screen.

After the polls close, poll workers transmit the votes that have been accumulated to the county office. They do this by modem.

At the county office, there is a "host computer" with a program on it called GEMS. GEMS receives the incoming votes and stores them in a vote ledger. But in the files we examined, which were created by Diebold employees and/or county officials, we learned that the Diebold program used another set of books with a copy of what is in vote ledger 1. And at the same time, it made yet a third vote ledger with another copy.

Apparently, the Elections Supervisor never sees these three sets of books. All she sees is the reports she can run: Election summary (totals, county wide) or a detail report (totals for each precinct). She has no way of knowing that her GEMS program is using multiple sets of books, because the GEMS interface draws its data from an Access database, which is hidden. And here is what is quite odd: On the programs we tested, the Election summary (totals, county wide) come from the vote ledger 2 instead of vote ledger 1, and ledger 2 can be altered so it may or may not match ledger 1.

Now, think of it like this: You want the report to add up only the actual votes. But, unbeknownst to the election supervisor, votes can be added and subtracted from vote ledger 2. Official reports come from vote ledger 2, which has been disengaged from vote ledger 1. If one asks for a detailed report for some precincts, though, the report comes from vote ledger 1. Therefore, if you keep the correct votes in vote ledger 1, a spot check of detailed precincts (even if you compare voter-verified paper ballots) will always be correct.

And what is vote ledger 3 for? For now, we are calling it the "Lord Only Knows" vote ledger.

Detailed Examination Of Diebold GEMS Voting Machine Security ( Part 1)


Here's what we're going to do: We'll go in and run a totals report, so you can see what the Election Supervisor sees. Then we'll tamper with the votes. I'll show you that our tampering appears in Table 2, but not Table 1. Then we'll go back and run another totals report, and you'll see that it contains the tampered votes from Table 2. Remember that there are two programs: The GEMS program, which the Election Supervisor sees, and the Microsoft Access database that stores the votes, which she cannot see.

Let's run a report on the Max Cleland/Saxby Chambliss race. (This is an example, and does not contain the real data.) Here is what the Totals Report will look like in GEMS:

As it stands, Cleland is stomping Chambliss. Let's make it more exciting.

The GEMS election file contains more than one "set of books." They are hidden from the person running the GEMS program, but you can see them if you go into Microsoft Access. You might look at it like this: Suppose you have votes on paper ballots, and you pile all the paper ballots in room one. Then, you make a copy of all the ballots and put the stack of copies in room 2.

You then leave the door open to room 2, so that people can come in and out, replacing some of the votes in the stack with their own.

You could have some sort of security device that would tell you if any of the copies of votes in room 2 have been changed, but you opt not to.

Now, suppose you want to count the votes. Should you count them from room 1 (original votes)? Or should you count them from room 2, where they may or may not be the same as room 1? What Diebold chose to do in the files we examined was to count the votes from "room2." Illustration:

If an intruder opens the GEMS program in Microsoft Access, they will find that each candidate has an assigned number:

One can then go see how many votes a candidate has by visiting "room 1" which is called the CandidateCounter:

In the above example, "454" represents Max Cleland and "455" represents Saxby Chambliss. Now let's visit Room2, which has copies of Room1. You can find it in an Access table called SumCandidateCounter:

Now let's put our own votes in Room2. We'll put Chambliss ahead by a nose, by subtracting 100 from Cleland and adding 100 to Chambliss. Always add and delete the same number of votes, so the number of voters won't change.

Notice that we have only tampered with the votes in "Room 2." In Room 1, they remain the same. Room 1, after tampering with Room 2:

Now let's run a report again. Go into GEMS and run the totals report. Here's what it looks like now:

Now, the above example is for a simple race using just one precinct. If you run a detail report, you'll see that the precinct report pulls the untampered data, while the totals report pulls the tampered data. This would allow a precinct to pass a spot check.

