Monday, June 10, 2013

Sultan with a Gas Mask

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A Curse For Erdogan

Tai Yippie Kai Yay (motherfucker!) Erdogan has got an RSVP to one of The Pit's, Erdogan specific ghettos; the inferno's equivalent to East St. Louis. What a despicable creature you are Erdogan. What a vile mockery upon the human estate. You should be drilled through the ankles like Hector and dragged by a chariot around the circumference of Istanbul. One can only hope that the hand of the cosmos, delivers you into the hands of the populace.

Here are crimes that warrant the Braveheart treatment. You ruthless and depraved sonofabitch! You have put yourself on a par with Henry Kissinger and Benjamin Shitwityahoo. You are, plainly and truthfully speaking, a monster in the camouflage of human form. Those who serve you, are an extension of your will and, God willing, will share your fate. I note that I was not amiss in referring to you as a wannabe sultan yesterday.

You shall reap the whirlwind, Erdogan. You have damned yourself and wiped away all of the good you ever accomplished. You are a maggot in the afterbirth of these terrible times. I cannot find the words to fittingly portray you. You have impressed me in all the worst ways. May you be taken soon, you and all of your peers, who presently commit outrage after outrage, upon those you were put into the position to 'serve and protect'; like your American counterparts in their brutal excesses.

They should be branded on their foreheads with the words, 'Made in Israel' because that is who is training them, by fiat of Howdy Doody Obama and his predecessor. What takes place within you now, you unfortunate soul? Do you reflect upon and contemplate what has been done on your orders? You will come to know the meaning of the word 'wrath', I promise you.

May your countrymen make a regular pilgrimage to piss on your grave. May the ingenious among your 'subjects' go immediately to Istanbul's oldest graveyard and dig you a grave, attended by a headstone and left open and waiting for the occupant. Let it be videoed and published round the world.

“Bring me the head of Erdogan”, sings the invisible judge, “bring me that poisonous, toxic head. Let a candle be lit and set atop it, in memory of the numbered dead. Let the head be set on a mound of dung, this headless man who should have been hung, drawn and quartered, flogged and whipped, then set on fire like flaming shit, until half past midnight on a frozen clock.

Tick tock, tick tock, go the hours and minutes till your fitting end. Toss the body to the scavengers to tear and rend. You whore of Ersatz Israel. You will surely burn in Hell”~~~Les Visible; Reflections in a Petri Dish.

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Shamil said...

May he die a thousand deaths this son of a serpent.