Monday, December 26, 2011

A Letter from Nigeria's children to its President

A Letter from Nigeria's children to its President

Child killed by a bomb at a Catholic church in Madalla, Niger state, Nigeria.

Dear Mr. President: We should say Merry Christmas but we are not your goverment, we are not in the business of deception. After almost ten hours of gathering your thoughts to speak on the bomb blasts that rocked the nation yesterday, you still fell short of your own very low standards.

What did you intend to say when you said Bomb Blasts are a burden we must live with? Why do you bother to budget over a trillion for security if we must live the burden of insecurity? How come you are still a president? We do not blame you, we blame our older ones who were stupid enough to think that where you come from and your religion was all you needed to be a competent president.

They are crying now. We all cried yesterday on the darkest Christmas day of our short lives.

While we cried and left Christmas postponed for another year, we watched as you danced your life away like there was no tomorrow. Is it true that all you care about is the fact that you are the president so whatever can happen should happen. Last night we prayed for you. We prayed that the white men should be able to make common sense so that we can budget for it and then you will have it in abundance. As it is, it is obvious sir that you are grossly lacking in common sense.

If you weren’t, you would never come out to tell a mourning nation that it should get ready to live with the burden of destruction and insecurity. That was utterly insensitive and even the dumbest of our mates, fellow Nigerian children would never descend that low to an unprecedented level of cluelessness.

Nigeria's grinning President and his Vice amidst his Christmas greeting splatter

We understand this is not a sane country, if this was a sane country, your ilk will not be in a job. Your security chiefs, yourself and your cabinet would have been throwing resignation letters left right and centre. But then, here is a place where people are satisfied with just being in positions, that they are clueless about what to do in such positions does not matter.

Mr. President, Boko Haram defeated you in 2011. What plans are you making for 2012? Do you realise they have since improved while your security tactics remain stop and search? Do you realise they are far more coordinated than ever before? Have you thought of engaging more intelligence in curbing this menace instead of just mere brute? Yes, you have issues with concentrating for long, why not budget for a concentrator? That way you are conditioned to at least focus on being the president of Nigeria instead of our national chief chef? You are wondering where that came from? It came from cassava bread sir. You chose the menu for 2012 but we hope you realise that Boko Haram certainly has a menu.

Please Mr. President, they will look to attack again in the New Year, do what you have never done before, get your security chiefs to prevent that by all means. Contrary to your assertion, we are not prepared to live with the burden of bomb blasts. Get yourself to work and stop excusing your inability to deal with Boko Haram on the premise that they are a necessity. What is that? If you cannot lead and be a president, help yourself and resign. Please take your vice-president along. You are a twin set of incompetence.

This letter has been written with kind words, not because we are in the mood to be nice to you but because we are children and respect is a value we want to live with but our lack of it sometimes is a burden you must live with as long as you force us to live with your Boko Haram burden.

We wrote you a letter on subsidy yesterday but we figured it would be better to send this before you get our other letter. As long as your cluelessness reigns supreme in this country, we will always remind you of our angst and stake in this nation. It is not by force to live in Aso Rock. So if you must, do the right things, say the right things and learn to get the basic things right.

The Bomb Blasts darkened our Christmas but your response dampened our mood even further. This is not the way to lead a people. If you need help, we will nominate one of us to offer you words of wisdom for free. As it is, you look overwhelmed by the mere job of providing security for Nigeria let alone the other duties you swore to carry out for Nigeria.

Action point: Sack yourself sir, and take Arc. Namadi Sambo along. It is a good place to start.

Association of Conscious Nigerian Children (ACNC)

Culled from Sahara Reporters

An Addendum: I was lucky to read up some interesting stuff at Aangirfan's site that threw more light on the goings-on in my country Nigeria. It is also amazing to learn from Aangirfan, that in countries such as Indonesia, millions of Muslims are protecting Christians and churches there. It would appear from all of this, that there is a pattern emerging in which Christians and churches are being targeted and destroyed world-wide. It is exceptionally reassuring that Indonesia provides us all with an example of what to do in situations such as my country today finds itself. It shouldn't only be Muslims protecting churches but Christians protecting mosques too, there is a good dose of those ever willing to commit these kinds of mayhem to be found in both religions. I am linking these stories up here for your continued reading as I find them most enlightening and worth reading.



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The Sage said...

Did he really say that?!?! Well, can't blame the kids for socking it to him :)

Cato said...

Whoa! Nigerian kids sure know how to design a black eye. Ouch! It must really hurt. hehehe

Alberto Diaz said...

What the hell is he grinning about? Didn't Nigerians just get massacred on Christmas morning? I don't think that'd be anything to grin about! Anyone see the humor in that, maybe I'm missing something.

Charles Levone said...

Get use to living with bombs in your churches, highway and backyards??? WHAT THE F$ck!!! Fire the dern fool!

Ladi Akinbola said...

In Nigeria, to borrow Mike Rivero's expression, it's unflipping believable!

Betty Sinna said...

And this from the giant of Africa, ha, thats a laugh!

Blackstar said...

Its like vomit and an eyesore.

Penny said...

Which finally brings me to Egoigwe...
Thanks for your comment, I did follow the link to that which breaks ones heart.

Your right, the picture is gruesome.
Someone's precious baby, mutilated and killed.
What could be more horrible for a parent to bear, then that loss?
I don't know?
As I looked at the picture, I noticed the woman holding the dead child, she looked both sad and resigned.

The letter written indicates that the problems in the West, of corrupted politicians, are the same problems of the African continent.
That is not really a surprise..

I am very sorry for the loss of life in Nigeria. I am as saddened to see it there as anywhere.

It could be a very different world, this I believe.
WE, the good and decent, the incorruptible have got to make it that way.
It won't take alot.
We all just have to take that first step and the momentum will increase exponentially.

"I wish you all life's goodness and God's grace in 2012 and through life's sojourn."

Thank You.
I return those good thoughts to you, in kind.

And, if you feel so inclined please stop by at any time and provide some insights into the situation in Nigeria. It helps the North American audience to be presented with a perspective not available on our disinfo/lying media.(mainstream media)

Unknown said...

Looks like the CIA and its friends; similar to Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods and year 2000 in Indonesia..

- Aangirfan

Unknown said...

My exact thoughts Aangirfan. Read up some interesting stuff on your site too which I hope you won't mind my linking to this post. They shed so much light on developing events in my country today. Thank you so much for visiting.

Kemi Abayomi said...

Ah ha! Moslems protecting Christians and churches in Indonesia should give everyone some food for thought but I doubt if this will deter these terrorists as they really don't care about who they slaughter, Moslems or Christians, all the same.

Abu Ibrahim said...

So true Kemi, for them it is even fatwa for any Muslim to protect 'infidels'. There is nothing they cannot justify with their perverted translation of the Quoran.

Frankenstein said...


Yazaki said...

Very scary world we live in... and getting scarier by the sec.