Friday, December 30, 2011

Frustrated Nigerian Announces Own Suicide on Facebook... then takes life.

Frustrated Nigerian Announces Own Suicide on Facebook... then takes life

His last posting on FB reads:

My xmas gift 2 u all is d news of my death. By d time u are reading this story i should ve being dead somewhere. Pple say i should get a job, save b4 achieving my enterpreneural dream. How do get a good job i can save from without my B sc result dat delsu has wickedly refused 2 issue me. I ve had failure in all aspect of life. I invested 10yrs for a Bsc yet Umukoro, Oboreh n Odirin ate it up. Any biz i run always fail usually due 2 DUEX EX MACHINE. Some say i need deliverance cos day say am cursed. Last month getting married was aborted though am an expecting father. I hate God 4 allowing d demons 2 continuously destroying my hardwork. @ this point i want 2 appreciate some pple. Mudiaga my elder bro, Pawon & Nehi my only true friends 4 always understanding me. Lastly my Unborn child ( omoovie ). Please show my unborn child Omoovie when born in 2012 some love, kindness n favour in anyway u can. I took the best decision cos i don't want to see my child suffer 4 me not 2 b tempted 2 take other persons' life. Did u say am a coward? 9ja, what a pple dwelling there. What are u doing 2 help that person that is stil alive?

Daino Ovie-Richy died on Christmas day, 2011. He was from East Ethiope in Delta State and was a 2009 graduate of Business Administration from Delta State University, Abraka. He was 30 years old and an expecting father. May his young soul find solace in God's place.

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Blackstar said...

Sad, terribly sad. This is really an indictment on the Government of Nigeria. That such a young can be found in this state of depression as to kill himself over wedding finances is indeed appalling.

Kemi Abayomi said...

This is the bane of my country, Nigeria. Kids graduate from school and their results are not released because some dirty corrupt lecturer wants some money first or needs to go to bed with some innocent girl. All this stress after their parents have scrounged around for money with which to pay their school fees.

When they do manage to get their results, one way or another, they can't find jobs and even if they qualify for one the boss needs to sleep with them first or a corrupt admin manager wants half their salaries for the first year that they work at the job. It just isn't easy out here.

Luscious said...

I have met a lot of beautiful Nigerians with very sad eyes... now I know why.

Abu Ibrahim said...

Aw, what a screaming shame and such a loss! My condolences.

Isabella Lorjiani said...

It's sad, very sad.