Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Inauguration of Illegitimacy

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The Inauguration of Illegitimacy

On the 29th of May, 2007, the bovine Caligula that tyrannizes Nigeria at the moment; in association with the thieves that rule us, their camp followers and retinue of sycophants will convoke all resources at their disposal to ensure the successful inauguration of illegitimacy. On this black Monday (Tuesday), Nigerians will watch in an admixture of civic timidity and postural inaction, as Umaru Yar adua, dressed in the borrowed robes of congenital illegitimacy is sworn in to the presidency on a stolen mandate. On this day, monumental fraud will be installed as the basis of our national legitimacy. It will be a black Monday (Tuesday). On this godforsaken day, Nigerians will once again witness the triumph of audacious impunity. We will complain to our pillows, make noise in the beer parlours, and go back to our various holes with our heads bowed, as our rendezvous with greatness is once more postponed indefinitely; buried once more by the treacherous debauchery and visionlessness of a mad emperor awaiting the resurrection that can only be engineered by the righteous anger of an oppressed people.

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