Detailed Examination Of Diebold GEMS Voting Machine Security ( Part 2)


At least a dozen full installation versions of the GEMS program were available on the Diebold ftp site. The manual, also available on the ftp site, tells that the default password in a new installation is "GEMSUSER." Anyone who downloaded and installed GEMS can bypass the passwords in elections. In this examination, we installed GEMS, clicked "new" and made a test election, then closed it and opened the same file in Microsoft Access.

One finds where they store the passwords by clicking the "Operator" table.

Anyone can copy an encrypted password from there, go to an election database, and paste it into that.

Example: Cobb County Election file

One can overwrite the "admin" password with another, copied from another GEMS installation. It will appear encrypted; no worries, just cut and paste. In this example, we saved the old "admin" password so we could replace it later and delete the evidence that we'd been there. An intruder can grant himself administrative privileges by putting zeros in the other boxes, following the example in "admin."

How many people can gain access? A sociable election hacker can give all his friends access to the database too! In this case, they were added in a test GEMS installation and copied into the Cobb County Microsoft Access file. It encrypted each password as a different character string, however, all the passwords are the same word: "password." Password replacement can also be done directly in Access. To assess how tightly controlled the election files really are, we added 50 of our friends; so far, we haven't found a limit to how many people can be granted access to the election database.
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Using this simple way to bypass password security, an intruder, or an insider, can enter GEMS programs and play with election databases to their heart's content.

Detailed Examination Of Diebold GEMS Voting Machine Security ( Part 3)


Britain J. Williams, Ph.D., is the official voting machine certifier for the state of Georgia, and he sits on the committee that decides how voting machines will be tested and evaluated. Here's what he had to say about the security of Diebold voting machines, in a letter dated April 23, 2003:

Computer System Security Features: The computer portion of the election system contains features that facilitate overall security of the election system. Primary among these features is a comprehensive set of audit data. For transactions that occur on the system, a record is made of the nature of the transaction, the time of the transaction, and the person that initiated the transaction. This record is written to the audit log. If an incident occurs on the system, this audit log allows an investigator to reconstruct the sequence of events that occurred surrounding the incident.

In addition, passwords are used to limit access to the system to authorized personnel." Since Dr. Williams listed the audit data as the primary security feature, we decided to find out how hard it is to alter the audit log.

Here is a copy of a GEMS audit report.

Note that a user by the name of "Evildoer" was added. Evildoer performed various functions, including running reports to check his vote-rigging work, but only some of his activities showed up on the audit log.

It was a simple matter to eliminate Evildoer. First, we opened the election database in Access, where we opened the audit table:

Then, we deleted all the references to Evildoer and, because we noticed that the audit log never noticed when the admin closed the GEMS program before, we tidily added an entry for that.

Access encourages those who create audit logs to use auto-numbering, so that every logged entry has an uneditable log number. Then, if one deletes audit entries, a gap in the numbering sequence will appear. However, we found that this feature was disabled, allowing us to write in our own log numbers. We were able to add and delete from the audit without leaving a trace. Going back into GEMS, we ran another audit log to see if Evildoer had been purged:

As you can see, the audit log appears pristine.

In fact, when using Access to adjust the vote tallies we found that tampering never made it to the audit log at all.

Although we interviewed election officials and also the technicians who set up the Diebold system in Georgia, and they confirmed that the GEMS system does use Microsoft Access, is designed for remote access, and does receive "data corrections" from time to time from support personnel, we have not yet had the opportunity to test the above tampering methods in the County Election Supervisor's office.

From a programming standpoint, there might be reasons to have a special vote ledger that disengages from the real one. For example, election officials might say they need to be able to alter the votes to add provisional ballots or absentee ballots. If so, this calls into question the training of these officials, which appears to be done by The Election Center, under the direction of R. Doug Lewis. If election officials are taught to deal with changes by overwriting votes, regardless of whether they do this in vote ledger 1 or vote ledger 2, this is improper.

If changing election data is required, the corrective entry must be made not by overwriting vote totals, but by making a corrective entry. When adding provisional ballots, for example, the proper procedure is to add a line item "provisional ballots," and this should be added into the original vote table (Table 1). It is never acceptable to make changes by overwriting vote totals. Data corrections should not be prohibited, but must always be done by indicating changes through a clearly marked line item that preserves each transaction.

