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Rememebering the USS Liberty

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Remembering the USS Liberty: Assault on the Liberty

Twenty-six years have passed since that clear day on June 8, 1967 when Israel attacked the USS Liberty with aircraft and torpedo boats, killing 34 young men and wounding 171. The attack in international waters followed over nine hours of close surveillance. Israeli pilots circled the ship at low level 13 times on eight different occasions before attacking. Radio operators in Spain, Lebanon, Germany and aboard the ship itself all heard the pilots reporting to their headquarters that this was an American ship. They attacked anyway. And when the ship failed to sink, the Israeli government concocted an elaborate story to cover the crime.

There is no question that this attack on a U.S. Navy ship was deliberate. This was a coordinated effort involving air, sea, headquarters and commando forces attacking over a long period. It was not the "few rounds of misdirected fire" that Israel would have the world believe. Worse, the Israeli excuse is a gross and detailed fabrication that disagrees entirely with the eyewitness recollections of survivors. Key American leaders call the attack deliberate. More important, eyewitness participants from the Israeli side have told survivors that they knew they were attacking an American ship.

Fifteen years after the attack, an Israeli pilot approached Liberty survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role. According to this senior Israeli lead pilot, he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.

Later, a dual-citizen Israeli major told survivors that he was in an Israeli war room where he heard that pilot's radio report. The attacking pilots and everyone in the Israeli war room knew that they were attacking an American ship, the major said. He recanted the statement only after he received threatening phone calls from Israel.

The pilot's protests also were heard by radio monitors in the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon. Then-U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter has confirmed this. Porter told his story to syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak and offered to submit to further questioning by authorities. Unfortunately, no one in the U.S. government has any interest in hearing these first-person accounts of Israeli treachery.

Key members of the Lyndon Johnson administration have long agreed that this attack was no accident. Perhaps most outspoken is former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer. "I can never accept the claim that this was a mistaken attack," he insists.

Former Secretary of State Dean Rusk is equally outspoken, calling the attack deliberate in press and radio interviews. Similarly strong language comes from top leaders of the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency (some of whose personnel were among the victims), National Security Council, and from presidential advisers such as Clark Clifford, Joseph Califano and Lucius Battle.

A top-secret analysis of Israel's excuse conducted by the Department of State found Israel's story to be untrue. Yet Israel and its defenders continue to stand by their claim that the attack was a "tragic accident" in which Israel mistook the most modern electronic surveillance vessel in the world for a rusted-out 40-year-old Egyptian horse transport.

Despite the evidence, no U.S. administration has ever found the courage to ever found the courage to defy the Israeli lobby by publicly demanding a proper accounting from Israel.

Most members of Congress respond to inquiries about the Liberty with seemingly sympathetic promises to "investigate." Weeks or months later they write again to report their "findings": "The Navy investigated in 1967 and found no evidence that the attack was deliberate," they say." Israel apologized, calling the attack a tragic case of misidentification, and paid damages for loss of life, injuries and property damage. The matter is closed.

The fact is, however, that the Navy's "investigation" examined only the quality of the crew's training, the adequacy of communications and the performance of the crew under fire. The Navy was forbidden to examine Israeli culpability and Navy investigators refused to allow testimony showing that the attack was deliberate or that Israel's excuse was untrue.

Instead of determining whether the attack was deliberate, the Navy blocked all testimony about Israeli actions. No survivor was permitted to describe the close in machine-gun fire that continued for 40 minutes after Israel claims all firing stopped. No survivor was allowed to talk about the life rafts the Israeli torpedo men machine-gunned in the water. No survivor was permitted to challenge defects and fabrications in Israel's story. Even my eyewitness testimony as officer-of-the deck was withheld from the official record. No evidence of Israeli culpability was "found" because no such testimony was allowed. To survivors, this was not an investigation. It was a cover-up.

Occasionally a member of Congress will seem to probe a bit deeper, as Ted Kennedy once did. In response to requests, Kennedy asked Liberty survivors and others for input,which his staff then "studied" for more than a year.

Kennedy asked no questions, conducted no interviews, and showed no curiosity about the many discrepancies in Israel's story. Then Kennedy reported his "findings" in a letter to survivors. Carefully avoiding the circumstances of the attack, Kennedy's letter deplored the "tragic circumstances and loss of life" and declared that the facts about the Liberty must be uncovered "to the maximum extent humanly possible."

That letter, however, represented Kennedy's maximum effort. Appeals to Kennedy for some real help go unanswered.

The best forum in the '90s for this story and related stories of the Middle East may well be electronic mail, the complex of computer and electronic mail systems that now span the globe.

For instance, the USS Liberty and the Middle East are hot topics in the "Prodigy interactive computer service" run by Sears and IBM. With over 2 million members, Prodigy's "Israel" forums guarantee some lively and often bitter debates.

Unfortunately, the playing field often seems uneven. The cover-up side heavily outnumbers its critics, and is allowed tactics rarely tolerated from others. Criticism of Israeli policies is seen as "attacks on the Jewish homeland." Pro-Israel debaters charge that Israel's critics are "disciples of hate," and "pathological haters of Israel and all things Jewish."

The language gets worse. Prodigy allows Israel's critics to be called "sodomists," and "derriere bussing anti-Semites." The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, which prints an update on progress toward a congressional investigation every year on the June anniversary of the tragedy, comes in for special vitriol. The magazine is described almost daily as I a hate rag." Yet Prodigy's censors often reject even mild and factual rebuttals of such charges as "insulting."

Despite a near media blackout, and such invective directed at publications that defy it, Americans, do continue to support the USS Liberty and its survivors' association. Late last year the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 560 in Zimmerman, Minnesota, raised over $12,000 to create a rest stop and picnic area on donated land near a major highway as a memorial to the men who died on the Liberty. This makes the 29th public memorial to the USS Liberty.

The memorial area and an inscribed granite stone were appropriately dedicated in a ceremony attended by survivors, VFW members, Mayor Randy Hanson, and Liberty's heroic Congressional Medal of Honor-winning skipper, Captain William McGonagle, among others.

Inspired by community support, members of Post 560 are now telling the USS Liberty story to every VFW post in Minnesota. Member Stan Wuolle tells us that after they cover all of Minnesota, they will start on Wisconsin and the Dakotas.

