Saturday, September 29, 2007

EFCC ready for Madam Speaker

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EFCC ready for Madam Speaker

Following the reports of the House of Representatives N628 Million contract scam probe committee that indicted the leadership of the House, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is said to have indicated interest to prosecute all found wanting by the reports.

But the speaker in her desperate bid to remain in office, last night met with some top notch of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to begin a last minute move to save her job and avoid being prosecuted by the anti-graft body.

A very reliable source at the EFCC told over the phone that the body is currently studying the reports and would determine how to go about prosecuting those indicted in the contract scam.

"We have seen the reports and we are studying all the findings of the probe panel. As soon as we are done we would come up with how best to go about our business of prosecuting those involved." The source told over the phone.

The source who prefer to be anonymous said that "our job is to fight financial crimes anywhere found in Nigeria regardless of who is involved and we would not hesitate as soon as we study the report of the committee to invite those found guilty and charging them appropriately according to the laws of the land."

Asked if permission would have to be sought from the office of the Attorney General before it begins the process of prosecuting those involved in the contract scam, the EFCC official stated that "we are going to work within the laws that gave us the powers to prosecute anyone found in any form of financial crimes."

However, the Speaker, Mrs. Etteh has engaged the services of some lawyers to study the reports and advise her on the next line of action to save her from prosecution. Sources hinted that soon after she met with some leaders of the PDP last night over the reports, a team of lawyers led by a Senior Advocate of Nigeria whose name could not be ascertained as at the time of going to press were mandated to do a critical study of the reports and recommend to the speaker the next line of defence.

Earlier, while meeting with some PDP chieftains, Etteh was said to have been assured that the PDP caucus in the House would be persuaded in another meeting to be scheduled to save the Speaker from impeachment and prosecution.

A PDP source at the meeting told that "this is a family issue and we are going to find the best way to settle the issue and everyone would be happy at the end."

Without a doubt, Madam Speaker can sure use all the prayers and incantations she ever learnt how to recite... yup!

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Anonymous said...

She can pray and incant all she wants, the woman was always an accident waiting to happen and a rogue. The recent fisticuffs that occurred in the House is only a tip of the iceberg compared to what will follow if she decides to stay on in office against good advice. She should just shut-up and walk the walk.