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Governor Alao Akala ineligible to hold office

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Governor Alao Akala ineligible to hold office

Contrary to public declarations to the effect that the current Governor of Oyo State, Chief Bayo Alao Akala served the Nigeria Police Force until September 1995 meritoriously, a document obtained by Saharareporters has put a lie to the claim.

Bayo Alao who recently only acquired a new name, “Akala” to cover up his ugly past was compulsorily retired from the Nigeria Police Force after he was found guilty of gross misconduct by an Administrative Panel of Inquiry set up by the Nigeria Police Force in 1995. He was then recommended for dismissal for reasons that were not disclosed by the letter of sack obtained by Saharareporters.

However, interventions the former Inspector General of Police, Sunday Adewusi to whom, Bayo Alao once served as Personal Assistant had his dismissal reduced to compulsory retirement.

The letter for the compulsory retirement was signed by J.A Obe (mni) who was the Secretary of the Nigerian Police Service Council. The letter with reference number PSA/s/88/V.3/149 which was dated September 7th 1995 stated inter alia:

"In view of the serious act of misconduct against you from which you have not exonerated yourself, the Head of State and Commander-In- Chief of the Armed Forces, after due consultation and deliberation, and as the appropriate authority in this regard, and in accordance with the provisions of the public officers (Special Provision) Decree No. 17 of 1984 has decided to compulsorily retire you in public interest".

As soon as Bayo Alao “Akala” was compulsorily retired as a Chief Superintendent of Police, he ran to Chief Afe Babalola, the Ibadan-based eminent lawyer and attorney to former President Olusegun Obasanjo to help him appeal to the head of state to lighten his punishment. In 1995, Chief Afe Babalola wrote to Gen. Sani Abacha to ask for pardon on behalf of Bayo Alao-Akala. Abacha refused.

According to sources in the police force, CSP C.A Alao, as he was then known, was never pardoned for his misconducts, which makes him ineligible to hold public office.

In private conversations with people conversant with his status as a dismissed police officer, Akala claims that his misconduct was associated with his support for Chief M.K.O Abiola over the clamor for the revalidation of the June 12, 2003 presidential elections that was annulled by the military. This claim is also a huge lie. Information that could not be immediately ascertained points to the fact that the former police officer was found with weapons used by armed robbers, he was investigated found guilty and dismissed from the police force.

When Saharareporters contacted the current Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro to release the documents relating to Bayo Alao's indictment to us he refused , instead he requested that we write to the police authorities requesting them to release the documents, something we know is impossible!

Saharareporters reached out to aides to Bayo Alao “Akala” to seek clarifications from him about his status. Mr. Diran Odeyemi who promised to check with Akala over the true situation of his retirement got back to us admitting that Bayo Alao was compulsorily retired from the police force for misconduct, when asked why his principal changed his last name after leaving the police, he said that it was necessary for political reasons, saying that “Akala” is the name of his big family compound in Ogbomoso.

Saharareporters also spoke to Chief Afe Babalola in London to confirm his involvement, he told Saharareporters to call him back at 8:00 PM London time to confirm if the letter of appeal sent to Abacha was written by him, according to him he had forgotten that he wrote such a letter.

We sent him a copy through his daughter’s e-mail as requested but he told us he didn’t get the e-mail when we called him the next day.

Click for Alao Akala's dismissal letter from the N.P.F (adobe)>

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