Saturday, May 18, 2013

Looking back... at things said in the light of today (part 4)

I really need to know what would drive anyone to blow themselves up. It is such a persuasion; deep. Can one honestly call that state of mind stable? Yet, people who do are such everyday people, the type you would readily share a drink with while discussing local politics; ordinary people. Is it really just faith and belief? It’s something so forlorn; it’s either abject or melancholic. It cannot be rational, normal or considerate. It is definitely suicidal and that cannot be good by whatever the parameters; intellect, religion, capability or doctrine.

For me, my life is not mine to take or give but even if we assumed for a sec that it was, why would I want to blow myself up? And as if that just won’t do, I go and blow up a couple of more innocent lives along with myself. Nobody, but nobody does that in a stable frame of mind. These are really crazy times and it is a very deadly world that we dwell in, incredibly unsafe. I feel like I am being hunted, hunted by government, big business and that dark crew of pirates called politicians. Reason is far-fetched and one’s peace of mind ever elusive.

Democracy today is but an illusion, construed as one may please in definition of its morality. Those that author its language understand the value of elasticity to the society from which they are drawn; make nothing definitive that it may be construed as we wish. But I digress; the question was why would anyone want to blow themselves up?

It would seem a cocktail of reasons blend to convince such an attitude. It is not only religious persuasions that trigger this urge but also a sense of betrayal felt and the frustrating state of want in which a majority of people affected by it, subsist; a frustrating sense of want induced by rogue politicians and the alchemy of hereditary power. They see the double-speak and know it offers them no hope or restitution. They see wastrels, born into privilege, dissipating the resources that should have brought them succor and relief with a decadent obscenity.

They know their lives are pledged to a slow death by those who revel in the resources of their well-being as they watch their children dying for the want or lack of a dime. They understand the truth and worth of a life made less than human by the extraordinary greed of their tormentors called leaders. They accept the affliction that is their natural state of mind from birth to the grave and welcome the mentality that frightens their captors to no end.

There is no sense of destiny for them as they find themselves marooned on that far-flung Island of disillusion, despair and desperation. It is this state of mind, enlivened by the pantomime of religiosity and paradise promised, that infect their complete being to bring about the ‘joyful’ relief of extinction. There is simply nothing worth living for but a terminal destiny that strikes back at their perceived oppressors, quite literally, with their very last breaths; an anticipation that is everything to die for.

It is a state of mind, here today, which endangers all of humanity. A sizzling of deep rage that is the pressure cooker for hate-inspired violence and crimes; murders, arson and indiscriminate killings. An embryo which will hatch to bring forth the bloodiest and most creative of terrors. These conditions are, in all truth, reinvigorated by Western foreign policies that protect and offer sustenance to rogue regimes and monarchical autocracies that they may flourish and debase the dignity of man. It is the suicide bomber and not George Walker Bush that is the greatest phenomenon of our age. He is also the historical yardstick for how cheap life got in the 21st century.

But what can be said or done about people not afflicted by this malaise who queue in line to extinguish themselves? The tragic events that occurred in the U.K only recently bear testimony to the insanity of our world today; children, lovely children blowing themselves up in subways and buses, kids born into privilege, freedom and opportunity wasting an exquisite life. A life others dream about, a life spoon-fed from a golden platter. One that is full of music, flowers and the chatter of birds. A life adorned with blueberries and nectar. I am simply terrorized by the question; why?

One kid was even said to have converted to Islam just a few months ago, yet, quite willingly he sought to lay his life waste according to the dogma of his new conviction. Children, all such lovely children, excited to death by the unraveling of their spiritual boredom and the elusive teachings of that which is incomprehensible. Children that knew no better, led astray by the illusions of self-worth invoked by dubious incantations that decay the goodness of their spirituality; children, devoured by predators of conscience and reason, driven to forfeit the divine gift of existence that is life itself. A gift which even the wretched of the earth cherish and adulate in their prayers and in the hope that they may endure to see another dawn and the rising sun that ushers a new day.