In New York, meanwhile, Korean War veteran John Everts learned about the attack just last year and was similarly moved. Everts inspired two Korean vets groups in which he is active, "The Chosin Few" and "The Korean War Veterans" Kivlehan Chapter, to write more than 100 letters to Congress seeking the investigation that survivors mill are denied.

To date, no member of Congress has risked re-election chances by agreeing publicly to Evert's request. No one really expected that to happen. But efforts like these help members of Congress and the American public remember that Israel attacked the USS Liberty, deliberately and then lied about it. Sooner or later, Americans will insist that their government and their representatives in Congress find out why.

James Ennes retired from the Navy in 1978 as a lieutenant commander after 27 years of enlisted and commissioned service. He was a lieutenant on the bridge of the USS Liberty on the day of the attack. His book on the subject, Assault on the Liberty (Random House, 1980), is a "Notable Naval Book" selection of the U. S. Naval Institute and was "editors' choice" when reviewed in The Washington Post. Copies of the book are available from the American Educational Trust, publisher of this magazine, at $25.00 each.

* * * * *

"I've never read a more graphic depiction of war and its effects at sea ... an insider's book by an honest participant."

Author Seymour Hersh

"If this book received more attention, U.S. policies in the Middle East might be better balanced and more successful."

Former U.S. Senator Adlai E. Stevenson, Jr.

"Searing heat and terrible noise came suddenly from everywhere. Heat came first, and it was heat—not cannon fire—that Caused me to turn away. An explosion tossed our gunners high in the air-spinning, broken, like rag dolls. We were being pounded by a deadly barrage of aircraft cannon and rocket fire.

"A solid blanket of force threw me against A railing. My arm held me up while the attacker passed overhead, followed by a loud swoosh, then silence. I seemed to be the only one left standing as the jet disappeared astern of us. Around me, scattered about carelessly, men squirmed helplessly, like wounded animals-wide-eyed, terrified, not understanding what had happened."

From Assault on the Liberty

Knowing the Beast

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Knowing the Beast

Did you know...that the Talmud, a book considered to be as sacred to Judaism as the Quran is to Islam and the New Testament to Christianity speaks about Mary, Mother of Jesus thus:

"Miriam, mother of the Nazarene, was the descendant of princes and governors who played the harlot with carpenters." Sanhedron 106a

... and of Jesus, the Christ thus:

"Jesus the Nazarene practiced sorcery and black magic, and led Jews astray into idolatry. He was sexually immoral, worshipped statues of stone, was cut off from the Jewish people, and refused to repent." Sanhedron 107b

... and of the Bible,

"The books of the Christians must not be saved from fire." Shabat 116a

... and of the Gentiles, it says,

"The best of the Gentiles should be killed." Soferim 15, rule 10

In addition to the above, there are passages which permit the rape of children, (particularly non-Jews) and other religious/racist sentiments that speak with unmistakable and undeniable invectives against the same Jesus and Mary who are, in fact and in deed, honored by the Muslims.

The Quran speaks of Mary, mother of Jesus, our Savior thus:

"Mary, God has chosen thee, and purified thee. He has chosen thee above all women. ....Mary, God gives thee good tidings from Him whose name is Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary. High honored shall he be, in this world and the next, stationed near to God. He shall speak to men in the cradle and of old age, and righteous shall he be."

"Mary, God has chosen thee, and purified thee. He has chosen thee above all women. ....Mary, God gives thee good tidings from Him whose name is Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary. High honored shall he be, in this world and the next, stationed near to God. He shall speak to men in the cradle and of old age, and righteous shall he be."

... and of Jesus it says,

"Blessed has he made me," said Jesus, "wherever I may be, and He has enjoined me to give alms, so long as I live, and likewise to cherish my mother. He has not made me arrogant or unprosperous. Peace be upon me the day that I was born, and the day that I die, and the day that I am raised up alive."

Are you in shock, well, don't be. Just take a minute to check the facts next time you pay any mind to the likes of Daniel Pipes, Jerry Falwell (now deceased) and Pat Robertson-stay mightily blessed... and remember, God loves you much.

Remembering the USS Liberty Part 2

The USS Liberty, listing and damaged

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Remembering the USS Liberty Part 2


My fellow Americans, I sit here at 3:00 am with my heart racing and my hands shaking and I ask that you please take a moment to read my letter. I ask not that you read it for my sake, but rather for your own and for your children and grandchildren.

JUNE 8, 1967, during the Six Day War, we came as close to a nuclear war than anytime in history and it scares me to death as it should you. For the benefit of those who do not know what happened (the result of a deliberate campaign of cover-up and censorship by a Zionist-owned media in America) I will give you a quick history lesson. It all started on a beautiful bright, sunny day 40 years ago. Our ship, the USS LIBERTY, was sailing off the coast of Sinai, doing 5 knots. The LIBERTY was the most sophisticated intelligence gathering platform in the world at that time. We were in international waters gathering intelligence, plucking it from the air, which we had every right to do. We were doing what our government ordered us to do.

Men who spotted and waved at the Israeli Recon planes, sunbathing on deck

Early in the morning we began to see Israeli aircraft coming very close to our ship, some so close we could see the pilots waving at us. As we waved back we could clearly see the Star of David on the aircraft. This went on for many hours. Our flag was flying (as always) GTR-5 was painted on both sides of her bow and “USS LIBERTY” was clearly painted on her stern. There could be no mistake as to who we were. Israel knew we were American and we knew we had been identified as American and friendly as the Israelis themselves have since admitted. They plotted us on their war table and made positive ID of our ship as the LIBERTY. The crew all knew the war was still ongoing and we all took comfort in the fact that our Israeli ‘friends’ had come to visit us. It made all of us feel safer, just in case one of the Arab combatants got spunky and came after us as we all knew Israel would be there to protect their American friends and allies.

