Saturday, October 28, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

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My favourite ocean cruiser is the USS Reagan. The National Geographic channel calls it a fully armed city. It can carry about 6,000 occupants or occupiers which is about the population of Aspen, Colorado or Nnobi town, Anambra, Nigeria-standing shoulder to shoulder.

A floating 7-star hotel built at the cost of 4.5 billion dollars and weighing in at 88,000 metric tonnes. It stands 20 storeys above the sea with a postal and garbage system, shopping malls, apartment complexes, 21 kilometers of cable and an airfield that floats 85 aircrafts.

On board, it can feed 3,000 lodgers, basking in the sun, for three months straight, without let, at over 18,000 meals a day. It has about 4.5 acres of metal grounds and is powered by two nuclear reactors with enough drive to keep it cruising at steady speed for twenty years non-stop! Ordinarily, it gulps as much fuel as it would take an economy car to travel round the globe 4,200 times or for 4,200 economy cars to traverse the globe!

Please vote a month's cruise for the starving and injured children of Dafour and Lebanon, the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the suffering masses of Iraq.

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