Saturday, September 28, 2013

Al-Shabaab terrorists at Kenyan Mall may have escaped through sewage tunnel

The Kenyan Daily Post is reporting that detectives have discovered a huge tunnel that serves as a sewage, through which the Al-Shabaab terrorists who seized the Westgate Mall for almost a week may have escaped. The tunnel is said to run for several metres from the Westgate Mall to the Nakummat Ukay Mall and on to the centre of Nairobi.

One of tunnel's exit

The report states that Kenyan detectives suggest the terrorists may have escaped through this conduit while leaving their explosives behind at the Westgate Mall. The report also indicates that explosions have continued to be heard even after the Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) claimed to have secured the shopping mall.

The Daily Post asserts that information relayed through impeccable sources, within the intelligence community, insist the KDF did not kill a single terrorist during the attack and not a single body belonging to these terrorists was recovered from the debris after combing through the rubble for days.

This assertion is contrary to KDF’s claim through the Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Ole Lenku, that they killed five terrorists which claim to date has not been substantiated.

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Abel Srauss said...

But of course they escaped! Israel is never going to let its Mossad agent provocateurs get caught alive, its bad business for Lowry.

Chance Audamas said...

Lowry is ex-Mossad turned Mafia. What was he doing investing in Kenya? Kenya is small chumps for this guy. He had to have been fronting that business for some other purpose. Sure there is money to be made but also there has to another purpose to it. I doubt if Lowry ever set foot in Kenya to begin with. I really wonder if he can find the place on a map. Its all about Uhuru and whipping him into line. Its all like a get away from China order or else...

Lookee Looky said...

we really live in a very sick world-all thanks to Israel and its breed of zionists.