Saturday, October 28, 2006

Looking Back

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She just stood there looking at me. I wished she'd say something. I looked over my shhoulder-there was no one there. It was me she was looking at alright. Not exactly looking, staring. What was golng on? I got up and reached for the shaker. And she kept right on staring. I found myself apologizing,

"Sorry. Could you pass the sugar?"

I was getting desperate, didnt she talk?

"You're Nigerian aren't you?"

" How could you tell?"

"You talk with your eyes. Its like i get the impression you're being followed"

"WHATTTT???" My smile froze.

"But its true. I would have said haunted but its more like pursued"

"You must be from Texas"

She looked every inch the prime and improper Southern belle. Spoilt, arrogant and fallacious.


"You sound just like George with Osama breathing down his neck"

I tell you, that Southern belle almost made a terrorist out of me.


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