Wednesday, November 01, 2006


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There is a latent fundamentalism to all religions and governments that are bred from the fanaticism of thought and belief, even as it cuts both ways. True, it can be bred from very pure intentions and for the common good but what these ideals all carry in common are their tendencies toward extremism and a deep resentment for criticism, probity and examination. Seldom is religion ever about the Crescent and the Cross or even the odd shrine covered in sacrificial blood. Religion is the individual’s psychological DNA tree and like the thumb print, unique to them. It is what makes individuals the people they are, giving meaning to their lives... for better or worse.

Religious organizations, sects and cults are outlets for believers, best suited in their reckoning, for the expression or awakening of their inner selves. Socio-economic and political considerations are the only innate religion for everything human that breathes and fends. All other forms of religion are from man’s sense of surplus and abundance or the lack of it. It is from the religion of a fulfilled stomach that man sings his praises to his God and that of an empty one to doubt the essence of his creation and his God. I can assure you, there are no greater lunatics than the starving man and his diseased cousin perverted by obscene wealth.

The control of an individual’s mind through religion and government is the quest for absolute power and its acceptance is the reckless abandon of that individual’s soul and freedom to another. Governments and religions that capture the minds of individuals through the hypnotic vista of social illusion commit such individuals to eternal slavery and servitude. Their aspirations or goals can only be for a society of home-grown morons and zombies. A society contained by intellectual paralysis and installed of coterie fixation is diabolic tyranny quintessentially given.

It is my fear that Democracy walks towards this path of ignominy and as exemplified by the degradation of humanity which is made manifest by the foreign policies of most Western democracies. These policies lack a human face, and are deliberately so, because their home societies have failed to secure for themselves adequate systems that ensure the production and installation of leaders that reflect their dreams and goals. They have, as a result of this, perverted their systems of government and the larger global society influenced by them. They have cast Democracy, the very air that I breathe, into the grips of political extremism and my hankering dawn has become the emancipation of ‘democratic’ fundamentalism. My glorious dawn is now the verdict of a death sentence passed on everything I cherish and adore.


Carey Watson said...

Man! Am l hooked on this blog!! l have never had it so good, reading wise, in a long while. It is good to be free of personal agendas and propaganda for a change. l can see your good heart all through your posts Egoigwe, God bless and preserve you.

Betty Sinna said...

I always held that religion was just some sort of ancient mass control system that transcended the ages. It's really no different from other forms of government we espouse. It's good to see others thinking along those lines. Pastors, kings and presidents, no difference, just control freaks in different garbs.

Fred Mosley said...

Sorry, who's the author of this piece? Like in who wrote it.

Unknown said...

No attributions, no link says it's all me, dear Fred, with much love.