Proper bookkeeping never allows an extra ledger that can be used to just erase the original information and add your own. And certainly, it is improper to have the official reports come from the second ledger, which may or may not have information erased or added.

But there is more evidence that these extra sets of books are illicit: If election officials were using Table 2 to add votes, for provisional ballots, or absentee voters, that would be in their GEMS program. It makes no sense, if that's what Diebold claims the extra set of books is for, to make vote corrections by sneaking in through the back door and using Access, which according to the manual is not even installed on the election official's computer.

Furthermore, if changing Table 2 was an acceptable way to adjust for provisional ballots and absentee votes, we would see the option in GEMS to print a report of both Table 1 totals and Table 2 so that we can compare them. Certainly, if that were the case, that would be in the manual along with instructions that say to compare Table 1 to Table 2, and, if there is any difference, to make sure it exactly matches the number of absentee ballots, or whatever, were added.

Using Microsoft Access was inappropriate for security reasons. Using multiple sets of books, and/or altering vote totals to include new data, is improper for accounting reasons. And, as a member of commented, "This is not a bug, it's a feature."

SLEEP-OVER: Tamper-proof or not; you be the judge.

Memory card in optical scan

The memory card is the item in the slot that says "this side up." Diebold's first line of defense is a metal door that pivots down over the memory card slot. The photos that follow will show you how moronic the system is.

Memory card door - right side bolt

How the door works: The hole in the right side of the door is over-large, so you can move the right-side bolt in and out at will. Therefore, they seal the right-side bolt. See next picture.

Hole in memory card door bolt

See the hole in the top of the right-side bolt? The plastic seal is threaded through that. See next picture.

Accuvote - sealed

This plastic seal was used by King County. It had been broken and discarded, so we used the high-tech method of putting an orange rubber band on it to hold it together for this demo. The seal is pointless anyway, as you'll soon see.

Accuvote - screws

See the screws holding the Diebold AccuVote optical scan machine together? There are five. Natalie tried a Phillips-head screwdriver on the thing. See next picture.

Accuvote - unscrew case

Yep. The screws come right out! What's inside? See next picture.

Unfasten memory card seal

Hey, maybe you can unscrew the left-side bolt. Natalie stuck a small Allen wrench into the bolt. See next picture.

Nut holding memory card bay door

See that nut on the screw? (Red arrow) Natalie got out a pair of pliers. See next picture.

unfasten it more

High-tech security, Diebold-style. (Grasp nut with pliers, twirl Allen wrench and see what happens.) See next picture.

memory card seal proven worthless

The bolt comes right off. But can you get the memory card out? See next picture.

Sealed memory card bay opened

Pivot metal door to the right and remove memory card. See next picture.

Memory card removed while plastic seal intact

We then put it all back together without leaving a trace. Cost for materials: $12. Time: 4 minutes to open, remove card, re-insert card and re-seal everything.

San Diego, June 6 2006: Sent these voting machines home with poll workers for sleepovers. They said the seal on the memory card bay made it secure.

King County, Washington this week, Aug.: Says they are using the door and plastic tab seal as shown in these pictures, and they are sending the voting machines home with poll workers for the September primary election. They say the seal makes it secure.

Black Box Voting projects in Leon County, Florida on May 26, 2005 and Dec. 13, 2005 demonstrated that by altering the information on the memory card, the election can be hacked without a trace.This Tool Kit is a Declaration of Independence for Citizens:

- It's time for you to recognize your own power.
- You don't need us.
- You don't have to find someone to follow.
- Pick any module. Pick a single action in it. See it to its completion.
- You've just opened the door to an unexpected evolution.

"Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." -– Declaration of Independence

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Waddesdon Manor; Residence of the Rothschild

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18 May, 2006
Rothschilds, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, George Soros; ABANDON THE US DOLLAR!

