Sunday, June 09, 2013

Looking back... at things said in the light of today

“It is axiomatic that the principal purpose of government is the welfare of the people. It is this welfare that gives meaning to governance. Broadly, the peoples’ welfare can be defined in terms of life, liberty and property. Life must be sustained and protected, liberty must be assured and defended, property must be guaranteed and secured” Gani Fawehinmi, Senior Advocate of Nigeria's masses.

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Azuka Mbanefo said...

Gani was a man like no other. They tried to cow him but he wouldn't be cowed. The humiliations, intimidation and brutality couldn't stop him or sway his swagger.

A complete angel for the downtrodden. He forsook the limelight and the huge comfort of home to march on for the masses. He was one without equal.

Gani, the only guy I know that had comets herald his death. Rest in peace good brother. We simply adore and love you always.

Olayinka Badmus said...

Very few Nigerians will walk his path ever again.