Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weather wars here already???

"Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business"
~~ Jonah Goldberg quoting Michael Ledeen, a former consultant to the United States National Security Council, the United States Department of State, and the United States Department of Defense.

[aangirfan] Reports have emerged that the typhoon which hit the Philippines was caused by a microwave beam. The microwave beam was observed in the West Pacific and it appears to have created the typhoon. Reportedly, a U.S. Airforce base is located near the source of the microwave beam. The U.S. base is reportedly a satellite communications hub.

After the microwave beam emission, satellite images showed a "heavy rotation" begin to develop, eventually becoming a large tropical storm. Reports say that weather modifications have been done using a microwave pulse.


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[Global News] TACLOBAN, Philippines – As many as 10,000 people are believed dead in one Philippine city alone after one of the worst storms ever recorded unleashed ferocious winds and giant waves that washed away homes and schools. Corpses hung from tree branches and were scattered along sidewalks and among flattened buildings, while looters raided grocery stores and gas stations in search of food, fuel and water.

Officials projected the death toll could climb even higher when emergency crews reach areas cut off by flooding and landslides. Even in the disaster-prone Philippines, which regularly contends with earthquakes, volcanoes and tropical cyclones, Typhoon Haiyan appears to be the deadliest natural disaster on record.

Haiyan hit the eastern seaboard of the Philippine archipelago on Friday and quickly barrelled across its central islands before exiting into the South China Sea, packing winds of 235 kilometres per hour (147 miles per hour) that gusted to 275 kph (170 mph), and a storm surge that caused sea waters to rise 6 metres (20 feet).

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John Amoo said...

This is really very serious, these mad scientist are bent on screwing up our world. Can't they see what they are doing to it?

Zsazsa said...

Hey John, they won't be MAD if they could. Thats exactly why they are mad, ain't it?