Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Bush Connection?

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The Bush Connection?

In the following memorandum from the J. Edgar Hoover, we see that the information about anti-Cuban activity, which was supposedly the motivation for Oswald, was given verbally to Hoover by none other than George Bush!

Many people involved in this crime were highly successful in the years that followed. It was the reward for their complicity and silence. Nixon and Bush (Senior) went on to become President. Hoover continued his position and avoided revealing his homosexuality. Gerald Ford, appointed to the Warren Commission by Lyndon Johnson, that found Oswald the "lone crazy shooter," also eventually became President. The Hunt Oil Company stands to benefit from the the new war in Iraq. Bush senior became head of the Carlyle Group, a cabal of arms and weapons dealers profiting from the war on terror... And Robert Kennedy, the Attorney General who likely knew what really happened - was himself assassinated on the brink of continuing the policies of his brother, JFK.

Has anything changed? Do we have wars to maintain a Military Industrial economy? Does the government keep huge secrets from the people? Do corruption and evil get rewarded? Is the Pope an ex-Nazi? You tell me...


Unknown to the general American public and never mentioned in history books is the fact that a Texas Grand Jury has officially indicted and found Lyndon Johnson guilty as a co-conspirator (from his association with Malcolm Wallace, Billie Sol Estes and Edward Clark) in the following nine (9) murders:

* The killing of Henry Marshall (the Agriculture Secretary)
* The killing of George Krutelnik (an FBI informant who worked for Estes)
* The killing of Ike Rogers and his secretary
* The killing of Harold Orr (an FBI informant who worked for Estes)
* The killing of Coleman Wade (an FBI informant who wqorked for Estes)
* The killing of Josefa Johnson (LBJ's own sister!)
* The killing of John Kinser (Josefa's boyfriend)
* The killing of President John Kennedy


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Anonymous said...

If there is a Bush connect I believe every word of it-that evil family is capable of anything!