Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Capitol pursuit and pictures that that tell another story

Use your windows photo viewer to enlarge the above photographs of Miriam Carey's Infiniti. It sure looks pretty clean for a car that 'rammed' into steel barricades. I couldn't find a scratch on the front bumper or drooping underlays beneath its engine. No broken front lights or shattered front windscreen. The front grill is still in perfect allignment. That car is clean as if it belonged in some car shop!

Now, compare Miriam Carey's Infiniti front view with that of this brand new one above. Any difference?

Above, the police cruiser Miriam Carey rear-ended her Infiniti into. Look at that damage, it's as if some kind of explosive was applied. Tyres completely sheared off undercarriage, doors shoved way above confines. That side of the police cruiser seen in the photograph is completely totalled.

Above, the rear end of Miriam Carey's Infiniti. How is it possible that this same car caused such massive damage to the police cruiser pictured above and remained so cohesive and intact? In this picture, one can see the steel or iron barricades (painted black) towards the front of the car. How does one ram into them and still retain a perfectly aligned front grill with brand logo firmly attached?

Why is the car not set upon the barricades? Did the impact against the barricades push it all the way back? How so and yet there are no signs of such powerful delivery to front of the car?

One broken rear-light, a near-perfectly hinged rear bumper. Not even a screw was knocked off the rear registration plate. The booth lid, Infiniti logo and name tag, rear registration plates are all in perfect symmetry. Not one crease or crumple.

Like most modern Japanese and South Korean cars, front and rear bumper covers are attached to underlays with plastic clips that are designed to break off and unhinge on the slightest impact. Front and rear bumper casts are covered with a strip of carbon fiber which comes undone upon impact as a result of these plastic clips tearing off.

Now, take another look at that police cruiser and tell me such an impact is possible without some corresponding damage being inflicted on the cause of impact.

If Miriam Carey's Infiniti caused that damage to the police cruiser, its rear end would be pushed in completely. Its rear tyres would be so badly degraded that the car would be in a state of immobility with flight greatly impaired or completely unattainable.

So what really happened on the day shots got fired? Was Miriam Carey some sort of patsy or some 'useful idiot' that got murdered to keep some story straight and the motive behind such story hidden? And what could such motive(s) be? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Basil Ghanya MD said...

Nothing is ever what it seems. Our world is one big scam; hollywood writ large.