Monday, May 16, 2011

Radiation Experiment on Black people left holes in their heads

Radiation Experiment on Black people left hole in their heads

In this unbelievable video, an elderly man tells a story about unknown radiation experiments that started when he was five-years old. As a result, he has a hole in his head to this day. In a Smith Leonard Production, the story is going to be told about what happened to these people and why most of us never knew anything about it.

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garout said...

OMG! and look how so calm and without hate the poor guy is!

Dovetail said...

Yea, the monsters that did this to him probably left the man without recall.

Hector said...

You mean the white monsters dovetail? History goes on repeating itself... until Booooom! Another mad fool, such as this, hits the delete button.

Peter Sterling said...

Shocking! I wouldn't believe this if I wasn't white.