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35 million Nigerians couldn't have voted, Q.E.D

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35 million Nigerians couldn't have voted, Q.E.D


AIVT – is Average Individual Voting Time (time taken by a Voter through Voting process at their turn in queue (i.e. from having their name checked by the Presiding Officer in the Voter list; collecting ballot papers of Reps, Senate and Presidential; moving to the polling booth; ascertain Candidates; thumping the ballots; wrapping and dropping in the Ballot Box; coming back for indelible ink to taking back their voter card (my AIVT is 2 minutes after several practical reconstruction of voting process).

TVC – is Total Vote Cast, which is 35,365,752 by INEC, Ref: Thisday Newspaper of 29th April.

NOPUN – is Number Of Polling Units in Nigeria, which is 120,000 units.
VT – is Voting Time
Lets apply AIVT X TVC ÷ NOPUN

Therefore: 2 Minutes x 35,365,752 = 70,731,504 minutes

70,731,504 minutes / 120,000 Polling Units = 589.4292minutes (9.82 hourrs) for each polling unit

This means it would have taken 9.8 hrs of non-stop or perhaps automated voting in all the 120,000 polling units to arrive at INEC’s figures. And INEC’s official time allotted for voting was from 10am to 5pm which is 7 hrs. Therefore, 9.8 hrs – 7 hrs = 2.8 hrs, isn't this official cheating by INEC?

Figures of official voting for 7 hrs = 25,200,000 but INEC got 35,365,752 Votes. There is difference of 10,165,752 votes. How? This computation does not include void votes it is based on hitch free, smooth like automated voting of one person at 2 minutes interval for 7 hrs in all the 120,000 polling units in the country. It also discounted scuffles at polling stations, party agents challenged to voters’ eligibility, running away with ballot boxes as witnessed, police intervention, weather (e.g rain, storm, and any other natural disturbances), late arrival of materials – but just in the Sprit of all things being equal!

AIVT at 3 minutes will give you 14 hrs of voting time as against 7 hrs of INEC with TVC of only 16,800,000 as against INEC’s 35,365,752. A whooping difference of 18,565,752.These marked differences must have been through other means but certainly not through normal voting.

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