Sunday, July 11, 2010

What has BP done to our world, what have they done?!!!

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What has BP done to our world, what have they done?!!!

(below)Dead baby fishes like sand on the beach, this carpet of dead fishes covers the water surface completely so that the underlying water is totally hidden from view

(below)More of the same spewed all about.

(below)The Mississippi Delta coated in oil.

Oil Waves

Oil Surfing

Now, imagine this:

Oil rig owner has made $270 million off the oil leak

Transocean Ltd., the owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig leased by BP, has been flying under the radar in the mainstream blame game. The world's largest offshore drilling contractor, the company is conveniently headquartered in corporate-friendly Switzerland, and it's no stranger to oil disasters. In 1979, an oil well it was drilling in the very same Gulf of Mexico ignited, sending the drill platform into the sea and causing one of the largest oil spills by the time it was capped... nine months later.

This experience undoubtedly influenced Transocean's decision to insure the Deepwater Horizon rig for about twice what it was worth. In a conference call to analysts earlier this month, Transocean reported making a $270 million profit from insurance payouts after the disaster. It's not hard to bet on failure when you know it's somewhat assured.

...and this:

Rich and Powerful Elites Throw Party Bash for BP CEO Tony Hayward

It can’t get much more disgusting than this. At the moment that tens of thousands of people are seeing their jobs, livelihoods, small businesses and way of life ruined, when a pristine environment has been destroyed has been shattered, BP’s Tony Hayward flew to London for a big party organized on June 7 at BP’s headquarters by the company’s ultra-rich and powerful supporters.

A party of the British elite to salute Tony Hayward and BP? Can that be for real?

The elites came to have fun and show support for Hayward, who was described as “a man of steel.” It was an interesting and revealing mix of the British and European upper classes. The head of the British Intelligence Agency, MI6 was there. So too was Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao and advertising mogul Sir Martin Sorrell, who made a neat $20 million last year—more than $380,000 each week or $54,000 every day.

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Judy A said...

Oh. I just cried and cried, thought I was dead already.

Luka said...

Heavens! What's going on here? Is this real! What's up with this?

Logana said...

Getting everyone I know to sign that petition-seize BP, it's the right thing to do!

Sad Sam said...

poster 3; just did too. Looking at those pictures just broke my old heart.

Florida rising said...


GI Joe said...

What to do-kick Obama out, along with all those Capital hill USraelis.

Santos said...

If I had doubts about the scriptures, they don't exist anymore.

Steptoe said...

If only I had a hammer big enough...