Photos of Israeli recon planes taken on that fateful day by sunbathing navy sailors

We had been on station for approximately 7 to 8 hours. Suddenly, at 2:00 all hell broke loose. We were being attacked by jet aircraft. On their first pass they took out our 4 fifty-caliber machine guns, all of our antennae and our moon dish. Everything we had to communicate with was destroyed. They continued their air assault for about 30 minutes using rockets, canons and napalm which they dropped on the bridge to try and burn us alive. Fifteen minutes into their vicious attack Terry Halbadier got an antenna to work and we began broadcasting “under attack, under attack by unknown jet aircraft.” The jets were unmarked, hiding the identity of our attackers. The USS SARATOGA, commanded by Captain Tully, sent aircraft to our aid only to have them recalled by voice from Secretary of Defense Robert MacNamara. Again, Captain Tully ordered rescue aircraft to come to our aid. Then, President Lyndon Johnson got on the phone and ordered the recall himself, saying “I don’t give a God damn if every man on board that ship dies, I will not embarrass our ally, Israel.”

Now, if we didn’t know who was attacking us until much later into the attack how did the poll cat Johnson know it was the Israelis that were attacking us? The reason is simple–we were set up by our own government as pawns to let Israel have her way with us. Why else would our government recall the life-saving aircraft when we were still under attack?

When the jets got through with us they sent the torpedo boats, three of them. Then and only then did we become aware of who was attacking us. We could see their flags on their boats with the Star of David on them. We were horrified that our so-called ‘ally’ was doing this to us. The word went out we were under attack by Israeli torpedo boats. This was picked up as far away as Vietnam and many other listening posts around the world. Still no help from our government. We were on our own.

Bridge area completely taken out

The torpedo boats fired five torpedoes at us, one hitting its mark midships, instantly slaughtering 25 American sons. The torpedo boats kept up the attack, I guess, until they ran out of ammunition, shooting at our boilers, firefighters, stretcher bearers, anything that moved. The captain ordered us to prepare to abandon ship.

We put over 3 life rafts, all that remained that would float. We were going to put our most severely wounded men in them. The Israelis would have none of that and shot two of them out of the water and took one aboard their boat as a trophy.

The torpedo boats left and then came Israeli helicopters with armed troops, ready to board our ship and finish us off. They hovered over us like vultures ready for the kill and suddenly they left. We found out later that they left because they knew we had gotten messages out that it was Israel doing the murdering not any Arab state.

When all was said and done in this almost two hour attack, 34 men were murdered, 174 were wounded. There were over 821 canon and rocket holes in our ship. Thousands of 50 caliber armor piercing bullets riddled her skin and there was a 40 x 40 foot torpedo hole in her side. The LIBERTY was the most heavily damaged ship in modern history including WWII.

We did not receive any help from our government for 18 hours after the attack when help was only 15 - 20 minutes away. Why was our government willing to sacrifice 294 American sailors, marines and the finest intelligence ship in the world? That’s what we all were wondering. A few days later, Admiral Isaac Kidd came aboard our ship and ordered every crewman never to speak a word about what happened to us to other crewmen, parents, family, no one under penalty of prison or worse and we all knew what worse meant.

We took the ship to Malta. The dead were removed from the torpedo space and the ship was repaired and painted to look brand new, as if nothing had ever happened.

I stayed silent for many years. I was so afraid to say anything as was the rest of the crew. In about 1983-1984 I read a book called “Assault on the Liberty” by James Ennes Jr., an intelligence officer onboard when we were attacked. I began asking questions of the navy, congress, anyone I could write to find out answers to a simple question - why our government went along with the cover-up as it is still doing today. The standard answer you get from congress is there have already been many investigations which is a bold face lie and I have told them that. All you have to do is check the congressional record and you will see there has never been any investigation except for the sham Board of Inquiry which was a white wash and only took 6 days to complete. Isaac Kidd signed off on it as did Captain Ward Boston, Admiral John McCain Jr. and President Lyndon Johnson all in a matter of 10 days. The conclusion? Mistaken identity!! Captain Boston has recanted what was in the Board of Inquiry as a pack of lies. He was ordered to sign off by none other than Admiral John McCain Jr., Senator McCain’s father.

The fact is we were set up to sink fast, blame it on Egypt and bring the U.S. into the war. This was the deal made by our government and the Israeli Government. This government will not help us get the truth out. They are knee-deep in bed with the Israeli Lobby, AIPAC and every other Israeli interest out there. Our elected officials sold us out then and they are still selling us out now. Israel is committing war crimes on Americans and our government could care less. This country is not “We the Government” it is “We the People” and if we don’t take our government back soon it is nobody’s fault but our own.

What I found out later is our government was 120 seconds away from dropping nuclear bombs on Cairo, Egypt and they would have if the LIBERTY would have sunk. The LIBERTY staying afloat was an act of God. He kept us afloat to tell you the truth. If our government would have nuked Cairo you can bet the Soviet Union would have retaliated in kind on the American people. This was a pact with the devil with only the greater interest of Israel in mind.

My fellow Americans, look what is going on in the Middle East today. It all goes back to the Six Day War 40 years ago. We need you to email your representatives in Congress and demand an investigation into the attack on the LIBERTY. Remember, they work for us, we don’t work for them. As futile as it may seem, we must at least TRY to take our country back from Israel before it is too late, if indeed it is not already.

Miracles have hinged on smaller odds than this. Look at what happened to us 40 years ago–we should have been dead, sunk to the bottom of the sea and yet we stayed afloat, as I said, by the hand of God. It was a miracle. Remember, Israel didn’t just attack the LIBERTY, she attacked America with our government’s help, and remember, as the old saying goes, ‘A leopard does not change its spots’. What this gang of criminals has done once it will do again, and this time, chances are that we will not be as lucky as we were 40 years ago. Despite all the propaganda we hear, Israel is not our friend. No friend treats us as she has. She would just as soon slit our throats as look at us, and this is not a theory, it is a fact proven by history.

Phillip F. Tourney, Survivor June 8, 1967

Radioactive Waste From Iraq Wars Dumped in U.S.

Some birth effects of depleted uranium exposure on Iraqi and Lebanese children by American/Israeli bombs-is it payback time for America, albeit unwittingly?

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Radioactive Waste From Iraq Wars Dumped in U.S.

During the summer of 1991, the United States military had collected artillery, tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, conventional and unconventional munitions, trucks, etc at Camp Doha in Kuwait.

As result of carelessness, this weapons depot caught fire with consequent catastrophic explosions resulting in death, injury, illness and extensive environmental contamination from depleted uranium and conventional explosives.

