Sunday, May 25, 2008

Anti-semitism; a Jewish fraud?

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Anti-Semitism; a Jewish fraud?

When you have built a house of cards, it is important that none of the cards is removed or of course the house will fall. Lets say for example you represent that the ace of spades in your deck is that the Jews of Modern Israel are somehow genetically related to the Judeans of the Bible. For this reason you assert a claim to Palestine. The king of clubs that Palestine was a land without a people and that modern Jews were a people without a land(pay no attention to those refugee camps). The queen of hearts that your people are long suffering, even more than the run of the mill person burned at the stake for not embracing Jesus in the Middle Ages. The jack of diamonds that Israel sitting on it's nuclear stockpile and modern weaponry provided by its American benefactor is somehow threatened by it's neighbors. And well you get the idea. If anyone challenges any of these assertions you have a problem. You need a term that will strike terror in the hearts of any of those who would actually challenge your fraudulent assertions. A term that would come to represent something far worse than racism, murder, rape or child molesting. That term....anti-Semitism. Only with control of the printing presses(publishing houses), air waves(all television networks) and the big screen(Hollywood of course) however can you conceal the fraud of all frauds. You have stolen another's religion, identity, land and other property and hell now you even now claim the falafel as your own. If you are now squirming in your chair after reading this post, congratulations your Zionist socialization is complete. Oh and one more thing. You cannot be a patriotic American if you don't love Israel.

The term anti-Semitism is just one more fraudulent card in Israel's house of cards. The term Semite is a reference to those who speak Semitic languages( Arabic dialects e.g. Hebrew Aramaic, etc.) Most of the original inhabitants of modern Israel spoke Yiddish, their native Eastern European tongue(where they ended up after their diaspora from Khazaria). The original Semites of Palestine (the real ancestors of Jesus) are now being brutalized, oppressed and ethnically cleansed from their homeland by a group of White Eastern European Pretenders (white people just like many of the rest of us but with a different set of religious delusions). But if you notice you are an "anti-Semite". Do you see how it works now?

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