Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The kid-servant in the Villa

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How President Obasanjo's Servants lived at the Villa.

The above picture was taken by Dare Obasanjo, one of Ex-President Obasanjo's sons amongst many. The picture’s caption (as written by Dare) reads:

“One of the servants sitting down on the bed of his one room apartment. You can see the entire apartment in this shot.”

I can see the entire tiny room but an apartment, hell No! Do you see a bed? Methinks, I can only see one flattened mattress and a few scruffy looking clothes. I can also see one tired, scared looking boy terrified to death. Emaciated and severely depressed, cowering in a corner. What I don't get is why this poor kid's picture had to make the presidential album? Come to think of it, he gets to share space with the likes of Bill Clinton and George Bush or doesn't he? And what's with this "one of our servants... " stuff? I would be ashamed of anyone whose domestic help looked like that! The picture of that boy tells a deep story that goes to the root of the malaise Nigeria is afflicted with; a malaise that flows forth from the kind of leaders that can reduce youths to the type on showing here, courtesy Dare Obasanjo... and please put some drapes on that window! Geez!!!!

Please meet Dare Obasanjo (pictured above) one, amongst many, of ex-President Obasanjo's sons. "Like father like son" is an indisputable descriptive given. Now, look at that T-shirt and tell me what you think? Talk about indisputable descriptive givens! Any wonder the kid-servant in the picture looks so terrified? I bet there's a sign somewhere that says "Danger: Gorillas on the loose! You have been warned!"

All I can think of is a school bully I once knew.

Recommended gorilla drink, a glass of swine.

See here; Discourse between a Gorilla and Nigerians.


Obi-Akpere said...

What an ugly sight; this is not good in the least. It is terrible and unbelievable yet true. Inhumanity by man to man; this is morally wrong of Obasanjo and his family– this is an abuse that shouldn’t go unpunished.

Rasaki said...

Na breeze blow we come see fowl yash ... olofofo jankara family.