Recently the emirate of Kuwait required the U.S. Department of Defense to remove the contamination. Consequently, over 6,700 tons of contaminated soil, sand and other residue was collected and shipped back
to the United States for burial by American Ecology at Boise, Idaho.

When Bob Nichols, an investigative journalist, and I contacted American Ecology we found out that they had absolutely no knowledge of U.S. Army regulations and all of the medical orders dealing with depleted uranium contamination, environmental remediation procedures, safety and medical care.

They had never heard of Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for dealing with hazardous waste such as radioactive materials and conventional explosives byproducts.

The trans-shipment across the ocean, unloading at Longview, Washington State port, transport by rail, and burial in Idaho not only endanger the residents of these areas, but pose a significant agricultural threat through introduction of pests, microbes etc. foreign to our nation.

Sadly, the known adverse health and environmental hazards from uranium weapons contamination are in our own backyard. The EPA has listed the former Nuclear Metals-Starmet uranium weapons manufacturing site in Concord, Mass. on the EPA’s Superfund National Priority List because it poses a significant risk to public health and the environment.

Consequently, the community in which our nation was born on April 18, 1775, is now the location of America’s own closed dirty bomb factory that will endanger the health and safety of the descendants of the Minutemen.

The previous delivery of at least 100 GBU 28 bunker buster bombs containing depleted uranium warheads by the United States and their use by Israel against Lebanese targets has resulted in additional radioactive and chemical toxic contamination with consequent adverse health and environmental effects throughout the Middle East. Israeli tank gunners are also using depleted uranium tank rounds, as photographs verify.

Today, U.S., British, and now Israeli military personnel are using illegal uranium munitions—America’s and England’s own “dirty bombs.” The U.S. Army, Department of Energy, Department of Defense and British Ministry of Defense officials deny that there are any adverse health and environmental effects as a consequence of the manufacture, testing and/or use of uranium munitions. They do so to avoid liability for the willful and illegal dispersal of a radioactive toxic material— depleted uranium.

The use of uranium weapons is a crime against humanity. All governments must force cessation of uranium weapons use. Israel should provide medical care to all DU casualties in Lebanon and clean up all DU contamination.

U.S. and British officials have arrogantly refused to comply with their own regulations, orders and directives that require U.S. Department of Defense officials to provide prompt and effective medical care to all exposed individuals. They also refuse to clean up dispersed radioactive contamination as required by Army regulations.

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Rememebering the USS Liberty

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Remembering the USS Liberty

For the last 41 years, Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty has been a taboo topic about which neither the Jewish state nor the US has allowed free and open discussion. Like a paid-off judge in the service of organized crime interests pounding his gavel on the bench, for the last 4 decades Israel and her supporters in the US government have bellowed ‘case closed’ and have raked over the coals anyone–including the survivors of the attack themselves–from arguing otherwise. Realizing the tidal wave of outrage that would occur if the American people were to come of age and lose their innocence in realizing what Israel did in murdering 34 American servicemen 4 decades ago in a premeditated act of war (to say nothing of the cover-up perpetrated by the US government) it has been on the list of forbidden topics……until recently.

Cutting short his trip in Europe the first week of July, recently-appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Mike Mullen flew to Tel Aviv along with an entourage of high-ranking US military personnel and, upon his arrival, rushed to meet with the highest-ranking members of Israel’s military establishment. While this is not unusual (as many such meetings have been taking place as of late) what was unusual was the topic discussed–Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty 41 years ago during the 6 day war and how ‘important’ it was that ‘history not repeat itself,’ given the present tensions existing between Israel and Iran. Considering the subject of that meeting and the well-known cover-up that has taken place these last 41 years, the meeting should have made headline news all over America. Sadly, however, it did not, just another testimony to the fact that America is now officially ‘occupied territory’ every bit as much as Arab Palestine.

The fact that the meeting took place at all is news enough, but what is of even more importance is what can be inferred from the meeting. Given the fact that this brazen 2 hour attack upon the United States has been hushed up these last 41 years, there can be little else to conclude by Mullen’s meeting other than the obvious–That someone from within the intelligence or military apparatus of the United States has looked towards the horizon and concluded that Israel is planning a ‘USS Liberty Pt II,’ meaning an attack on a US ship, most likely in the Persian Gulf, leading to a massive loss of life to be then blamed on Iran. As was intended in 1967 when Israel attacked the Liberty, Americans would be incensed into such a war frenzy that they would demand the ‘obliteration’ (a la Hillary Clinton) of the guilty party, the false identity of which the Jewish media establishment in America would be all too glad to provide. And while all players involved have been tight-lipped about the particulars of this story, what can be concluded nevertheless is that Mullen’s impromptu trip to Israel and subsequent discussion was in effect a stern warning to Israel of ‘Don’t even think about it bubba’.

Those who suspect that Mullen (a company man not cut from the same cloth as the recently ‘retired’ Adm. William Fallon) has been afflicted with a sudden case of patriotic fever should consider this recent news against the more likely backdrop of sheer pragmatism. The sad fact is, patriotism more than likely had little to do with it. The US is having its rear end handed to it in Iraq and Afghanistan and now some in Washington are beginning to realize that they‘ve just put their foot into something nasty with regards to Israel’s dirty wars in the Middle East that will never be finished as long as she exists. With oil and virtually all consumer products skyrocketing in price simultaneous to the US economy going down the drain, some now understand that by signing on as Israel’s pit bull in the Muslim world that America will wind up paying the ultimate price for her devotion to the Jewish state, meaning the complete destruction of her economy and her position as a world power.

It is no secret Mullen is very friendly when it comes to the great experiment in Jewish self rule in the Middle East as well as his willingness to tow the line with regards to the sworn enemies of that great experiment. Immediately after the release of the National Intelligence Estimate in early December of 2007 stating that Iran had no nuclear weapons program America’s highest ranking military officer high-tailed it to Israel (the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to do so in a decade) to reassure her of America’s support that would last ‘1,000 years’.

As of late however, America’s top general officer seems to be singing a different tune with regards to widening the present debacle to include war with Iran that stands the very real chance of bringing into the fray nuclear-armed nations such as Russia and China. Out of necessity therefore he has now joined with saner voices both inside and outside the Bush administration who are trying to prevent an otherwise apocalyptic end to America. In discussing an attack on Iran Mullen recently stated that opening a third front would be ‘extremely stressful’ on the US military and added that it would lead to consequences ‘difficult to predict’, adding that “There is need for better clarity, even dialogue at some level.”

