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The England Hypothesis: the Real Reason Behind The Autism Pandemic

According to the England Hypothesis, vaccine injury-induced autism is an intentional chemical manipulation used to create millions of worker drones – sterile, docile, unable to question the conditions handed to them for their lives, content with boring, repetitive tasks, placid, disposable and interchangeable. In short, autists are the ‘deltas’ and ‘epsilons’ of the brave New World Order toward which we are being herded through intentional social, political and genetic manipulation consistent with the genocidal aspirations of the globalists and their horrifying Agenda 21.

No one would wish an autistic child on his/her family. No one could harm a child intentionally to that extent. No one wants to see minds and lives destroyed. Right?

Wrong, according to the England Hypothesis.

According to the England Hypothesis, vaccine injury-induced autism is an intentional chemical manipulation used to create millions of worker drones – sterile, docile, unable to question the conditions handed to them for their lives, content with boring, repetitive tasks, placid, disposable and interchangeable. In short, autists are the ‘deltas’ and ‘epsilons’ of the brave New World Order toward which we are being herded through intentional social, political and genetic manipulation consistent with the genocidal aspirations of the globalists and their horrifying Agenda 21.

A moment of historical perspective is in order, since this has been in the works for a very long time.

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World was published in 1932. In that dystopian view of our future, babies were created to serve the state, raised in Hatcheries and Conditioning Centers, where they are divided into five castes, each designed to fulfill predetermined positions within the social and economic strata of the World State. Fetuses chosen to become members of the highest castes, ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’, are allowed to develop naturally while maturing to term in “decanting bottles”. Fetuses chosen to become members of the lower castes (‘Gamma’, ‘Delta’, ‘Epsilon’) are subjected to carefully designed specific chemical interference to cause arrested development in intelligence or physical growth.

High cast members are individuals since each ‘Alpha’ or ‘Beta’ is the product of one unique fertilized egg developing into one unique fetus. Members of lower castes are not unique but are interchangeable and disposable drones since large numbers are spawned from a single ovum.

We do not yet have decanting bottles and hatcheries in which to produce Genetically Modified babies. In our world, 2013, they are created with syringes. They are not called deltas and epsilons. They are called autistic people.

The England Hypothesis suddenly explains – and predicts, as any good hypothesis should – the otherwise inexplicable and currently mysterious.

It makes total sense out of the totally unscientific and irrational vigor with which world bodies support increasing numbers of highly toxic vaccines for every child, even before they are born, knowing full well that these children will be damaged – chemically altered – forever, but denying it with insane fervor. It also makes total sense out of the vicious and illogical attacks on those who call vaccines out for what they are: syringes of death, inefficient, inexact, illegal, uninsurable, disastrously dangerous and scientifically unsupported practice of vaccination.

Those who survive somewhat intact are intended for the bottom tier of the labor pool – the technicians and working prols keeping the Neo-Aristocrats clean, fed, mobile and entertained.

Some autistic people are employable. Some are not. But the ones who are make perfect technoids: happy with routine tasks, happy with predictable, controlled environments and lives, happy with limited aspirations and capable of docile, life-long passivity if their routine needs are met, eager to please and sometimes very good at highly linear tasks like programing.

So autism, we realize, thanks to the brilliant insight of our Dr. Rima Reports guest this week, Christina England (mother of two autistic vaccine injured adults) is a useful trait induced in a large number of children for their technician classes.

Let’s test this horrifying hypothesis against the known facts, shall we? Goldman Sachs this week announced the funding of a program to hire the autistic. The links at the end of this article take you to just a few of the programs now receiving funding and plaudits from globalists like Goldman Sachs and Bill Gates.

As Lord David Freud, a Member of the House of Lords, said in his speech on March 20, 2012,

…it makes good business sense to employ people who are reliable, punctual and loyal; people who have good attention to detail and concentration levels; people who have excellent problem solving skills and can be analytical, resourceful and creative. What good employer wouldn’t want an employee with those skills?

Indeed, what good employer would not? But what lengths would that good employer and his friends go to in order to make sure that there were plenty of people in that pool, plenty of deltas and plenty of epsilons?

The length of a syringe, perhaps. The England Hypothesis, to which I subscribe, says they would – and, horrifyingly, do. Millions and millions of times per day, all over the world.

Fox News reports that SAP, a huge German company which employs 65,000 programmers world-wide now want 10% of their programmers to be autistic persons. Justifying their interest in autistic programmers, Fox tells us “The multinationals both say they hope to harness the unique talents of autistic people as well as giving people previously marginalized in the workforce a chance to flourish in a job."

How nice. What about people with Spinal Bifida? Parkinson’s Disease? Cerebral Palsy, flipper limbs? harelip?

The propaganda is flowing, now that vaccine injured persons are reaching marketable age.

An article lauding a Goldman Sachs program to hire autistic persons says,

He is part of the most visible generation of young people with autism our society has ever known. Diagnosed early, this generation have been educated to expect not just a job when they leave school but a career on a par with their 'neuro-typical' contemporaries.

‘Neuro-typical’ sounds like Brave New World Order speak for Alphas and Betas.

There are Several Natural Solutions to this Horrid Plan for our Future

The FIRST, for those who are still neurologically intact, is not to vaccinate anyone with anything ever again. There are religious, medical and philosophical exemptions available to most of us. Getting them is burdensome, but autism, cancer and a life of pain and suffering is more burdensome.

