Monday, November 06, 2006


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We ran to catch the sun,

We caught the rain!

We jumped to see how high,

We fell to earth!

We lived fulfill ourself,

We died instead!

We loved to have love,

We ended in hate!

We existed to have our pleasure,

We got a lot of pain!

We thought we would endure,

We were less than expected.

We saw the rainbow's end,

We found no gold!

We sought our future,

We found our past.

We expected our dreams true,

We only got old.

We wanted our life to be new,

We were disappointed.

We ran to catch the sun,

All we caught was cold!

Wm Clark Copyright c 3/77 All Rights Reserved


Winters' dream of summer roses, in ones mind quietly poses.

Questions deeply seated within the heart, of two, love without a start.

Love to be given, gotten, received, tried for heavens' gift not retrieved.

Quiet moments when reviewed, what has happened to me and you.

Where's the promise, yesterday's dream, left to wonder, plan and scheme.

Wilted, dead, unremembered, lying about the heart is scattered.

Broken ties and bindings lost, can one ever repay the cost?

Every dreamer dreams this way, one time or another we all will pay.

When the felons try to escape, failings around the attempts to reshape.

A vision holding the ambition, to win at love with no condition!

My good friend heed what I tell, Winter's dream can also be ones hell

Wm Clark 1/24/99 cr rr

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Sally Mills said...

Deep, very deep.