The article provides evidence of the Rothschild-led NWO pulling the plug on the US Dollar. They've used the US dollar as a tool until it is about to break, and they're ready to move back to Europe, as their tool of choice, though not before America sets WWIII in the Middle East. Then they will abandon America to the ensuing chaos and even perhaps war with China and/or Russia. The US Dollar’s collapse has been delayed due to the increase in crude oil prices from $9/barrel in 1998 to near $80/barrel in 2006. But if the oil trade switches to the EURO as the standard instead of the US DOLLAR, the US$ collapse will be that much worse. Of course, the worldwide depression will enable trillionaire Rothschild, Rockefeller and Co. dynasties to buy up more assets at pennies on the dollar. History repeats itself.

The Fourth Baron-Jacob Rothschild

"Warren Buffett is strongly linked to the Rothschild banking syndicate, and Buffett brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to visit Lord Jacob Rothschild's Buckinghamshire estate in 2002. Buffett's dire warnings likely represent the sentiments of the Rothschilds and others in European financier dynasties dominating the New World Order overclass; those who hope to use a worldwide depression to seize assets, depopulate the planet of "useless eaters," and create a unipolar biometric police state."

Previously, we saw Warren Buffet and Bill Gates saying that they are getting out of the US Dollar. Warren Buffett who is a well known Rothschild banker, is predicting demise, Bill Gates, George Soros are all predicting economic demise.

The power of the Rothschild family was evidenced on 24 September 2002 when a helicopter touched down on the lawn of Waddedson Manor, their ancestral home in Buckinghamshire, England. Out of the helicopter strode Warren Buffet, - touted as the second richest man in the World but really a lower ranking player- and Arnold Schwarzenegger (the gropinator), at that time a candidate for the Governorship of California. Also in attendance at this two day meeting of the World's most powerful businessmen and financiers hosted by Jacob Rothschild were James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank and Nicky Oppenheimer, chairman of De Beers. Arnold went on to secure the governorship of one of the biggest economies on the planet a year later. That he should be initiated into the ruling class in the Rothschilds' English country manor suggests that the centre of gravity of the three hundred trillion dollar cartel is in the U.K. and Europe not the U.S.

Mentmore Towers; another Rothschilds residence.

Iranian Oil Bourse Opens for Business: A Final Step Toward US Dollar Collapse & Preemptive Nuclear Strike
Infowars | May 9, 2006
By Daniel L. Abrahamson

The impending opening of the Iranian International Oil Bourse (IOB), set to commence trading next week on the island nation of Kish, strongly increases the chances of an imminent nuclear American-Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear and financial facilities. The electronic oil bourse, much discussed by terrorism expert Webster Tarpley, appears ready to launch in the coming weeks or even days. Because it will offer oil in Euros, it may trigger the rapid collapse of the U.S. dollar.

Over the past four days, the Western media has finally ended their blackout and acknowledged the possibility of an imminent dollar collapse, as gold reaches nearly $700 an ounce.

On Friday, May 5, the Associated Press covered the oil bourse with their article "Iran wants oil market in Euros." The article warns of a rapid decline in the dollar while feebly attempting to minimize the importance of the oil bourse. Nevertheless, the AP quotes a top Wall Street analyst who gives a far more realistic assessment: "But if one day the world's largest oil producers allowed, or worse demanded, Euros for their barrels, 'it would be the financial equivalent of a nuclear strike,'said A.G. Edwards commodities analyst Bill O'Grady.

'If OPEC decided they didn't want dollars anymore,' he added, 'it would signal an end of American hegemony by signaling an end to the dollar as the sole reserve currency status.'

Incredibly, some neocon warmongers are now openly calling for a strike on Iran because of the bourse.

On May 8, Bush apologist Jerome Corsi penned an editorial entitled "Iran Signs It's Own Death Warrant." Corsi is the same GOP hack who helped sponsor the Swift Boat ads & wrote Unfit for Command during the staged 2004 presidential election. In his article he admits a major reason for the US invasion of Iraq was the oil-for-Euros policy of Saddam
Hussein, and warns of China's interest in the oil bourse.

