Monday, March 01, 2010

A time to be born and a time to die... a time to say good bye

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A time to be born and a time to die... a time to say good bye

In the last couple of months, Nigeria has gone through some serious humiliation on the international stage, prominent amongst which were the adventures of the so-called crotch-bomber and the 'disappearance' of our ailing president from office and country. On this list of national humiliation are also the pilfering tendencies of one of Nigeria's Delta region governors, James Onanafe Ibori and that of our notoriously corrupt Attorney-General (whose whereabouts are now unknown), Michael Kasse Aondoakaa. The events that have furnished Nigeria with a seat on this table of humiliation have been so bizarre and confounding that they evade description.

On the 23rd of November, 2009, President Umaru Yar'Adua took ill and was flown out for treatment to Saudi Arabia, a country to which a good number of Nigerian doctors had been co-opted into their national service. Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, our ailing president quite literally vanished off the face of the earth. Neither members of our National Assembly, ministers, his Party leadership or even his Vice had any information as to his whereabouts. None had seen or spoken to him either during this period. The Saudi Arabian Royalty and doctors were not forth coming with press statements that would have helped reassure the vast majority of Nigerians as to his whereabouts and safety. The only ones who knew about his whereabouts were not talking either. His wife, Turai, his CSO, some trusted personal aides and the Nigerian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia were the people said to know where Mr President was. It has been alleged that they were put under an oath of secrecy by Mr President's wife, Turai, to ensure that his whereabouts remained unknown. But why?

Emerging evidence now seem to indicate that reasons for this secrecy was to enable them conspire in a bid to usurp power. For instance, it has now emerged that Mr President had all along been in a vegetative state and incapable of function, yet it was claimed by these parties that he signed Nigeria's prevailing budget and issued a string of orders from his sick bed. In the period that he had been absent from office, a number of top oil blocks have been sold and stupendous funds pocketed in the process. Some ministers had functioned without authority and oversight, drawing from their ministerial budgets, untold sums that are yet to be accounted for.

Mr President's two daughters who are married to governors from the Northern States are publicly fighting over which of their governor-husbands will be anointed by their mother to the position of Vice President-this is as their father lies comatose in an Ambulance in Abuja, Nigeria's capital. Soldiers were deployed to the streets of Abuja without presidential permission upon Yar'Adua's return to Nigeria last week triggering fears of a military coup across the nation. But it is merely assumed that Mr President did returned as nobody till date has set eyes on him, including his Vice, Goodluck Jonathan.

The crucial factor in all of this however, has been to manufacture confusion and uncertainty in a desperate bid to keep Goodluck Jonathan, a Southerner and Christian, from assuming power as Acting President and Commander-In-Chief of Nigeria's Armed Forces and in the process maintain a stranglehold on the economic and political processes in Nigeria. The calculation and construct of that diabolical scheme was to fail as funds deployed for upstaging Jonathan got embezzled and foot soldiers who got to learn about the true state of Yar'Adua's health condition deserted the field leaving Turai and her kitchen cabinet in the lurch. To forestall moves aimed at impeaching Yar'Adua and evicting him from office disgracefully, his wife, Turai, was forced to bring him home and dump him in an ambulance at the car park of Aso Rock villa, Nigeria's presidential address. Today, is reporting that "There were indications at the weekend that Turai Yar’Adua and her gang may have decided to move her terminally ill husband to their Katsina home, since his doctors at the Saudi Hospital had told them he has few weeks to live."

Well, there comes a time to be born and a time to die... a time to say good bye, but how I wish his wife and gang had the fortitude to make his exit from life and office more befitting and less painful. If and when such a time does come, I say good bye Umaru and may you find solace in the bosom of our Adorable Heavenly father.


Dale Grosvernor said...

Pathetic, so very pathetic

Cindy Palais said...

So sad! How could the wife let them abandon him in a car park? Why? Whatever for?

Prem Naidoo said...

Tear jerker. Cruel. I would not treat my dog the way the man was treated.

Sadoka Bonn said...

Did they say he was Nigeria's president or did I miss something-incredible! Isn't this country supposed to Africa's giant, it's numero uno country? Is this some sick joke???

Martha Mengele said...

He does look very ill. I think he should have been treated much better by his wife though but leaving him out in a car park is just hard to bear.

Louise Angelli said...

He must have done something terribly bad to her. It's like she wished him dead!

Agape said...

Is that really him? Oil-rich Nigeria's president??? Wow!