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Taking three to tango... ?

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Taking three to tango... or the whole house?

At center of picture is Justice R.D.Mohammed who is presiding Judge in the matter between Amaechi Vs INEC, PDP, Omehia. A day after his the ruling for stay of proceedings in the matter, he was in PH with Dr. and Justice Odili for the Valedictory speech of Gov. Odili.

What on earth were they all thinking? Without a doubt, wouldn't Dr. and Justice Odili be considered interested parties to that case? For the same reason that it would be considered unethical for Justice Odili to preside over Amaechi's matter at the Court of Appeal is the same reason that it would appear to be unethical for Justice Mohammed to attend her husband's party. And considering how Odili has been rooting for Omehia to please 'Baba'? What is their relationship? Well, all I can say is whatever it is, it reeks of Ghana-must-go.

And then this

Dateline: Port Harcourt, May 26, 2007. A grand valedictory party was organised in honour of Dr. Peter Odili, a man who had for eight years governed Rivers State and in the process emerged as the political leader of the oil-rich state. With his wide political contacts which made him a front-runner for the presidency last December, it was expected that a send-forth party for Odili would attract the who-is-who in the country. However, the occassion witnessed a group of unexpected dignitaries- justices of the nation's highest court, the Supreme Court. The judges were led by the otherwise recluse Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi. Kutigi's two predecessors, retired Justices Muhammadu Uwais and Alfa Modibbo Belgore were also there. Though many may not see anything untoward in the presence of their lordships at such a gathering particularly since the wife of the man being celebrated is a Justice of the Court of Appeal, but when you view the nature of the party, the calling of the man being celebrated and what later happened, you will see that the justices probably should simply have sent their best wishes to Odili and his wife and not physically exposed themselves to such an obviously partisan gathering.
As expected, their lordships were seated at an elevated part of the hall. And in that hall were so many people, most of them members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Then, in his address to the gathering, Odili announced that he was handing over the governance of River State to a competent successor. And the hall erupted in applause. As if it was planned, the TV camera panned to their lordships and they were caught clapping like the partisans acknowledging the departing governor's praise for the in-coming governor, Chief Celestine Omehia. This scenario would make more meaning if one realises that Omehia's election is currently being challenged at the Supreme Court by Chief Rotimi Amechi, former speaker of the state House of Assembly who believes his removal as PDP gubernatorial candidate was improper-Culled from ThisDay newspaper, Monday, 11 June 2007

Didn't some wise man once say, justice must not only be done but must be manifestly seen to be done?

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