He then goes further, predicting an imminent US attack: "If Iran wants also to seriously threaten the dollar's position as a dominant foreign reserve currency, a war becomes almost certain. The Iranian oil bourse may never be mentioned by U.S. policymakers as a official reason the United States decides to go to war with Iran, but it may end up being the straw that broke the camel's back."

According to Forbes, the bourse may open this week. In their May 7 coverage, they suggest the electronic oil market is ready for trading: "Iran's oil ministry on Friday also made a move to establish an oil-trading market denominated in Euros instead of U.S. dollars, granting a license for the bourse, according to a report from the country's state-run television."

Warren Buffett who is a well known Rothschild banker, is predicting demise, Bill Gates, George Soros are all predicting economic demise.

The Forbes coverage echoes another article from April 26, when the Iranian state media reported their oil-for-Euros market will open some time in the next week. Iranian Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh made the announcement at the 10th General Assembly of International Energy Agency and consultations with OPEC member states.

Meanwhile, Reuters is reporting the bourse will not open for another two months, based on quotes from President Ahmadinejad.

So assuming the bourse opens sometime between now and the next two months, how might it disrupt the fragile geopolitical balance which has reached near Cuban Missile crisis proportions?

Clearly the economic threat of the Iranian Oil Bourse is one of the main motives behind the pending US invasion, rather than the bogus official claims of a nuclear threat. The National Intelligence Estimate from the US State Department acknowledges Iran is at least 10 years away from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Even the more hawkish estimates from
within the White House estimate Iran is at least three years away from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

On April 30, Al-Jazeerah reported the oil bourse has widespread international support, and "Some of the major oil-producing countries such as Venezuela (which has boosted its economic ties with Iran) and a few of
the larger oil consuming countries, most notably China and India, have already announced their support for the IOB."

The Al-Jazeerah article, entitled "Petro-Euro: A reality or distant nightmare for U.S.?" warned that the Iranian oil bourse could sink the U.S. dollar and lead to the rise of the Euro as the world's reserve currency: "Such a move could lead to a collapse in value for the American currency, potentially putting the U.S. economy in its greatest crisis since
the depression era of the 1930s."

The same article mentions how Saddam Hussein's decision to trade oil for Euros in 2000 may have been a major trigger for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Al-Jazeerah also quotes American security expert William Clark as
predicting that "if Iran threatened the hegemony of the U.S. dollar in the international oil market, the White House would immediately order a military attack against it."

Before this week, the mainstream media had tried desperately tried to blackout news about the bourse. A small mention came in a UPI article from April 25, while an April 2 piece in the San Francisco Chronicle warned, "the bourse would rival the New York Mercantile Exchange and International Petroleum Exchange in London -- the twin centers of the oil-trading world. They quoted the cogent analysis of finance scholar Krassimir Petrov, who wrote, "The Iranian government has finally developed the ultimate 'nuclear' weapon that can swiftly destroy the financial system underpinning the American Empire."

Why would Iran's oil exchange present such a threat to the U.S. dollar and worldwide economy?

The dollar accounts for more than two thirds of all central bank reserves worldwide because all international oil transactions have to be in US Dollars. This reserve status creates a constant demand for dollars, despite the underlying weakness of the U.S. economy. Hence, central banks are willing to overlook the massive trade and budget deficits are expanding with on-the-books Federal debt at record highs over 9 trillion and a fiscal gap estimated at $72 trillion.

But the United States is an economy on life support and nearing default, ravaged by agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, and MFN trade status with China (all under the auspices of the WTO). The industrial and machine tools factories in America have been eviscerated, with Ford posting a quarterly loss of 1.2 billion. GM posted a quarterly loss of $325 million and both companies had their bonds cut to junk status back in 2005.

Ravaged by capital flight, mired in debt, and borrowing $2 billion a day just to stay afloat, the U.S. economy is increasingly reliant on this petrodollar reserve status. The vast size of U.S. liabilities means that any threat to the dollar hegemony could result in a rapid currency collapse, sinking the world into recession. Hence the dire threat of the Iranian Oil Bourse, which may put an end to the fiat currency charade that began after the US defaulted on its gold payments in 1971.

