Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pedophile Nigerian Senator quizzed by Anti-Human trafficking Agency

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Pedophile Nigerian Senator quizzed by Anti-Human trafficking Agency

Embattled Nigerian Senator, former Zamfara State governor and champion of Sharia law, Sani Ahmed Yerima, has been arrested by the National Agency for Prohibition and Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIP), for marrying an Egyptian minor. The senator was invited to the office of the agency at Zone 5 in Abuja earlier today. Yerima was interrogated for about two hours before he was later released on personal recognizance. Yerima, who has other wives, has been in worldwide hot water recently for adding a 13 year-old Egyptian girl, believed to be a daughter of his limousine driver in Cairo, to his haul. His despicable action has attracted local and international condemnation from women groups and members of the Nigerian Senate. But Yerima, shameless, has tried to justify his behaviour as being in line with Islam.

The former governor has faced protests from women's groups in Nigeria, including the North.


sting said...

What is it with demented old men and kids? I think it's an affliction that starts above 50, no? Sick!

Drew Powers said...

Definitely Sting, I think the problem starts when they can't get it up any more or lack the stamina to pleasure some woman of their dreams. Rather crawl up and die, they spread their sick dementia hurting innocent kids who they purchase, as in this instance, for a pittance.

Pedophiles should be stood up and shot in the head against some wall. Especially priests that prey children.

Anonymous said...

How you doing Ego? Have a great time over the holiday period, Compliments of the season.
Enjoyed your timely and informative blogs.

Unknown said...

Glad you could visit, good buddy, see you're winning all those chess tourneys huh? If you ever need room for all those trophies, send some along :) That'll be for safe keeping LoL!