Tuesday, July 09, 2013

There is match-fixing in tennis, says British No1 Murray

According to Andy Murray, tennis is 'fixed' and everyone on the professional circuit knows matches are being affected by gambling.

According to Andy Murray: "It's pretty disappointing for all the players but everyone knows it goes on."

Novak Djokovic claimed he was offered a £110,000 bribe to lose a match. Gilles Elseneer revealed that he was offered £70,000 to throw a match at Wimbledon~~The Daily Mail

"Andy Murray won Wimbledon in London on 7/7. Same date and place as the London bombings, just different year."

"He won the New York Grand slam in New York on 9/11. Same date and place as the Twin Towers, different year."

"He was in Dunblane school on 13/3/96 when the massacre actually happened."

"He seems to be scripted to win to mark major illuminati controlled massacres."

"And the press are going on about how it's 77 years since a British win, just to rub in the 7/7 numbers a bit more."~~The Tap

Murray admitted: "It's difficult to prove because they can try their best until the last couple of games of each set and then make some mistakes, a couple of double faults, and that's it."~~The Daily Mail

Well, now we know Andy... kept wondering were all the excitement and euphoria that goes with such an epic win went with you. You've also helped to lift the fog over Djokovic's and Jerzy's unprecedented double faults and service failures. Actually, in the above picture you do look like someone taking off with something stolen :)~~~Egoigwe

All links and post courtesy Aangrifan.

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Anon said...

Many thanks for the link.

- Aangirfan

Long John said...

No doubts, major sporting events are rigged. Not just because of gambling but for political and financially reasons too.

Finals are always rigged to place crowd pullers and boost revenue for any particular event. Its true of football, rugby, soccer, ice hockey, baseball etc.

Tennis isn't any different.

Chris Lardel said...

What isn't rigged under our sun? Just ask those Wall St bandits; Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan.

Egoigwe said...

All thanks especially to you too Aang. Always my pleasure to partake in the feast of the great job that you guys do.

John Buccanan said...

I always held that there was no way for Murray to beat Novak in 3 straight sets. Andy, more or less confirms it himself.

Isis said...

Andy, whats going on mate? A twinge of conscience I see. Stolen glories never last, enjoy it while it lasts.

Julio said...

The West is dying a slow and painful death. All their money grabbing scams are coming apart at the seams. Banks, Wall St, Hollywood, media, sports and on and on.

They are now forced to exit their true colors and it isn't pretty the colors we see. All thanks to those decent folks that live within the belly of the beast and want out of it.

History will never forget the Mannings and Snowdens and a host of others for waking us up. Perhaps, Andy wishes for a slice of that historical cake himself.

Lester Wilde said...

Nothing is ever what it seems indeed! Murray says as much.