Friday, May 25, 2007

Critical Coincidences

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Critical Coincidences

I think the world is going through a paranoid shift.
There are more than a few questions we choose not to answer or confront,
ominous signs we’d rather ignore and critical coincidences that are branded
conspiracy theories. There is so much going on and not a prayer in hell, global
disruptions will go away any time soon. The feeling is that America
endangers the world with its wild quest for global dominance and territory,
especially today. All around the world, people believe she will do anything,
including blowing up our world to assert its leadership position. Quite a good
few are forever suspicious of her pronouncements. I am yet to find one
international conflict that does not have an American imprint on it. We find
her finger prints all over the place, from the financial to the political, war
and technology. But it is her technological advancements and an entrenched tendency
to conceal, most times, the negative impact of its researches on society that concerns
me the most here.

Why is America building and developing
better and more nuclear warheads? How much more can she possibly have? What
ever for? She already has enough to blow our world up several times over! The
foregoing questions may all be very pertinent but it isn’t always the
end-product of technology, the finished goods, which cause the greatest
damaged. Most finished goods do exactly what they are programmed to do; they
are all tested and controlled devices. It is the researches that produce these
finished goods which endanger humanity the most. There may be accurate
predictions on risk, damage and containment but even when accurate, they are
still essentially predictions and predictions do go wrong. Researches are bulk
experiments and experiments are based on educated guesses. There was a time
when the negative impacts of these researches on society were minimal and
tolerable laid next to the usefulness of their end-products; products that do
sometimes bring immense value to society. Not so today, what we find are that
technological advancements and researches have become a nightmare with no
useful purpose for the greater part of humanity. Funding for researches in
medicine, agriculture, physics and engineering only come when their
end-products are applied to frivolous uses or are excitingly dangerous and
decadent, and targeted at upscale markets. It is big business and profit that
persuades a fat grant or donations. I do not know words, today, that are more
cosmetic than donations and grants.

My concern affects me deeply and is what I call
technological eruptions. The growing trend in technological flexibility that
produces a universally rampant application, some ingeniously manipulated, and
which may and does lead to societal and environmental disasters. The biggest
culprits in this arena, surprisingly, is not the individual who experiments in
his private laboratory or garage workshop, no, his affinity to family and concerns
for his safety and well-being are immediate and visible. It is governments that
are the chief culprits here. They are, by their own leanings, detached and
maintain, at every given time, the materials and wherewithal to contain any
outbreaks that may occur in respect of faulty researches, for themselves and
families; they have immunized themselves against such gruesome disasters. They have
their eyes on things and know from information made available to them in
advance, the extent of risks involved and what the likely impact and damage will
be. They go to bed at night soundly, fortified by the knowledge that some vial
of antidote stands on the dresser. We, ordinary folks, go to bed at night in
the ignorant belief that our governments will act responsibly and when
inadvertently things do go wrong they would be man enough to say so and
evacuate us. This does not happen
because it exposes a dirty underbelly and admits to the fact that government was
irresponsible. The natural reaction is a cover-up.

Victoria Revay’s posts have had a telling effect on
me these past days and the most recent to awake a rude reality in me was some
kind of mysterious viral attack that contaminated and stunted tomatoes. There
are also several other mysterious stuff killing off marine and field life and
the general impression is that our earth is slowly dying. The first time I
checked it was bees dying and last time I heard it was fishes, now tomatoes. Add
‘natural’ disasters, melting ice caps, the ozone layer, pollution, AIDS …
that’s one fiery hell folks. What’s going on? Would we even know if a
biological or chemical attack was in progress? Of course not, because our
responsive and responsible governments wouldn’t want to throw us into a
frenzied panic. It is a critical coincidence for me that these occurrences are
happening at a time breakthroughs are being announced in hybrid germination and
botanical cloning. Rice that produces human proteins, better strain this and
better strain that. We are ever so quick to attribute most ‘natural’ occurrences
or phenomena to global warming et al but even if they are, it would not only be
a critical coincidence but a critical condition. Still, about the only things
worth a look-see by so-called responsible and responsive governments are
defense contracts and deployment. There is a serious deterioration in national
awareness and our civic responsibilities which include calling our governments
to order; a complete disconnect that shields them from probity. There are no
monitors that enable the effective scrutiny of government research or the
application of our money in that direction. What comes up against our
inquisitive probe is that vague and non-definitive stamp called ‘Top Secret’; a
shield that encases these experiments and their fall-outs in an impregnable fog
and shrouds their activities in mystery.

It is this mystery and the ‘lawful’ excuses which
government has so artful brought us to craft into laws that deny us true knowledge of the actual state of affairs in government research laboratories and to what uses their end-products will be applied or are being applied. These days we only seem to
learn about them when they are already operational and in the field. No longer
do we witness the fanfare and ceremonies that announce and celebrate these
breakthroughs. This absence can only be due to the fact that government
research has become intensively clandestine and of no value to their immediate
society. Inventors, researchers and whole clinical units are hostages that live
and expire on some industrial complex. Today, technological advances are geared
towards warfare and they come in all descriptions; bacterial, chemical,
nuclear, biological, technological and even cosmological. The deaths they usher
in are mere conventions that advertise and surge a frenzy for the acquisition
and use of that latest innovation on display; a display which rewards its
manufacturers with increased sales and profit. And would those individuals that
own and operate these innovations happen to be the richest men on our planet or
the fore-runners of a new world order? You decide. Yes or no, one fact stands
out glaringly, these innovations are all devices that run to one end, to wit; monitor,
control and contain targeted social units. Isn’t it such a critical coincidence
that we are still all here?

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