Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yar'Adua-Mgbe Oji kwe 1 of Nigeria

Mr President-Mgbe Oji Kwe 1 of Nigeria

I have no other choice in this matter but to capitulate to my good folks whose commentaries are here enclosed and rename Mr President as above. Thank you for the comments and do keep them coming-Ego.

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realistic joe said...

Oga egoigwe, before you called him 'Omeka Nnaya of Igboland 1' now you are calling him 'Aka ga tisa obodo 1 of Katsina state' what happened? Why have you changed now? Always remember, no matter your feelings, this man is today the President of our country, even if you do not respect him, respect that office because it is the office that represents all of us.

Celese said...

Ha ha , old boy, it is like na EFCC wahala wey bring brother egoigwe to change mind na. Thats why it is not good to have foolish people in your gov'ment, they will always give you a bad name. In this case, it is the AG that sparked the problem-i believe thats why the about turn from our bros.

Kelechi said...

I prefer "Odozi Obodo 1 of Nigeria". UMYA is a good man abeg, its not easy to govern Nigeria, our wahala too much, sabi sabi na him dey kill us. Egoigwe give the man a chance, he just landed, let him relax small.