And this, added to all the other things taking place these days (not excluding of course the talk of withdrawing US troops from Iraq) is what is making Israel jittery to the point she would contemplate pulling off another ‘USS Liberty’. For the sake of her own survival she simply cannot afford to have her ‘fixer’ in the Middle East walk away from a ‘hit’ to which he has been assigned, and it is for this reason that forward-thinking people in the US are beginning to sense Israel may soon pull a few surprises out of her infamous black bag of dirty tricks.

Once the stomping grounds solely of ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists’ that the Jewish state might pull a fast one in order to get the US involved in a war for her own interests, now ‘respectable’ people have begun to voice such thoughts openly as well. In a recent piece appearing in an issue of American Conservative Magazine entitled ‘If Iran is Attacking, It Might Really Be Israel’, ex-CIA officer Phillip Giraldi writes as follows–

‘Some intel types are beginning to express concerns that the Israelis might do something completely crazy to get the US involved. There are a number of possible “false flag” scenarios in which the Israelis could stage an incident that they will make to look Iranian, either by employing Iranian weapons or by leaving a communications footprint that points to Tehran’s involvement. Those who argue Israel would never do such a thing should think again. Israel is willing to behave with complete ruthlessness towards the US if they feel that the stakes are high enough. Witness the attack on the USS Liberty and the bombing of the US Consulate in Alexandria in the 1950s. If they now believe that Iran is a threat that must be eliminated it is not implausible to assume they will stop at nothing to get the United States to do it for them, particularly as their air force is only able to damage the Iranian nuclear program, not destroy it…’

Joined alongside Giraldi is former long-time CIA analyst Ray McGovern who in his most recent piece ‘Israel Planning a September/October Surprise?’ writes the following with regards to the US pulling out of the Middle East and what Israel might do as a result–

‘My guess is the Israeli leaders are apoplectic…This dramatic change — or even just the specter of it — greatly increases Israel’s incentive to ensure US involvement in the area that would endure for several years. The Israelis need to create “facts on the ground” — something to guarantee Washington will stand by “our ally.” The legislation drafted by AIPAC calls for a blockade of Iran. That would be one way to entangle; there are many others. The point is that the growing danger the Israelis perceive will probably prompt them to find a way to get the US involved in hostilities with Iran. All Israel has to do is to arrange to be attacked. Not a problem. There are endless possibilities among which Israel can choose to catalyze such a confrontation. Viewed from Tel Aviv it appears an increasingly threatening situation, with more urgent need to “embed” (so to speak) the United States even more deeply in the region — in a confrontation involving both countries with Iran. A perfect storm is brewing…In sum, Israel is likely to be preparing a September/October surprise designed to keep the US bogged down in Iraq and in the wider region by provoking hostilities with Iran. And don’t be surprised if it starts as early as August…

Readers will recall that American Free Press newspaper predicted in the aftermath of the National Intelligence Estimate being released that the prospect of war with Iran being cancelled (or delayed) would likely result in Israel resorting to desperate measures in getting her way. AFP further speculated that the timing of the release of the NIE was suspicious, coming just a few days before Dec 7, the day Americans remember the attack on Pearl Harbor and that possibly the release of the report was timed to prevent a sneak attack by an Israeli sub on a US ship stationed in the Persian Gulf.

For her part, Israel is attempting to play the role of the innocent, cooperative and concerned ally in the wake of Mullen’s meeting by summoning Judge Jay Cristol, a federal bankruptcy judge in Miami and devoted Zionist who wrote a book in 2002 exculpating Israel of any wrongdoing in the Liberty attack. He is lecturing at military academies in Haifa and Ashdod on how to avoid the ‘mistakes’ that led to the attack on the Liberty.

One thing is for certain. Out of all the topics to be discussed with his Israeli counterparts, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mullen picked the topic of the USS Liberty, and not because he felt nostalgic, sentimental or even–Heaven forbid–guilty over the way the Liberty survivors have been treated these last 41 years. He, like many within the military and intelligence establishment, no doubt realizes that America sits at the precipice of destruction and is no doubt trying to pull her back before that proverbial ‘point of no return’ is reached, if in fact it has not been reached already.

And as sobering a theme as all this may be, the fact is that it may turn out to be much worse. What Israel wants, Israel gets, and the fact that an attack on a US ship has been thwarted does not mean that the fat lady has sung, as now the likelihood of a false flag attack on the American mainland has been made all the more probable. This time however, just for good measure and for spite, it might not be a city building coming down after being struck by an airliner, but rather an entire city being consumed in a mushroom cloud, courtesy of a place called Dimona and a criminal organization known as Mossad.

Mark Glenn

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Dead man walking

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Dead man walking

The dollar is quickly reaching new all-time lows against the euro and has recently scraped up against its all-time lows this past week on the USDX. It is headed for 67 to 68. This presents the potential for establishing a dollar carry trade, which would take the dollar quickly to new lows. All major stock market exchanges around the globe are in Bear Market Territory, having plunged to 20% or more from their most recent highs. Various Arab nations are threatening to break dollar pegs. Wars and threats of wars abound everywhere in Georgia, Kosovo, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and North Korea. Inflation is raging worldwide, which means that populations across the globe are quite literally being taxed to death by their governments. This just simply cannot continue.

Something is going to break, and soon. Banks are insolvent and failing by the hundreds if not thousands. Hedge funds are on the edge of oblivion. Only a tiny percentage of toxic waste losses in real estate and other asset classes of collateral, which will eventually amount to over $1.4 trillion in the US alone, has to date been recognized by the lying bankster fraudsters. Bonds are producing negative rates of return even based on ludicrously understated official rates of inflation (until this month, when we finally got some data bordering on the truth).

