Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Nigeria's 911: The Dana Air Crash, the Terrorist Act of Indian negligence


Our Dearly Departed; the Beautiful ones

The Anyaenes; Father, mother, sister, four kids, two cousins and a mother-in-law.

Two sisters, Jennifer and Anita Onita, visiting from the US for a wedding

Ijeoma; enroute Lagos

Some crew members of ill-fated flight

Cabin crew

Uche; Cabin crew member

All, without exception, reduced to body bags

At times like this, words fail me. And even if they didn't my thoughts, but for the following, are best left unspoken. May all their precious souls rock in God's place as they depart this wicked world for the Divine Warmth of His Bosom.

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Zaki Ahmadu said...

May they find peace and their families the strength to carry on.