Thursday, May 17, 2012

What the West is not showing about Iran

The West would have us believe that the whole of Iran is a glorified village dripping with long-bearded Mullahs, crawling out from the cracks of barns and thatched roofs, sharing dirty floors with goats and cattle. Well, see for yourself, the Majesty of Iran.
... and behold the long-bearded Mullahs that dwell therein
In Iran you don't look over your shoulders scared stiff that some mugger is going to jump you or that you'll get shot by some roving gangs or stray into their cross-hair. Iranians live more beautifully than any one Western nation you may care to imagine. They are happy and content and do not lust after Western frills. They are not encumbered by capitalistic demons and usury, all they ask is to be left alone to lead their lives in peace, no more no less... and it is a beautiful life that they live, full of respect for themselves and their neighbours.
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Danielle Sweeney said...

Wow! I can see now why Israel is green with envy and desperate to destroy this exceedingly beautiful country. They know they'll never get to be like Iran. We mustn't let those mad men in Tel Aviv get anywhere near Iran, we must rise against Israel with one voice and the time is now!

Betty Sinna said...

So very pretty! What city is this Egoigwe?

Unknown said...

Most shots of Tehran, Iran's capital city, Betty.

Marie Agnew said...

The so-called West just makes me sick to the marrows.

Sally Mills said...

This country is awesome! I can see why there is a need for nuclear power, the infrastructure is massive. Little wonder Nethanyahu is foaming in the mouth and going mad.