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One does not dialogue with the cow because he would rather have steak… Ibo Proverb.

A grant is the pact between content and desperation, a price paid for some quiet. No matter how you look at it, it becomes patronizing and condescending. Often, this pact is sustained at the equilibrium of coercion and revolt. The ability to give and take is drawn from the understanding and observance of this delicate balance. Grants are giver-defined and abbreviated by provisos and conditionalities. It is to be expected that the donor would command funds application. It is a take it or leave it situation, and quite so, a consideration shown for personal relief or profit.

Politicians don’t make sense anymore; they just flow in the mouth like proverbial ‘players’. Jukeboxes and jingles, playing the same old song, over and over, universal ringing tones, repetitive with deceit and betrayal. They have become comic tragedies that drive us to the twilight of humanity, catalysts for societal decay or a failed world order. They play silly and childish mind games that become an extension of their personality and then they begin to believe and live the lies. And we pay the price, a price that cost lives, precious lives that are the treasured love of others to cherish. Indignant school bullies, having not grown up, messing with people’s lives to search out some relief for their ego problems.

I once had a dream and like the man, I believed in it. I believed in a place where I would find fame, fortune and the good life. A place where I would be the best I could be and soar in the human spirit. A place that was for me, quite literally, a dream to build a life on and it was by this value, a dream to die for. America was the world to me, the place that led heavenward. I believed in it, dreamt it and lived it. It was my joy, my secret treasure, the land of opportunity and freedom; ecstasy, God’s own country and my garden of Eden

I grew in a global generation that adored America for all the right reasons; its goodness, humanity and societal maturity. It was, especially for the downtrodden, a country that made a great deal of sense and bore its political maladies with restitutional insistence, powered by the unwavering pursuit of happiness, truth, justice and freedom. We did so believe.

But I got to America to live a life less than that which I lived in my native home. But of course, there are megabucks to be made but so too mega-spending; mega-living, mega-bills, mega-flings etc., etc. I was not happy, not for one day that went by. Suddenly, I was missing Ofe Okazi and Nsala, Egusi and Ogbono soups, the Palm wine and thoughts of pounded yam, fufu and eba drove me crazy. I also missed the blessings and words of wisdom that went with the undoing of the Kola nuts; all the domestic ceremonies and protocols that welcomed a dear friend into the home of another. I missed the hidden wisdom that accompanied salutation; wisdom of the ages, garnished with the oil of ancient proverbs. In America, there was nowhere one could find that African decorum burnished with age and a respect that understood the rigors that made for graying hair, a respect that was naturally instilled by custom and traditional upbringing. What I saw were urchins that called their parents and forebears by their first names, kids who sat in front of the TV chasing one pornographic channel after another. It was such a shock, the coldness of the American society with so much to be suspicious about. You could never swing your problems at a stranger; you’d be called sick for daring to try. There was just so much I missed about my native home.

The trust and hospitality of home overwhelmed me and suddenly, I wanted to go home. I wanted to depart from this place and head back to the land of my ancestors, to the place of my nurturing and being; my natural home. For I too, have a place I call home. I know it has been said many times and in many ways but it took my coming to America to understand that there is no place like home. In America, nothing is what it seems and it is everything but like in the movies. Here in America, more people sleep under bridges than where I come from. More are stricken, killed and maimed. And even more, afflicted by the disease of the mind and the soul. And the reason why is simple; our sense of traditional welfare and family bonding will never allow for a destitute to roam the streets and sleep under bridges. Yes, some do but it is only real bad fortune and deep tragedies that make it possible, and even at that, rarely would our sense of community tolerate it. In America, I am less the man I stand to be naturally because of my skin’s color. I am suspect when I walk the path that leads to the habitat of those frightened and terrified of the natural color I was born with, even where I share this same habitat with them, I am made a suspect in my own home. It is like that.

I just got thinking the other day, how come everything that’s designed to take money out of our pockets is Jewish. How come at every month’s end I pay in my back-breaking, back-bending earnings to the bank across the street and it’s Jewish, or it is not but still ends up in a bank that is. How come when I think Jew, I see diamonds and gold bars? Why is it that I think Jews and think money? It’s crazy but I do not think the Torah, I don’t think religion or even Mitzvot, just long beards, Borsalino black hats and green backs.

Would it be a good thing? I wouldn’t know but it just doesn’t seem right, it’s somewhat like fiscal monopoly. No, scratch that, it is fiscal monopoly. Okay, free enterprise, right? So, why quarrel with Bill Gates over his Microsoft global monopoly? It’s basically the same world view objective; dominate and capture world space for individual command. Why would anyone call somebody anti-semitic for criticizing Jews? Free speech, right? What do Arabs call people who criticize them? Where does the Afro-American find cover when he is called a nigger? Who does not get tagged and criticized? It would seem the only thing not to get criticized or tagged under our sun is the Jewish state and its way of life. And yet, I hear them criticizing other people’s way of life with such derogatory slant and venom. They shout it from the rooftops and from the mountain peaks. That’s another one I think about when I think Jew; holier than thou!

