Thursday, May 17, 2007

Separating Europe from America

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Putin: Separating Europe from America

Only the personal press of the U.S. secretary of state and Russian president was present at their meeting. I saw Rice only when she was on her way out of the presidential residence. She was a little unsteady on the feet about the hour-long talks with the president. But not because she was exhausted by that difficult conversation.

No, Condy came staggering out of the residence at Novo-Ogarevo for a single reason: She was wearing such high high heels that she couldn't keep herself up there. She was wearing a subdued pantsuit. Together, they looked (to) me as if they had been borrowed from the set of a film about a naughty schoolgirl…

Rice looked pretty unhappy when she emerged, partially, probably, because of the several meters of steps she had to traverse in front of journalists to reach her car. And partially, obviously, because her conversation with the president gave her no reason for festivities either.

Several minutes later, Putin met with the German foreign minister, who had to wait in his car a little while Rice's Chevrolet Cabriolet pulled out. Russian protocol managers were so strict in showing the driver of the Chevrolet, and the minibus following it, that they were no longer in the right place that it became obvious that Rice was not a welcome guest at Novo-Ogarevo.

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