The SECOND, for those who are already damaged, is to stop vaccinations now and forever more. None work, despite the propaganda, and all are dangerous. See the paragraph above. There are excellent lawyers and organizations who will help you gain an iron-clad exemption for your children and yourself.

The THIRD is to take this Action Item, VaccineRefuser, telling your decision makers that you absolutely reject forced vaccination or other drugging now and forever for every one of your family members and then commit to motivating at least 10 others to do the same and motivate 10 more, etc. Mass resistance is fertile, not futile.

And the FOURTH is to become an advocate for vaccine truth. Tell your friends, neighbors, church members, relatives, people in the supermarket checkout line, playground parents, co-workers, that you do not support vaccination and that you are a vaccine refuser as I am.

In fact, I invite you personally to send me a less than 1 minute video telling me why you are a vaccine refuser. Email it to me at We’ll create a Vaccine Refuser’s Wall of Fame and you’ll be there along with me.

Ultimately, vaccination is perhaps the clearest issue of health freedom or slavery.

Either you own your body and control what goes into it or you do not. Either you are a free person or one whose body belongs to someone else.

Either you control your genetic matrix or someone else has the right to alter it for their purposes.

Oh, by the way, your support of the Natural Solutions Foundation is essential.

You should donate now to keep health freedom free. We cannot do it without your support. Here’s the link Set up a generous recurring donation now. You should do this now.

Thank you.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

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The Dr. Rima Truth Reports Interview with Christia England
08.01.13 10 PM Eastern at – Studio B (Archive too)
- See more at:

Rima E. Laibow, MD, who is licensed to practice medicine in 3 states, has practiced drug free medicine and psychiatry for nearly 45 years. She is the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation,, the world's largest Health Freedom organization. Her email is

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Ray MD said...

Christine England and Dr. Rima, both amazing women by all measures of reckoning.

Derrik Littlewood said...

Now it really starts to add up and make good sense. I always figured that autism was lab manufactured just like all those other 'incurable' diseases too. I'm willing to bet cancer is too.

The question I had never found an answer too was WHY? England and Rima seem to provide the insight I've been searching for all my life.

My kid has been autistic all his life and I've spent all my life's earning searching for the 'miracle' cure. How can demons among us turn children into such zombies? Who do these monsters think they are?

It's incredible the unseen evil wars unleash upon us. Because long after the war is fought and won/lost, the diabolical experiments that ensures victory still continue in hidden labs around us. Guinea pigs are sought for their evil experiments and the bottom line is what we see here today.

Our world and humanity is in real big trouble.

Liam Persky said...

Thank you Derrick.

And just look at that debt clock that Egoigwi put up, thats how much of the world's collective resources that America has squandered building bunker busters and nuclear bombs plus for its indulgence in devilish research that has resulted in prior unknown afflictions such as AIDS, cancer, autism and God knows what else.

American governments (past and present) owes us all big time and should be made to cough up right about now.

Microhard said...

This is all so terribly frightening, how can men think so much evil? To what end? Just for the sick joy of enslaving us all?

They should all learn how to spell BOOMERANG! Yup, its coming back to get them where it really hurts. Thats my promise to them all.

Lester Wilde said...

You know what? When they sufficiently spread the growth and distribution of GM crops, I bet they are going to inject all sorts of causative viruses and what not into the DNA of these altered crops in pursuit of their dark globalist agenda.

What they will be capable of doing to us once they control our global food chain will outside the realms of human imagination. Now is the time to fight and push back before it's too late.

Pete Lansa said...

How did our world get to this? The England Hypothesis was a rude awakening for me. Actually, I've never had it so bad.

Im 74 now and always craved grandchildren. My daughter presented me with my 3rd grandchild last year and my home was filled with so much joy.

These days when I go to visit, I just sit there and stare at them thinking of the evil that's around and how they will all make out.

I go home and then the tears start to tumble down. How I wish I could share my deepest thoughts with my late wife, she always knew what to say to make it ok. She's gone now, taken out by cancer, one of those unknowns.

Faith B said...

What outstanding insight. Where would we be without folks like Rima and England? God bless y'all.

John Amoo said...

Something has gone terribly amiss with our world. Its like I woke up this morning reading this and wondering "Where have I been?"

There is just so much going on all around, we all miss the big picture. Everything we seem to know is a false flag to hide some other agenda.

The real agenda for me though is stuff the England Hypothesis lays bare for us to see. It terrifies me to know how far its gone and grown already.

Accra water said...

In my country Ghana, Kofi Annan, that treacherous wannabe globalist is busy corrupting our parliament to pass laws that will enable Monsanto a.k.a AGRA, to spread its filthy tentacles and poison around Africa.

What does Kofi Annan, a long suffering bureaucrat who found fortune and fame through marriage understand about agro-allied matters to be so vested in the promotion of GMO in Africa?

That long suffering clown does not realize he is a political disposable for Monsanto and will be thrown into the bin of history as soon as he's done wetting the ground around Africa for Monsanto and their devil seeds to flourish.

It is sad but Kofi Annan is a monumental disgrace to Africa and especially Ghana. And so are those local champion politicians seeking their 5 secs of fame by latching on to his coat tails and promoting evil they do not even understand.

Shame on you Kofi Annan!!!

Merie a o!!!