Credit markets are frozen, and few can get financing at favorable rates. Banks won’t even lend to one another because they do not trust each other’s financial statements, which are all bogus. Our financial system is unregulated, opaque and rife with fraud as our Treasury Secretary suggests we hand the reins over to the Fed, the very organization which is the driving force behind our myriad of woes. The fractional reserve multiplier is not working and bank’s have had to resort to the commodity markets to make profits, thus driving up food and oil prices and the cost of raw materials. Food riots are breaking out due to the ethanol scam. Consumers are tapped out, are in debt up to their eyeballs, are being laid off by the hundreds of thousands, are being pounded by hyperinflation and crazy gas prices and are defaulting on consumer debts across the board at ever-increasing rates. Civil unrest and the potential for revolution are everywhere. A quadrillion dollar caldera of notional principal for credit default and interest rate swaps bubbles, smolders and churns, waiting to erupt into a world-economy-killing cataclysm.
Fannie and Freddie are imploding, and gargantuan government bailouts to save these owners or insurers of over half the mortgages in the US will drive us to higher rates of inflation and levels of direct taxation that are simply unheard of. These higher levels of inflation and taxation are not as far out in the future as most would think. That is because Paulson and Bernanke, who are oblivious to moral hazards because they are sociopaths, are now trying to dump what will be trillions in losses caused by endless banking scams on an ignorant and unsuspecting citizenry.

Rising interest rates due to increased risk and hyperinflation are just around the corner, and double digit interest rates will lock up the real estate markets in a cryogenic state as occurred in the early 1980s. We have gone from being the largest creditor nation in the world to the largest debtor nation in a matter of a few decades as our manufacturing industry and economy have been gutted by free trade, globalization, off-shoring, outsourcing and both legal and illegal immigration. Bubble after asset bubble have been created and destroyed by a malevolent Fed trying to push us toward a one world government, economy and religion as powered by megalomaniacal, satanic trillionaires who have destroyed our middle class, our Constitution and our moral standards in order to drive us into their version of the ideal Platonic society where we all get to become their feudal indentured servants and slaves.

Our trade and budget deficits continue to mount with profligate spending on endless wars for profit and pork-loaded legislation.
Our nation is bankrupt. Our gold reserves have been stolen, swapped, leased or otherwise compromised. Our Congress, our Executive Branch, or military and our covert agencies are loaded with traitors and perverts who are driving us into a police state complete with a Gestapo and an SS. We torture, maim and kill for fun and profits. We make the Roman Empire at its most decadent look like Shangri-La.

The greatest depression of all time looms at our doorsteps. The barbarians are at the gates, but no one notices or cares. It is nothing short of surreal. Those without gold or silver will make great sport for the barbarians, who also happen to like the “barbaric relic” known as gold, because they are more intelligent than the average US citizen.

Large specs have become wise to the manipulations of the PPT in suppression of precious metals and maintain protective derivatives against such manipulations. The next wedding and jewelry seasons in India, the Orient and the Middle East are upon us. Open interest for August gold on the COMEX has gone up over 100,000 contracts in the past month, and there are already 112,500 contracts of open interest for December futures as everyone tools up for a big fall rally. The number of contracts of open interest on Goldman’s COMEX gold shorts are at record lows. We still have two weeks before August contracts get rolled over at the end of July, and then all hell will break loose. So take your positions now in gold and silver, or turn green with envy as the rest of us make magnificent profits. It may be now or never. After the elections, there will be a no-holds-barred unraveling of the system, assuming we even have elections, and there is no telling how fast and how high gold and silver could rocket. If you stay on the sidelines, you could miss the whole thing.

If you were wondering about the stock rallies, don’t. The yen went wimpy right on cue to support stock markets just as oil was taken down in record fashion to further support stock markets and to suppress precious metals. Since Wednesday, the carry traders have gotten back into it with a reduction of the value of the yen by two yen per dollar and by three and one half yen per euro. Add in the Fed’s out-of-control repo pool for funding, the PPT’s usual manipulative efforts and the pathological lies shown in banks’ financial statements, the drop in oil to support the dollar, and the rally mystery is solved. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Note that this was options expiration week, so most of the rally was powered by a short-covering rally ignited by the PPT to drain value from protective derivatives carried by large specs to protect themselves from the PPT. Fortunately for us, most of the specs probably got out when the Dow hit 10,800. Specs should short oil over 140 and a Dow over 12,000. Note that dollars chased from bonds, treasuries and money markets back into foreign stocks usually causes the dollar to weaken. Since this did not happen, it is a clear sign of intervention by the PPT, which will soon subside since they simply cannot keep this pace up for very long in such a gargantuan forex market. Gold and silver are headed much higher, and will now regroup for the final assault on $1,000 for gold and $21 for silver that will take us to new heights and more unexplored territory.

The home builders’ sentiment index fell two points in July to record-low 16, with all three components of the survey also dropping to historic lows, the National Association of Home Builders reported Wednesday. At 16, the NAHB/Wells Fargo housing market index shows that only one-in-six home builders has a positive view of the market. New subdivisions have become ghost towns, with current sales dropping off and with the traffic of prospective buyers drying up in recent months. Few builders anticipate any improvement in sales in the next six months.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Best Quote up till November

One bush presidency; Nov 2004-2008

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Best Quote up till November

"Politicians are like diapers,
they need to be changed frequently
for the same reason!"

Yup... they always get messed up!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Iran attack will put us back 100 years-Ex Mossad Chief

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Iran attack will put us back 100 years-Ex Mossad Chief

Former Mossad Chief Ephraim Halevy told Time magazine in an interview published Thursday that an Israeli attack on Iran "could have an impact on us for the next 100 years" and should only be considered as a last resort.

Halevy, who currently heads the Center for Strategic and Policy Studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, added that an Iranian attack on Israel would probably have little impact, because Iranian missiles would largely be intercepted by Israel's advanced anti-missile defense system.

Another former senior Mossad official, who reportedly served during Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's administration, told the American magazine that "Iran's achievement is creating an image of itself as a scary superpower when it's really a paper tiger.

An additional Israeli source told Time that Israel sees the period between the U.S. elections in November and the president's inauguration in January as the "window of opportunity" for a possible attack on Iran. The source explained that any military move against Iran would not be carried out before the elections, because it would negatively impact the presidential candidates, especially Republican candidate John McCain and "No Israel leader wants to be blamed for destroying the Republican chances," Time cited the source as saying.

However, the magazine quoted intelligence sources as saying that an Israeli attack on Iran would likely stall the Islamic republic's nuclear aspirations only by "a year or two."

