Tuesday, August 07, 2007

As the cycle of corruption begins afresh

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As the cycle of corruption begins afresh, London Met may run into dead end over Ibori

London Metropolitan Police may run into a dead end in its investigation of former governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, THISDAY learnt last night.
The Southwark Crown Court in London, England, had granted the Met Police an order freezing the assets believed to be owned by Ibori. The assets were estimated to be between £20 million and £25 million.
The purchase of a new aircraft estimated at $20 million was also said to have been frozen by the court order.
However, information made available to THISDAY yesterday indicates that the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Chief Michael Andoaaka, is investigating how the Met Police got the powers to freeze Ibori’s suspected assets in the first instance.
“The Met Police are supposed to act on advice on request from the Attorney General, a source told THISDAY. “Who gave the advice with which they sought to freeze the assests? In the case of Chiefs Diepreye Alamieyeseigha and Joshua Dariye (former governors of Bayelsa and Plateau States respectively), the then Attorney-General, Chief Bayo Ojo, personally went to London to request the police to freeze the assets. Who gave the advice this time around?”
The procedural question was raised, according to our source, because the new AG denied writing the Met Police to make any request or share any advice on the said assets because he did not have the facts to make the request.
THISDAY was also informed last night that even though some of the frozen assets may have been owned by Ibori, there is “no evidence to suggest that he acquired those assets through corrupt activities. This is what EFCC has been investigating for the past two years without a major breakthrough”.

What are you pretending to investigate Mr Attorney-General, we both know that London Met was hand in glove with EFCC long before your advent. I don't particularly like you already and you are working your way down to become Nigeria's most despised character. It looks like you are definitely the one with a hidden agenda and clearly it would seem to serve your master well, who incidentally is the Governor that passed on your ministerial nomination... and we know who and the role he has played in seeking for clemency for rogue governors. Mr Blah, blah, blah... go tell it to the US marines


Dr PJ Collins said...

This man must be corrupt and his problem is premonition or reversed deja vu. He must have images of EFCC being in hot pursuit of him at the end of his tenure and so wants to castrate them before his own time comes.

He is Atiku's lawyer, ex-gov Audu's lawyer and lots more. He made his money defending criminals who raped my country silly, why is he on that seat? There must be a vested interest for him by virtue of his antecedents and a conflict of interest-it is impossible for this not to happen. He should be fired or reassigned, it is God's doing that he opened his foul mouth wide before events really began, now he has had his say and we will have our own. I am telling you that this man is dubious and he has been put there to achieve a certain agenda for evil forces that are bent on bringing UMYA down. He is a serious question mark for UMYA'S administration.

Amadi said...

I believe Yar'Adua will eventually fire this AG. I think there are more pressing problems first and that is why the action has not been taken yet.

I also think this AG is an undesirable element in Yar'Adua's administration and as such he is making it to look bad. For the simple fact that he has commercial ties with a lot of the people being prosecuted by his office is wrong and most unfortunate.

There are other people in our country that are eminently qualified to be in that position as well, so why must Yar'Adua retain such a controversial personality. I think it is a matter of time before he goes.