On Wednesday May 3, the dollar fell to one-year lows against the Euro and the lowest level since 1970 against the Canadian
dollar. A Telegraph article entitled "Dollar drops as great sell-off looms" described the impending currency crisis as the dollar loses its role as the world's reserve currency: "Greenback liquidation comes amid growing concerns that global central banks and Middle East oil funds are quietly paring back their holdings of US bonds. Gold leapt to a 25-year high of $660.95 an ounce on fears the dollar decline could spiral out of control, disrupting the global financial system."

The demise of the dollar looms as the Federal Reserve stopped releasing M3 money supply numbers on March 20. Some unconfirmed internet rumors claim the Fed recently ordered 2 trillion greenbacks printed. While such reports may seem outlandish, new Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said in a speech in 2003: ""The US government has a technology called a printing press that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost."
A February 6 article in the London Telegraph expounded on Bernanke's reputation as an inflationist. Discussing Bernanke's position, they wrote: "Ultimately, the Fed can flood the system by buying any kind of asset, or even dropping bank notes from helicopters, he said. The speech earned him the epithet 'Helicopter Ben'".

Even before Bernanke took over, Alan Greenspan helped direct the. Fed's desperate scheme of raising interest rates 15 times since June 2004, vastly increasing liquidity, and debasing the value of the U.S. dollar.
The Financial Times reported on May 16 that the dollar was facing a freefall collapse, in an article entitled "Fears for dollar as central banks sell US assets." The article explained the recent sell-off in the dollar was triggered by dollar divestiture by the European central banks: "The world's central banks were net sellers of US assets in March for the first time since September 2002, according to figures that may hint that the recent rebound in the dollar will be temporary. Central banks sold a net $14.4bn in US assets during the month, the largest sale since August 1998, the US Treasury revealed."
Russia's Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin recently warned of a dollar collapse on April 21 at the opening spring session of the International Monetary Fund. He said "Russia cannot consider the dollar as a reliable reserve currency because of its instability. This currency has devalued by 40% against the Euro in recent years." Two years ago Russia had nearly 90% holdings in US dollars and today that proportion has fallen to below 80%
The same IMF conference featured the release of the 2006 World Economic Outlook, which warned of a U.S. dollar collapse due to global trade imbalances, spiraling U.S. debt, and the demise of the petrodollar reserve standard. The report stated, "global current account imbalances are likely to remain at elevated levels for longer than would otherwise have been the case, heightening the risk of sudden disorderly adjustment".

"Disorderly adjustment" is the newest banker euphemism for the hyperinflationary spiral and worldwide economic depression which will accompany a dollar collapse.

On that same day of April 21, Sweden's Riksbank recently cut their dollar holdings in half, instead favoring Euros. Reuter reported that, "The Riksbank's move to increase its Euro holdings to 50 percent of its reserves follows comments by Gulf central banks in recent weeks that they are considering increasing the share of the Euro in their reserves.
Back in February, South Korea shocked the currency markets when they announced a move away from dollar-denominated assets. CNN reported, "The world's fourth-largest stockpile of reserves that has traditionally been held in U.S. debt.announced its plans to diversify into other currencies."
Recently, currency shocks hit Iceland and New Zealand and may portend a global financial meltdown in its growing stages.

Within hushed circles on Wall Street, the impending dollar crisis has been long predicted. In a closed-door meeting in 2004, the chief economist at Morgan Stanley, Stephen Roach, predicted "economic Armageddon."

The Boston Herald article reported Roach's comments as follows: "His prediction: America has no better than a 10 percent chance of avoiding economic "Armageddon. Roach sees a 30 percent chance of a slump soon and a 60 percent chance that 'we'll muddle through for a while and delay the eventual Armageddon.'"

Furthermore, globalist banker & billionaire Warren Buffett is warning of a global financial collapse and the precipitous drop in the dollar in a recent Forbes Magazine. Buffett has personally bet at least $20 billion against the U.S. dollar, and said the following: "The rest of the world owns $10 trillion of us, or $3 trillion net. If lots of people try to leave the market, we'll have chaos because they won't get through the door."