Those kids were as normal as the next. Heck! They could have been GW’s kids. What made them snap? That’s the question. Our kids are freaking out the entire place, from various perspectives, and nobody is noticing. We have raised good kids but through this goodness they have come upon a conflicting essence that challenges the very core of their conscience and upbringing. They know their governments lie and they can see the double-speak as others do. They see the double standards at home and at school and understand the life they are asked to lead is a fraud that their peers do not adhere or subscribe to and now they have risen up in rebellion against it, as only the child would know how. Something has gone terribly wrong for the child to want to cry more than the bereaved and we do not see their rage because we are so busy being grown-ups.

But mine is simply a cry of anguish that the killings and deaths may stop for our world to heal itself, that we may once again cherish life and celebrate it. For the child to grow in the hope that our youths become good and great leaders tomorrow and I, grow old and die in peace. That humanity stay its course and our earth rotate its orbit. We are nothing but transient and our universal responsibility is to leave our world a better place than we found it, for all our children's sakes and those yet unborn.

It should not matter that you are the Pope or Ayatollah, President or King, General or Warlord, saint or sinner, if you live, you must let live. You should do to others as you expect it to be done to you. If you must send others to fight and die for your cause then be man enough to lead the charge or forever keep your peace. You do not kill people to save them from themselves, you do not take away their lands and make their cities desolate and expect they will find the joy of living. You cannot take away another’s freedom and justify it by that which you say threatens them, nothing threatens my existence more than that which steals or annuls my freedom by whatever excuse or pretext.

Our world is in a terribly bad spin and it is the deaths which make life so cheap. It is the grief and the pain, the heartaches, the desperation and helplessness. It is one’s true love, senselessly wasted, that brings about the rush for blood and the crazed urgency to die. And I ask, what manner of lunacy is there that make parents stand over their kids, with a broad grin, and watch as they autograph weapons of mass destruction soon to be deployed in the extermination of another’s true joy?

We have all gone mad in our basic essence; we rejoice in the book of damnation and recite the creed of destruction. The joys of living; good neighborliness, reward for labor done, good health, relief, love for one another and some peace of mind have become measures of weakness that mock the industrious and pious. Our civilization has become no less spectacular than Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, scripted in the imbecility of Nero’s Rome. Terrorism may be a social malaise but what it depicts is complete failure; of family, society and our global state.


Carey Watson said...

Extraordinary! Divinely said, thank you, again, Egoigwe.
11:31 PM, July 24, 2012

Sally Mills said...

Deep, very deep. It shows clearly why l can't get away from Egoigwe's blog. Thank you for enriching my day like no other can Egoigwe.
5:51 PM, August 20, 2012

This article was originally written and posted by Egoigwe to this blog on Tuesday, November 07, 2006 under the header "Dying to Win"

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Isis said...

This article should have been captioned "Why things go boom!"

Its clear we are not doing quite enough as parents and clearly more needs to be done. Very well said Egoigwe.

Goose said...

Isis, I am! It's those anti-depressants and stuff, the regimen of drugs and vaccines that's being forced down the throats of our kids that's the problem.

Drugs prescribed against our will and rammed through by bought and paid for GPs. It's an outrage what's outing from the science and medical fields. They are making our kids sick to turn a quick buck for themselves as we sit and stare into oblivion.

When we resist, they eagerly recommend to the State to come grab our kids. It's always the unspoken threat when the GP gives you a stern stare.

People are terrified of loosing their kids, so what do we do? We opt for their slow death through poisoning at the hands of these satanic GPs.

Necta said...

What a life! I couldn't agree with you more Goose. Our world is infested with people so evil, so diabolical the devil is getting green with envy.

Small wonder people get sold on ETs; they are in need of finding justification for what our world has become. So they simply say "It must have been the aliens that did stuff like that!" Yeah sure, aliens just like us both.