Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What would you like for weather today, Sir?

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What would you like for weather today, Sir?

There are various methods used to control our weather in western Nations, unknown to us, in our so-called democracy! Last winter, it almost didn't snow in the East coast, and everyone realised the graveness of global warming, till some mysterious snow storms suddenly came that way. These storms are most evidently manipulative storms created by the weather diversion and manipulation methods below.

Many NGOs are observing this and complaining about it, but no legislature is in place in the US for instance, and nothing is done against this very serious issue of intentional weather manipualtion..

Last year for instance, high pressure domes created, doppler radar and other methods were possibly used to drive severe hurricanes away from landing on the US, hence we can easily imagine that the US hurricanes were diverted to unfortunate neighboring Nations, and much greater permanent consequences of weather tampering were created.

"..Fitrakis: We are at least supposed to live in a democracy and this stuff is all being done secretly. It's also being done without environmental impact statements and if the government is developing military warfare systems to dominate the globe through full spectrum dominance. We need to know, that's a policy decision. We need to know if we're moving toward a Roman style imperial world conquest and what's that going to cost and what's that going to cost to our health? What's that going to cost to our neighbors and our children.

One symptom of this Roman style imperial conquest is the domination of clear blue sky worldwide mainly over North America, Australia, Great Britain and Europe. As a result, each year less light reaches the surface of the Earth. Truly clear blue skies have been a rare sight as persistent contrails from aircraft exhaust and NATO aerosol programs have virtually dimmed incoming sunlight.

Tens of thousands have documented this airborne spraying. To be clear we're not talking about the normal condensation contrails that quickly disperse. And not the normal contrails that sometimes persist in the sky, because of one or more variables such as temperature difference, the change from JP-4 to JP10 aircraft fuel or design styles of jet engines..."
in the United States in the middle nineties and as more money has come into this project and the weather has gotten more severe, you see more and more planes active, especially ahead of a front.

This attempt to steer jet streams and large storms works in conjunction with HAARP and chemtrail marking. "HAARP" "High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project". An array of antennas located 200 miles northeast of Anchorage, Alaska. 360 towers, 72 feet high that direct high-frequency rays into the ionosphere.

Researchers say this focused energy will lift an area of the ionosphere miles into space, where then a vacuum is created and filled in by surrounding atmosphere. This can not only change weather say researchers but HAARP also has the power to create storm-related catastrophes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.In terms of moving storm fronts, scientists can monitor by weather satellite where the jet aircraft are marking aerosol trails and direct energy beams to nudge the storm front. Jerry Smith author of the recently published book, Weather Warfare says a combination is also at work. Doppler radar and HAARP are used together to influence weather..

"... Smith: There is evidence that Doppler radar does not merely illuminate clouds but actually affects the charges of clouds and that by how you stroke the clouds with radars is one way that you can manipulate and massage a storm front. Now, it looks like HAARP is being used to pull Arctic air down and the Dopplers are being used to drive moist air up. This produces storm fronts. With storm fronts you can drive temperatures down.

Smith says the process can be reversed in the summer so that cold air is pushed further north. This is civilian weather modification of which many benefit including heating oil companies says Smith. He says with this technology, high pressure zones can be maneuvered into place with large scale effect.

Smith: Another aspect of this is the hurricanes. There's evidence that an artificial high pressure was created during the 2006 hurricane season. So as to be a force field if you will, to keep the hurricanes from making landfall. If you noticed, not one hurricane made landfall in the US, compared to 2005 when an unprecedented number of hurricanes succeeded in making landfall.

Can't you just hear the butler to the English gentleman:I think you'll look just great in that new blazer Sir and I've made sure the weather will be just right for it!

I just love these guys!

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