Thursday, August 02, 2012

Easy rider: This biker practically has the road to himself.

Incredible: London Bridge Underground station was also totally clear during the supposed rush hour

Quiet: Streets in the central shopping area of Greenwich looked almost deserted as the final stages of the team equestrian event got under way

London City; vehicle barren

A usually heavily congested Blackwall Approach is virtually deserted

Roomy: Pedestrians walk on the pavement but there was a surprising lack of cars on London Bridge at 2pm

This shows the A4 close to Earl's Court

Empty: The scene on Millbank, outside Westminster Palace, at 6pm, when the roads are normally congested

This picture shows an empty Spitalfields Market during lunchtime

Worrying: Restaurants in Covent Garden are suffering a down turn in trade as customers stay away from the area

Clear run: Despite a packed Games schedule coinciding with the start of the working week, London's usually packed roads were at times as empty as they are on Christmas Day

Subdued: The normally bustling Carnaby Street in London's Soho has looked very different since the Olympics began at the weekend

Open: Westminster Bridge appears almost empty of pedestrians and vehicles during morning rush hour in central London

Central reservations: Foreign visitors in Trafalgar Square, with the National Gallery in the background. Major attractions have reported a fall in attendance around the Olympic period

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