Sunday, November 19, 2006

A letter to a dear friend

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A Letter to a Dear Friend of my Family.

Nov 16, 2:14am You know, today, i just got in my car and took a quite drive through the countryside, the British country side, and it was like everything was made new.

And i stopped by some meadows and looked at some cows gamboling, laid on the grass and stared up at the sky, chewing a blade of grass... and i just broke down and cried like a kid.

I though i was going to die crying, i could feel the pain in the pit of my stomach then the cramps... with the shivers. I had never been so happy in my entire life.

She is so much my natural life, I missed answering her reminders with 'Yes Mummy'. The goodnight hugs and the bye/bye pecks. Zee is my lady of the house and i cried so much because i couldn't help thinking the cant-be-said.

I cried all day long and couldn't stop. Every time that i cried i felt a little better. But most of all, i cried and cried because it humbled me, down to my knees, that God found us so worthy and deserving of His Grace.

I cannot wish you the world but i know i can wish you God's abundant Grace and blessings. Know it, you have made God proud in a very special way... never fear, it will always be well with you and yours. Always, our very fondest regards.

p/s; Thank you, Carrie.

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