Launching a long-range strike against a multitude of hidden targets in Iran entails huge risks and uncertain rewards, which makes the cost-benefit analysis weigh against an air strike on Iran, according to some senior Israeli officials who urge caution.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Persia-Ancient soul of iran

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One of the great crimes committed against the people of Iraq was the looting of the Baghdad Museum and the destruction of many important ancient sites inside Iraq. As the drums beat for more war in Iran, there is a valid concern that Iran's ancient archeological sites face risk of destruction. I agree. And more to the point, I think that destruction of ancient sites is deliberate policy.

Egypt is literally littered with the ruins of the ancient temples and palaces of her rulers. As much as has been found, it is estimated that only 1/3 of Egypt's archeological wonders have been uncovered. A newly discovered temple was uncovered while digging a sewer line, and a cache of finely preserved mummies was literally stumbled over by a cow in a pasture.

Iraq's ancient heritage was enshrined in its ancient sites and museum. As a result of the war, many of those sites have been damaged or destroyed. Part of the ancient city or Ur now lies underneath a US air base runway. The treasures of the museum have only partly been recovered. The treasures from the looted archaeological sites have been scattered to the world.

Now we take aim at Persia, and as the illustrations in this National Geographic article show, there is a rich cultural heritage of artifacts and ancient sites facing the bombs.

All of this wealth of archaeological treasures must of course annoy Israel. We are raised from birth with Old Testament tales of the greatness of the ancient Israelites, of the powerful kingdoms of Solomon and David and the first temple. Yet Israel, while rich in antiquities, is almost totally devoid of artifacts from this supposedly glorious time in her history. The existence of the fabled First Temple was supported with just two artifacts, a carved staff ornament in the shape of a pomegranate and the Jehoash tablet. Both of these artifacts have been exposed as frauds. We are told that once there was a magnificent temple on that hill, but it "all went away." The wonders emerging from the soil of Egypt, Iraq, and Iran serve as a constant reminder that ancient buildings of such a scale as we are told the First Temple was simply do not vanish without a trace.

There is considerable reason to suspect that the tales told in the Old Testament are just that; tales. The Bible is not science, it is the collected stories of a primitive tribal people telling each other how important they are. And like fishermen talking about the won that got away, or Ramses with his temple carvings of the did-not-really-happen victory over the Hittites at Kadesh, the writers of the ancient testaments assumed that the people they were telling stories to had no way to verify the claims for themselves. So "embellishment" was a low-risk activity.

We do know from the available archaeological evidence that the Exodus probably actually happened to the Hyksos, not the Israelites. We know that the story of Moses is suspect because no Egyptian princess would hide a Hebrew child inside Pharaoh's household, then give the kid a Hebrew name ("Moses" is actually an Egyptian title meaning "Prince" and is included in the names of many Pharaoh's names such as Tut-Moses, Ah-Moses, Ra-Moses (Ramses) etc.) But a good story is a good story and the writers of the ancient texts were probably not thinking much further into the future than the guys who pen the "Celebrity dates space alien" stories you see at supermarket checkout lines. The fact that the celebrity is a real person does not prove the space alien exists. It's just a story.

But, over time, entire religions with attendant wealth and power structures have been built on the premise that these stories really happened exactly as written. And today, here in the 21st century world, technology has started to catch up with these ancient legends and call many of them into doubt.

So, for a nation that justifies its existence on the writings of the Old Torah, the plethora of sites and artifacts confirming the ancient histories of Egypt, Iraq, Iran, etc. etc. etc. must seem a dire political threat for a nation whose own ancient history seems to have left little if any traces.

In that context, the strange behavior of the US military which posted guards around the Iraq oil ministry while leaving the Baghdad museum unguarded suddenly starts to make sense, if the supporters of a very insecure nation decide that leveling the archaeological playing field is preferable to allowing the obvious disparity in archaeological proofs of claimed ancient histories to stand clear in the world's view!

Persia-Ancient soul of Iran:take the tour

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poop/Pee/Vomit Facility plant to be named after G W Bush

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Poop/Pee/Vomit Facility plant to be named after G W Bush

SAN FRANCISCO - A measure seeking to commemorate President Bush's years in office by slapping his name on a San Francisco sewage plant has qualified for the November ballot.

The measure certified Thursday would rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

Supporters say the idea is to commemorate the mess they claim Bush has left behind by actions such as the war in Iraq.

Local Republicans say the plan stinks and they will oppose it.

That'd be the idea-a refection of how much stench the George Bush years would be leaving behind.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Madam Speaker for President

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Madam Speaker for President

This is what America has become. A nation led by Israeli loving fifth columnists who will do ANYTHING to please their masters in Tel Aviv. Like Israeli-firster Speaker of the House Pelosi, who never misses a chance to kiss her Zionist Master's derrière. Here's a small sampling of Pelosi's traitorous activities performed in service to that racist and apartheid Jews only state of Hate, Israel:

Start an illegal and immoral war in Iraq to protect Israel's flank?

No problem.

Run up huge debts to keep this immoral war for Israel going and going? No problem.

Stick with the "official" story of how 9/11 was pulled off by some cave-dwelling madmen and not look at the overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, pulled off by Zionists and Neocons?

No problem.

Appear at any number of Jews only conventions so that leaders like House Speaker Pelosi can show she can out-Jew even the Zionists in attendance?

No problem.

Repeat numerous Zionist lies about Iran's peaceful pursuit of nuclear power?

No problem.

Promise her Zionist Masters that she, Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and one of the most powerful women in America, will gladly invade another country, Iran, at Israel's behest?

No problem.

Getting tearful when she talks about some member of the ZOF--Zionist Occupation Force--yet never mention in public the thousands and thousands of American kids she has sent to their deaths fighting wars for Israel?

No problem.

Electing to Congress Americans who put America first, second and third, and tell the world's most dangerous, violent and psychotic nation, Israel, that you're the problem and not the solution in the Middle East?


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Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Itzik talk tough on Iran at Hadassah conclave

By Tom Tugend

As the personification of women's empowerment, two of the most influential female politicians in the United States and Israel stood on the stage, greeted by the cheers of more than 1,800 delegates to the 94th national Hadassah convention.

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives, and Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik had telling messages, embroidered with some warm personal touches.

