Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Kenya Hoax was a Fake Siege

[No] Zionist mobster Frank Lowy owns Nairobi’s Westgate mall. He is the same individual responsible for the murder of some 2000 or more people on 9-11, then reaping the rewards through fraudulent insurance pay-outs.

It may be recalled that he conspired in a fully premeditated fashion, this formerly Israeli-based espionage agent, to blow up the WTC complex, as he was part owner, and then attempt to gain consequently multiple billions of dollars, which was largely achieved.

He and Silverstein created the ruse of insuring the buildings twice on the basis of two terrorist attacks, one against each tower. The team of cheats sought originally 7.1 billion, reaping instead nearly 4 billion, an astronomical amount, a monstrous fraud: a case of insurance extortion, one of the highest degree ever to occur.

Destroying his own mall, with top-paying insurance in place, could not be put past this fraudster, since he has a decided history of criminal acts and extortion.

This is a fake shooting. How could it be real? There are no shooters. No bodies of such shooters.

Now, if their bodies are now conveniently buried under the rubble, no matter. There is CCTV footage available in the mall at all times, if nothing else for theft control. Lowy would not have it otherwise, that is unless he himself commits a terror act, as on 9-11, when, then, the cameras would be shut down.

70 or so deaths. The place would be littered with corpses, all fully visible; there would surely be evidence of bullet wounds. There would also be evidence of great damage to the inside of the mall from all that wild, rapid-fire shooting.

Grenades? Not believable. That damage would be massive, and there would be shrapnel wounds clearly evident.

Too, where are these long weapon- and grenade-toting terrorists? Where? No pictures to be found anywhere? And the one who was arrested, not captured, died of his wounds? In this age of raw fakes and great false flag events no shooter, that is no live body, no captured shooter, and/or no corpse of a shooter, killed in the act, means just what it represents. It is the fact that there was no shooting and that the claim of a shooting or massacre is a hoax.

Yet, this one picture alone proves the fraud, that is proves that there really never was a terrorist attack at the mall and that any siege or military presence is propped up based upon a mere drill, rather, mere lies.

It is this picture that is offered as absolute proof of the fake siege. See what is happening. There are three men prone on the ground in miliary/killing position, ready to fire on the invaders. Yet, there are no invaders, there are no heavily armed terrorists, and these troops know this.

Soldiers window shopping in the line of fire!

The camera-man was negligent. Looked what he allowed into the frame:

Small wonder the Mall got looted eh?

It’s their fellow troops or, perhaps, their commanders loitering around right next to the storefront, right where the men for camera-shoot purposes are pointing. The men in firing position are giving the world the impression of a real and present danger. This is obviously a lie.

See it again. As pointed out by Valentine in her BlogofBlogs there are all sorts of people who are nonchalant about the supposed danger, especially the camera-people who show no hesitation to get directly in the line of fire and, in fact, take less precautions that the soldiers.

Yet, look at this. While the men, left screen, are chit-chatting, there is a soldier lying prone only a few yards away giving the impression of an active shooting event in the mall.

This is clearly not the case to even the slightest degree, as is demonstrated by the body language and attitude of the men who were likely supposed to be off-screen. “Hey, private. Let us know if the terrorists show up and if they really do have guns and live ammo – let us know and we’ll stop yapping and duck for cover. You guys handle it.”

There is also this supposedly iconic photo, all a fraud, all for public consumption: all to create the impression of a real, live shooting event with actual wild-eyed Muslim terrorists. Yet, one look at this photo shows that it is made as ‘iconic’, being used to influence the psyche. They are hiding, taking precautions, while the cameraman is in full view, easy sights, of any real shooter.

There is no one to shoot at, so they have to fake it. See the eye roll of the military man, third in line. Regardless, what are these men aiming at? There were no armed militants in that mall, and there isn’t even a single picture/photo/film of any type to demonstrate their existence, which alone is sufficient to call this a supreme hoax.

Yet, what about the bombs and grenades? This, too, is a phony. The cation says that this fire and/or smoke is coming from within the mall. Yet, as can be readily seen that smoke arises from the outside edge of the building. Is this, therefore, a Frank Lowy smoke machine in action, as was used in the Asiana Flight 214 hoax?

(Pictures from the London Mirror [See pics below] provide the exact position of the smoke within the mall. It appears to be somewhere underneath the rooftop parking lot and clearly outside of the mall's structure proper. From the picture of the collapsed portion of the lot, it would seem another parking lot continued under the rooftop parking. Or perhaps a generator house, the roof is open and grilled along its midrib, suggesting some kind of ventilation was required. The presence of diesel may explain the dark smoke~~ Egoigwe)

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Azure Cosmos said...

Ah ha! Always knew something was uppity funny wit Kenya; and this is exactly what-Another Boston!

Danielle Swanson said...

Another insurance scam with the added benefit of demonizing Muslims. I can bet my pretty penny all those bodies and the injured are crisis actors.

All one needs for proof is the name Lowy!

Iceland not Alaska said...

It can't get more obvious than this!

Abbot Tor said...

If Lloyd doles out money on this one they're in on the scam. There's no way their investigators will not see through this.