The article went further: "A continuing fall in the dollar 'could cause major disruptions in financial markets. There could be unpredictable side effects. It could be precipitated by some exogenous event like a Long-Term Capital Management,' Buffett says, referring to the 1998 collapse of a steeply leveraged hedge fund."

The Rothschilds Ressidence; Ascott House

Warren Buffett is strongly linked to the Rothschild banking syndicate, and Buffett brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to visit Lord Jacob Rothschild's Buckinghamshire estate in 2002. Buffett's dire warnings likely represent the sentiments of the Rothschilds and others in European financier dynasties dominating the New World Order overclass; those who hope to use a worldwide depression to seize assets, depopulate the planet of "useless eaters," and create a unipolar biometric police state.
Billionaire software kingpin and Bilderberg member Bill Gates, who recently hosted Chinese police state head President Hu, is also shorting the dollar. Last January, Bloomberg quoted Gates predicting a collapse in the U.S. currency. He said, "I'm short the dollar. The 'ol dollar, it's gonna go down. It is a bit scary. We're in uncharted territory when the
world's reserve currency has so much outstanding debt."

The article continued: "Gates's concern that widening U.S. budget and trade deficits are undermining the dollar was echoed in Davos by policymakers including European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder."

Billionare investor and Bilderberg member George Soros recently predicted a U.S. recession in 2006 or 2007. Soros believes a the U.S. housing bubble will soon collapse the Fed cannot keep the dollar propped up. Soros told the press, "Europe is growing relatively well... but a hard landing in the U.S. will be associated with a decline in the dollar which would hurt the European economy,"
It appears the bottom may already be falling out from under the financial house of cards. The fiat currency ponzi scheme, bloated by hundreds of trillions in leveraged derivatives, hedge fund manipulations, and unregulated currency speculation, appears doomed.
In order to stave off the collapse, the Cheney-led shadow government and their Anglo-American financiers appear ready to launch a nuclear strike on Iran, destroying the oil bourse and shutting off oil shipments at the Straits of Hormuz. The larger invasion of the Middle East appears to be a plan to limit oil supply and spike prices, as Iraq is now a net importer of oil since the US/UK invasion.
Major financial analysts are now warning of $100 a barrel oil, which will further increase the artificial demand for dollars and perhaps stave off a dollar collapse. Daniel Eustulin and Jim Tucker reported back during the 2005 Bilderberg, the New World Order announced the coming $120 a barrel oil at the secret world government conference.
In June 2005, Eustulin wrote, "A British Bilderberger noted that oil at $120 a barrel will greatly benefit Britain and the US, but that Russia and China would be the biggest winners." Eustulin also described the strong sentiment for moving away from the dollar and toward the Euro for the world currency.

The insane plan to attack Iran with nuclear weapons will likely backfire, producing massive financial upheaval and a potential Armageddon. The inflation caused by $120+ a barrel oil will likely shock markets and the dollar will collapse regardless. The neocon endgame, which envisions an apocalyptic "World War 4" conflict against Russia and China, might become inevitable.
The Anglo-American oligarchs and their shadow government moles inside the Pentagon are desperate to stop the Iranian bourse and seize control of the oil in the tiny region Khuzestan (containing 90% of Iran's
oil wealth). The possibility of a false-flag terror attack or joint Israel-U.S. strike during the months of May or June appears more grave than ever before.
Recent mainstream reports of TOPOFF 2 drills in Chicago and a wave of other drills in May and June may indicate the final planning for a synthetic terror attack is complete. Additionally on July 18, the Defense Department is wargaming a
military strike on Iran. The Asia Times reports, "This particular 'war game' is the fifth in a series that has also included exercises related to a purported avian-influenza pandemic and a crisis in Pakistan.'

Will the Iranian Oil Bourse be the final straw that inspires one of these drills to go live? Will the potential dollar collapse usher in the next stage in insane neocon push toward World War Three?

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