Saturday, July 06, 2013

Wimbledon Women's Final 2013; Sabine Lisicki Vs Marion Bartoli; 'Butterflies' and Tears

Marion Bartoli wins!

I actually found myself dripping with tears. It was so very difficult for me to take sides, they were such gorgeous and beautifully mannered girls. Marion so graceful in victory and Sabine wonderfully upright in defeat.

It broke my heart to see 'butterflies' ruin Sabine's game and to acknowledge how so very right Marion had been when she said she's been there before and hoped that between her and Sabine, perhaps, she would be the better to handle her nerves for that experience.

I completely agreed with Marion when she said to Sabine, not to worry, that her turn will surely come to win Wimbledon. Of that, she said "I am sure". Me too, and God willing I'd be there to watch her lift that trophy and share in her beautiful "Service with a smile!"

For now, they both have my very best wishes and congratulations. Very well done ladies.

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Sally Mills said...

Yes, quite so. Two very lovely ladies, no doubts about that.