When I say “f#ck you” to a Jew, even in jest, I’m branded an anti-semite but when I actually get screwed by one, he’s called smart for screwing me over. How do they do it and get away with it all the time? That’s another, for when I think Jew; you’re gonna get screwed! If ever you saw a first class citizen of the world, it would not be the Pope or some well-heeled American unless they are Jewish. You will be forgiven for thinking there are no whores and pimps in Tel-Aviv, I used to think so myself.

On my flight over here (I’m visiting away from home), two guys sharing a bottle of some stuff were giggling at each other. One was saying to the other;

“My friend, you like money an awful lot”
The other replied and said
“Come on Joe! You know I’m not Jewish!”

Well, I thought, I’m not the only one that thinks Jew then green backs, and money they always told me was the root of all evil.

It fits this perception perfectly that America’s economy would be overrun by Jews. From her socio-economic to political life, one finds a robust Jewish control over its activities and direction. Its financial, educational and investment communities all bear strong Jewish imprints. The international Jew is the dominant player and factor in her government, politics and defense. They are the main contractors to the American economy and the chief lobbyists of its Congress. It wouldn’t be that bad if the exercise of this control was not geared towards the uplifting of the Jewish state to the detriment of the American condition. It appears America to the Jewish state is only a desirous springboard for global domination. What we find is an extremely ruthless exertion on its domestic conduct and foreign affairs.

The President of the United States will not talk to his Iranian counterpart and why is this so? The only time this will happen is when he commands Iran to give up their nuclear acquisition policies with the order to do so being made abundantly clear that it is exactly that, an order, flashed all over the world for us to know that he commands it in the name of Israel and on its behalf. What can be more horrifying to a sitting Head of State and his people? Who wouldn’t find such an attitude offensive and patronizing? The ‘or else…’ that pursues such commands are usually, almost always, a declaration of war left unspoken and to the imagination. To threaten war, is to instigate and hasten the urgency for nuclear acquisition; it is to make the case for its necessity. Why would Bush not talk with Iran, what’s with all the macho stuff? It would seem like the ego of the bedroom, a personality erection sustained by an antagonistic foreign policy, Israeli influence and the brazen covetousness for hydro-carbons. It is almost like asking; where is my whore?

This game George Walker Bush is playing in the Middle East is a bad omen, an ill-wind. It’s not let’s pretend, its dead men walking and people are dying! You do not want to be ‘Protector of the Universe’ and take sides, when you do your motives become suspect and no matter the good intentions you will never find a welcoming party at your reception. Sovereignty and independence are not prices anybody pays for freedom because they are in themselves qualities that make freedom apparent. You do not impose death, create conditions that make it flourish and say you bring freedom, emancipation and liberty to a people. You do not put innocents in harm’s way or make your kids targeted strangers in faraway lands and say it is for the best. Best for whom? It is only the machinations of tragic deceit that will make anyone hope for the best.

To proclaim “Protection of the Holy land!” is a momentum that trumpets Crusade; to kill and be killed in God’s name. But why should a land called Holy possess nuclear weapons, whatever for? If Israel can have 600 nuclear bombs why should Iran, even Sudan, or any other country at that, be barred from its acquisition? What qualifies Israel as special in this matter? Whose interests are they expected to serve? I, for one, say get rid of the nukes! Not just North Korea and Iran but Israel, Pakistan, India, Russia and most especially America. For the last two, it was their bad examples that led directly to global nuclear proliferation in the first instance. Even as I write, America is busy embarking on the development of two new nuclear bombs while preaching to the rest of the world to desist from its acquisition; to stay the course. Fact is; we do not need a nuclear war and we do not need nukes to defend ourselves. Wherever they exist, a holocaust is imminent and if it does not happen by design it has been known to happen by accident and sabotage; ask the Russians.

The above is elementary. The questions are what rationales drive the insane hunt for nuclear technology and the possession of nuclear armament for any nation? Even for peaceful purposes, its deadly threat does not abate. When weighed against the danger it portends, its application for peaceful purposes is completely defeated. In so much as no nuclear device is safe, so much so for any application considered peaceful. Why does it become necessary for nations to develop and store nuclear weapons all around the globe? America’s strategic positioning of nukes all over the world is the one most direct action that endangers our planet like no other. Its nuclear arsenal cannot be anything else but a clear and present danger to all of humanity; an unnecessary evil prone to temptation that is danger diabolic. There are no other rationales that explain the craving for nuclear armament and weaponry but the anticipation and contrivance of war.

Truth is, with America rapidly running out of gas and financial muscle a.k.a grants and aid coercion a la USAID, it is left no other option but to intimidate and wrest the vital resources it requires for global domination from nation-owners who would not readily give it up for a pittance.

The Silent People

The Jews (in whom we must rejoice),

Are arrogant and loud of voice,

They never cease, throughout the land,

To criticise, on every hand:

Our attitudes, the ways we think,

The ways we speak and breathe and blink,

They thus deserve our gratitude,

Since given any latitude,

The brutes we are, and they are not,

Would rid our planet of the lot.


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