Friday, July 05, 2013

Djokovic Vs Del Potro: Final before the Finals; Djokovic wins!

There is no other main event, the finals when it comes will be a walkover and terribly boring, unless we have Janowicz/Djokovic final which I here now predict. From what I have seen so far, Murray/Djokovic final will be a walkover and of no consequence; Djokovic will grind Murray into the green. Djokovic Vs Del Potro ended it all for me. The epic already happened and if you missed it, well, too bad.

Novak Djokovic won, yes, but l would have sure loved to see him play Del Potro without a nagging knee. They were both winners and the crowd knew it, there were no victors and no vanquished. It was simply a game we all waited a decade to see. Incomparable!!!


John Buccanan said...

I agree egoigwe, that game was a classic. And yes, i don't think a Djokovic/Murray final will be anything quite as good as it but I am sure the Brits are hoping that the stress of that game will afford Murray some kind of opportunity to reach for skies :)

Peter Mosley said...

And touch the skies he did :)