Friday, July 05, 2013

Murray Vs Janowicz: Murray wins; What an anticlimax!

Well, all that glitters truly isn't gold. I kept searching for the Janowicz that beat Fererer and he just wasn't there. What a complete mess of a game! Double faults like I've never counted before in any tourney, much more Wimbledon. If Janowicz was paid to lose the game to Murray he couldn't have done a better job.

Janowicz was a complete disaster! His body language said it, his "close the roof" tantrums emphasized it. All said, I'm sure we'll be hearing and seeing much more from this twenty two year old rookie but how I wish his teething problems had stayed home. So, we're all in for a seriously boring, one-sided final. I think I'll sleep this one through having already watch the final before it (Djokovic Vs Del Potro). Just in case you're wondering, yeah, I lost quite a bunch backing the lame horse :)

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Peter Mosley said...

What a marvelous day! Stop sulking Egoigwe, acknowledge whiz when you see one :)