Pelosi let it be known that she was a mother of five and grandmother of seven, and later noted, "I have more Jewish grandchildren than anyone." (A pardonable exaggeration, since she has only two Jewish grandkids, who, however, serenade her with "Happy Birthday to You" in Hebrew.)

Itzik couldn't quite match Pelosi, but countered with her three children, all Jewish.

On the occasion, though, what was most on the minds of the two speakers was the threat posed by Iran's nuclear ambitions.

"We must take the madmen in Tehran seriously," Itzik urged. "Their nuclear plans threaten not only Tel Aviv, but also New York and Los Angeles."

Pelosi called for "far-reaching and tighter sanctions that recognize that Iran is a danger to the entire world," adding that global security "demands that Iran give up its nuclear ambitions."

The San Francisco Democrat, who led a bipartisan congressional delegation to Israel in May to help celebrate the nation's 60th anniversary, demanded the return of Israeli hostages held by the Iran-supported Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists.

She said that the wife of hostage Eldad Regev had presented her with a set of her husband's military dog tags.

"I wore the dog tags when I was meeting the kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia and the president of Syria," she said.

Pelosi also warmly praised the work of the Hadassah Medical Organization and its two medical centers in Jerusalem.

Noting that the Hadassah hospitals were open to anyone, regardless of race or religion, she told the delegates, "Hadassah accepts all patients, not because they are Jewish, but because you are Jewish."

Pelosi also called for Jewish community support for a series of health-related bills, ranging from stem-cell research to Medicare reform, which passed both houses of Congress, but were vetoed by President Bush.

"But it won't be long until these bills become law," she promised. "The next president will sign them."


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shredding the US Constitution

"The Constitution," Bush said, "is just a goddamned piece of paper!"

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Shredding the US Constitution

Led by conservative judges, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has just affirmed the Bush administration’s “enemy combatant” doctrine, a doctrine that allows President Bush and his military forces to designate anyone anywhere in the world as an “enemy combatant” in the so-called war on terrorism and treat him accordingly. While the case that the Court was deciding involved a foreigner, Ali al-Marri, the Court’s reasoning applies to American citizens as well.

Al-Marri is a citizen of Qatar. He was under federal court indictment for terrorist-related charges and actually preparing for trial under the principles of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. federal court system. Before the trial was permitted to begin, U.S. officials yanked Al-Marri out of the federal court system and sent him into the clutches of the U.S. military. The government took the position that ever since 9/11 it had the power to treat suspected terrorists in one of two alternative ways — as a federal court defendant or as an “enemy combatant.” While they initially chose the first route with al-Marri, they ended up employing the second route.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has now upheld the government’s position and the government’s actions. That means that the president and the Pentagon now wield the same power wielded by totalitarian and authoritarian regimes around the world: the power to sweep into neighborhoods across the land and arbitrarily take citizens into custody as “enemy combatants.” After all, don’t forget the government’s argument, an argument that has now been upheld by a federal court of appeals: In the global war on terror, the entire United States is part of the battlefield.

Do people taken into custody by the military have any recourse? Yes, but it is extremely limited. They still have the right to file a petition for writ of habeas corpus to challenge the government’s designation of them as “enemy combatants.” But as soon as the government provides some evidence indicating that the detainee is a terrorist, then the government’s detention of him will be upheld and the courts will sustain the detention. And don’t forget the government’s argument: that in “war” the courts should defer to the wartime decisions of the commander in chief and his military.

Prior to 9/11, terrorism had always been considered a criminal offense. In fact, it’s still on the federal statute books as a criminal offense. That’s why, for example, terrorists such as Ramzi Yousef (the 1993 WTC terrorist), Timothy McVeigh (the Oklahoma City terrorist), and Zacharias Moussaoui (the 9/11 terrorist) were prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced in federal district court.

After 9/11, the president unilaterally adopted a new order of things here in the United States, without even the semblance of a constitutional amendment. From that point on, the president and the Pentagon would have the option of treating suspected terrorists, including Americans, as “enemy combatants” and treating them accordingly. Soon afterward, they established their torture and sex abuse camp for suspected terrorists in Cuba and later took an American citizen, Jose Padilla, into military custody as an “enemy combatant.”

Will Americans be concerned about the al-Marri decision? Not likely. Most of them will continue their sheep-like or ostrich-like way of life. The reason is that since the president and the military aren’t arresting Americans en masse and carting them into concentration centers, the standard attitude is, “Why worry?”

But if there is another big terrorist attack, then it is a virtual certainty that Americans will get to witness the full exercise of the power that has now been sustained by the Fourth Circuit. Orders for round-ups will be issued, and the troops will loyally and obediently follow those orders. In the midst of the fear and panic generated by such an attack, American sheep, both male and female, will not object to the round-ups of hundreds or thousands of American “terrorists” and “terrorist sympathizers.” For the sheep, the fear of being among those rounded up will be worse than the fear of “the terrorists.”

How will the Pentagon treat American “enemy combatants” in such a “crisis”? Well, just ask John Walker Lindh and Jose Padilla, two Americans who were tortured after being arrested. The fact is that U.S. personnel, both in the CIA and the military, view American “enemy combatants” in a much worse light than foreign “enemy combatants” because of the traitor aspect.

Given the decision in al-Marri, the government’s torture and sex abuse policy and its rendition policy now become more important for Americans. There is absolutely no reason that U.S. officials cannot treat American “enemy combatants” the same way they treat foreign enemy combatants. And everyone knows by now what they do to people they think are foreign “enemy combatants.”

Isn’t it amazing how the embrace of an imperial foreign policy can wreak such major changes in life at home? The president and his military go abroad and poke hornet’s nests. The hornets finally strike back. The retaliation enables the president and the military to revolutionize America’s judicial system through the unilateral assumption of omnipotent power over the citizenry by the president and the military. The courts uphold the assumption of power on the ground that the U.S. is now at “war” with the hornets, which attacked in the first place because the president and the military were poking their nests.

When will ordinary Americans finally start fighting back? When will they finally begin defending their own fundamental rights and liberties? When will they conquer their fears of both the government and “the terrorists”? When will they stop falling for the lies and deceptions? When will they finally begin behaving like men and women and not like sheep?